Mid-Week Round-Up Of The Most Enlightening Meditation Blog Posts

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My favorite time of the week is… right now. Because it’s the time of the week when I share my favorite spiritual blog posts from the past seven days.

Now, of course, it would be remiss of me to not pint out TheDailyMeditation.com’s read of the week. This week we looked at how mindfulness and loving kindness lead to improved personal hygiene. And we dipped into the spirit and psychology of hygiene to show why we meditators are some of the most hygienic people around.

Now that little spot of self promotion is done, let’s get to it. Here are the very best meditation articles published this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


ILoveNamaste: A Meditation On NYC And Clutter

ILoveNamaste, one of my favorite yoga blog, wrote an article about decluttering. There is a wonderful introduction by yoga instructor Domonick Wegesin, in which Domonick discusses life in New York. This leads to a wonderful decluttering practice we can all use to increase our Zen and to find focus. I tried the technique on my workspace and it did wonders. You can read ILoveNamaste’s article here.


ZenHabits: Finding Beauty in Every Freakin’ Moment, No Matter What

By now we are all familiar with the wonderful writing of Leo Babauta, who runs ZenHabits. This week Leo has written about why we often try to reject the present moment and what we can do to mindfully enjoy the moment no matter what.

Despite the fact that I have read hundreds of articles on living in the moment, I’ve never read such a clear explanation of why we reject the present moment. This made for a unique and rewarding read, which you can enjoy for yourself here.  


MarcAndAngel: 52 Good Morning Meditations that Will Calm the Chaos in Your Life

MarcChenroff is one half of MarcAndAngel, a blog that creates in-depth list posts about different ways to heck your life. Marc recently wrote a list post of 52 different morning meditations that will transform your life (and get your day off to a good start). I particularly enjoyed number 7: “You do NOT know exactly what the future will bring.  So your best bet for living is to make the best and most positive use of the present.” Read more of Marc’s list here.




Guided Meditation Of The Week:

Tara Brach: The Heartspace That Is Home

Tara Brach is a wonderful and inspirational psychology and spiritual teacher. Her writings are highly recommended. But not only does she crate wonderful writing she also creates beautiful guided meditations.

This week she published the Heartspace That Is Home. I found this guided meditation thoroughly relaxing and it reconnected me with my Zen (which I needed this week). Have a listen for yourself here.

but bear in mind the limits of guided meditations.


And there we are. The best posts from this week… so far.  Man is it good to live in a world where there are so many talented spiritual bloggers.

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