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mindfi app review
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Paul Harrison [Private Meditation Coach]

–Mindfi app review

Mindi is the latest mindfulness app. It promises to help make it easier to meditate by practicing mindfulness with our eyes open. It offers breathwork, different meditations based on mood, and courses. But is it worth installing?

We all know how bad stress is today. It was bad enough when we were going to work nine to five, leading normal lives. But today, while self-isolation is happening, stress is even worse than ever [READ: Meditation For Stress].

There arguably never been a better time to start meditating than today. We have both the time and the need to meditate.

Of course, there are very many mindfulness apps, like Calm and Headspace, that teach us to meditate. Mindfulness apps have become serious business over recent years. The mindfulness industry is worth in excess of $1 billion in the U.S alone. And in response we are seeing the release of many new mindfulness apps, of which the latest is MindFi.

It’s already being called one of the best meditation apps of 2020 on Forbes. But is it as good as thy say it is?

Mindfi App Is One Of The Most Simple Mindfulness Apps Out

The moment you install Mindfi App, the first thing you will notice is that it takes a simplified approach to meditation. The app recommends different meditation techniques you can do based on your mood and your emotions. It then offers brief meditations that are generally around three to five minutes. It’s a quick and easy approach for our difficult lives in 2020. And although I have personally written about the serious limitations of short guided meditations, it seems that this style of meditation is very popular.

The presentation of Mindfi is excellent. I really enjoy the ambient background music and the visual design. The content itself is also easy to get into and fun. It is very welcoming for newcomers.

One way this app is different is that it allows you to meditate while doing daily tasks. The upside to this is that it saves you time. The downside, as a meditation teacher myself, is that beginner meditators are not able to truly meditate while doing tasks. The Mindfi app makes you feel like you’ve meditated in three minutes while doing something else. But this is simply bullshit. Sorry. But you will not get one-tenth our of such an approach to meditation as you would by, you know, actually meditating!

The MindFi application also offers you ways to focus while eating, while using social media, while spending time with your pets. It makes a mindfulness exercise out of everything.

Unique Content

I love the fact that the MindFi app has unique content. There are challenges and different “sessions” you can do.  The challenges vary from short (3 minutes) to long. You can take these challenges dependent on how much time you have, and they do add a unique element to the app.

A fun mindfulness app, but don’t kid yourself

The MindFi app is a lot of fun and is beautifully designed. There is definitely a lot of great content here. And if I had to give a score for this Mindfi App review, I’d give it 4 out of 5.

The one problem I have with this app (and it’s a problem I have with a lot of meditation apps) is that it tells you you’re meditating when you’re really not.

Sooner or later the world is going to wake up and realise that actual meditation is not something you can do in 3 minutes, especially while doing daily tasks (and yes, I realise that Buddhist monks meditate on tasks, but they are masters with many years of experience).

So while I do recommend the MindFi Mindfulness app for beginners and people just wanting a little bit of fun, I do not recommend it as a substitute for actual meditation.

Download on the Play Store. 

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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