Mindful Hotels: How Hotels Are Embracing Mindfulness

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Hyatt Hotels and Edition Hotels are working with mindfulness apps like Headspace and Inspace to create mindful hotel experiences.

With the mindfulness industry growing to a whopping $1.4billion-a-year in 2019, and the rise of meditation retreats and yoga retreats, hotel chains are starting to embrace mindfulness to create more relaxing, healthy experiences for visitors.

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New partnership between Hyatt Hotels & Mindfulness App Headspace

Hyatt Hotels is now working with the app giant Headspace to offer the mindfulness app and content both to its employees and to its guests.

Employees will be given a complimentary subscription to Headspace. Guests visiting the hotel on vacation will be able to access in-room content, including meditations, soothing sounds, and relaxation tools to help them get a good night’s sleep, along with guidance from former Buddhist monk and Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe. Corporate customers will be given exclusive Headspace offers and meditations through the World of Hyatt app.

Mia Kyricos [SVP & global head of wellbeing, Hyatt Hotels Corp], tells THE DAILY MEDITATION, “At Hyatt, well-being is about advancing care for our colleagues, guests, World of Hyatt members and corporate customers. It is our goal and our promise to care more for our guests’ well-being than any other hospitality company in the world.”

Hyatt Hotels already has a number of wellbeing services at their various locations around the world. They will be using Headspace to further this experience. “With Headspace, we are optimizing our guests’ current hotel routines, delivering multiple offerings including stress relief, a variety of meditations and more,” said Kyricos. “Our collaboration builds on Hyatt’s purpose and holistic well-being strategy.”

This is yet another partnership in Headspace’s evolution. The app developer has already worked with numerous corporations around the world to deliver content to employees.

Puddicombe said, “…we’re thrilled to collaborate with Hyatt to make mindfulness more accessible to people wherever their travels may take them. Traveling can often take you out of your routine—so it’s important to take the time to pause, be present and take care of yourself.”

Calm Clinic tells us that travel anxiety is a common problem and that many people feel anxious during their travels and for several weeks after.  Adding relaxing content to hotels could help to relieve this stress.

Edition Hotels & Meditation App InScape

Another hotel chain concerned with travel-stress is Edition Hotels, a chain that focuses on the lifestyle hotel space.

Edition is bringing meditation to hotels by partnering with the meditation app Inscape, founded by Intermix founder/former CEO Khajak Keledjian. Inscape focuses on clarifying the practice of meditation for people who are new to it.

Ben Pundole [VP of brand experience, Edition] said, “The biggest misconception about meditation is that people think they’re doing it wrong. There is no wrong. It’s simply a time to sit and reflect, to be still and focus on breathing and being. It’s a daily reset, a way of allowing happiness in and melting the stress away.”

Edition Hotels offers four unique meditation experiences that are delivered on-demand in the hotel room. These four different meditations are based on the lifestyles of the traveller. Pundole states that the different meditations the hotel offers range from “Uplifting [meditations] to help you start the day to calming and relaxing ones to help you sleep at night. It’s a great way to find some peace amongst the chaos,” Pundole said.

Edition Hotel’s meditations vary in length and purpose. “Travel Gently” is a 10-minte guided meditation to promote happens and mindfulness. “Dream Journey” is 20-mintes long and is a relaxing guided meditation to help visitors to the hotel to get to sleep. “Rest & Restore” is a 10-minute guided mantra meditation to help guests overcome jet lag. And “Tranquil Evening: Breathe Deep” is an “instant meditation” at three minutes long that uses breathwork to relax the mind.

Pundole states that these meditations will help guests to overcome any stress from travelling and will help visitors to enjoy their time at the hotel. “It’s very important to have a sense of grounding and calmness, especially when traveling,” said Pundole.

Edition Hotels partnership with InScape will give guests two months of complimentary access to the Inscape: Meditation & Sleep app following their stay.

Of course, you do not need to use an app to get the mindful-hotel experience. Mindfulness isn’t found in a phone or in an app. It is found in the mind. Or, more specifically, it is cultivated in the mind through moments of meditation and relaxation. So, if you’re not visiting either an Edition Hotel or Hyatt Hotel, you can always just use our beginners guide to mindfulness.

Do you feel stressed when travelling? And does mindfulness help? Leave a comment and remember to subscribe.

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