Mindfully Mixing Marijuana and Meditation

During certain types of meditation, when the mood is just right, you can feel high. For most practitioners, meditation has a goal of eliminating racing thoughts and centering oneself in the moment, and when done properly, this can lighten the body and mind to provide a soaring euphoric sensation.

So, what if you started your meditation with that soaring euphoric sensation, gained through cannabis consumption?

Marijuana and meditation can mix, but you need to be mindful about how you use weed to ensure that the drug doesn’t interfere with the long-term, body-and-mind benefits you can gain through proper meditation. Here’s a guide to getting high and meditating right.

Get Good at Meditation

You need to walk before you can run, and you need to know how to meditate before you can meditate while stoned. Effective meditation takes practice; many outsiders are dubious about the benefits of meditation because they were unable to stick with the practice for long enough to see positive results. If you are an overthinker, a fidgeter or any other type of person impatient with the meditation process, here are some tips to get you good at meditating:

Adhere to a consistent meditation schedule, with as much frequency as possible

Create a calming meditation space, ideally one reserved solely for meditation

Focus on your breath, regardless of the type of meditation

Give yourself grace, as some practices will come easier than others.

Find the Right Strain

Some cannabis strains are known to give users energy; others have purported hallucinatory effects. For meditation, you generally want to find a strain that enhances focus without instilling too much drive or jitteriness. Strains with a heavy pine scent or flavor tend to be good for this, and you should try to find a balanced THC-CBD ratio, as well. You can ask budtenders at your local pot shop for guidance or check a Colorado dispensary for these strains:

True OG. A THC-dominant strain that eliminates distractions and stress.

Harle-tsu. A high-CBD strain that provides clear-headed calmness.

Black Jack. A sativa strain that slows down thoughts while boosting creativity.

Sour Breath. A beginner-friendly strain known for enhancing concentration.

Keep Comfortable

When you are high on a strain that focuses your thoughts, you need to be sure that your thoughts are focusing where you intend them to. Unfortunately, if you are uncomfortable in any way — too warm, too cold, on a hard surface or in itchy clothing — you aren’t likely to get much benefit from a high meditation.

It is important that you prepare every aspect of your meditation environment before you dose with cannabis. You should think about the temperature of the room, the clothes you are going to wear, the pillow, chair or mat you will sit or lay on, your hunger and thirst levels and more. You don’t want to make it so comfortable that you are tempted to fall asleep, but you also don’t want any nagging discomforts to interrupt your meditative practice.

Delay Your First Dose

Many first-time stoned meditation practitioners believe that step one is get high and step two is meditate, but for better results, you should start meditating before you dose. Delaying your first dose until a few minutes into your meditation will give you more control over the direction of your thoughts and the feelings in your mind and body. Because different types of cannabis consumption kick in at different times, you can use this guide to getting your timing right:

Cannabis inhalable: Take your first toke at least five minutes into your meditation.

Cannabis edible: Start your meditation between 15 and 30 minutes after your first dose.

Start Low and Slow

You never want to get too high, but you definitely don’t want to get too high while you are meditating. To maintain control over your body and mind, you should keep your cannabis doses low, at least to begin with. Though it might be tempting to eat an entire edible or finish your pipe, you might only need a nibble or one puff to get the right level of stoned to advance your meditation practice. You might also keep your high meditations on the shorter side, between 15 and 30 minutes, so you don’t get bored, distracted or, worst of all, sleepy.

If you aren’t careful with how you mix meditation and marijuana, you probably won’t much enjoy your experience. However, if you are mindful, you could open up your mind and body to exciting revelations and deep relaxation.

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