18 Habits That Give You The Success Mindset

mindset for success

Enlightened people know that success is a mindset that is created through habit.

When we think, live, and act in enlightened ways, we become better human-beings, and we increase the number of successes in our lives.

The follow 18 success habits will give you the mindset for success.


18 Habits For A Success Mindset

1: Habit 1: Meditation

Meditation helps with success in so many different ways. In fact, there are over 100 proven ways in which meditation helps us, ranging from improved cognition to faster reactions to a happier mindset.

The best way to use meditation for success is to make it a habit. Try meditating for 20 minutes every morning. This will focus your mind before work so you are more productive in your office hours.


2: Habit 2: Balance Your Chakras

Chakra meditation is a powerful meditation techniques that helps with many areas of your body, mind and spirit.

For instance, activating the sacral chakra will boost our creativity, while activating the ajna (third eye) chakra will improve insight.

When all our chakra are balanced we enter our optimum state, a state in which we are much more likely to be successful.


Habit 3:  Dispell fear

Fear is the number one thing stopping people from becoming successful.

What’s stopping you from success? If you think about this question you will most likely find that it is some form of fear—for instance, you’re afraid to ask for a raise in case you lose your current job.

Many people even fear success itself. For instance people who have “imposter syndrome”—a “distortion of thinking that makes people believe they’re incompetent, unintelligent and lazy [1]

twitter-iconEverything you want is on the other side of fear— Jack Canfield

Your fears are roadblocks holding you back from becoming what you want to be.

When you face a fear you have two choices. Choice one is to run away from the fear. You don’t go to the dentist because you’re worried about your teeth. So your teeth get worse until a minor problem is suddenly a root canal.

Choice two is to overcome the fear and act in spite of it. You go to the dentist and get your teeth done. Maybe it hurts a little, ickle bit. But soon the problem is completely done and dusted.

So which strategy is going to be better for you in the long run? Facing the fear, of course.

However, it is not always easy to overcome fear. https://www.thedailymeditation.com/discovered-new-way-to-live-my-fearless-new-life-began

One strategy is to imagine what would happen after your worst fear comes true. This is a cognitive-behavioural therapy technique that trains the mind to see that even if the worst happens life will still carry on.

Take a look at my guide to stopping fear or more on this.



 Habit 4: Focus on compassion and altruism

Science shows that focusing on compassion leads to increased chances of success.


Because kindness is contagious [2]. If you are kind to other people and you help other people, they will be kind to you and help you in return. And the more people you have on your side, the greater your chances of success.

Not to mention the fact that kindness is unbelievably good for your health.

The best way to increase feelings of kindness, compassion and love is by practicing Loving Kindness Meditation.





Habit 5: Little steps

twitter-iconDon’t focus on that huge gap between you and your goals. Focus on where you are now and what you can do right now.

Count the baby steps. They’ll add up to success. 

You know what holds most people back from having the body they really want? The fact that they don’t focus on the one stop they could take right now. Instead they focus on the mountain in front of them. This makes them believe success is impossible.

For instance, consider exercise.

You’re probably at least reasonable healthy right now, right? But you want to be super fit. In your mind you see the massive gap between where you are and where you want to be. And that gap seems so big that you decide it’s impossible.

Now imagine if you didn’t focus on that gap. Imagine if you just focused on doing some exercising today.

This is the snowball going down hill scenario. The more positive little steps you take the more they will add up. But you have to focus on each step at a time.



Habit 4: Self love

Positive self talk is one of the most important everyday habits for success.

Far too many people are hard on themselves. Science shows that the average person has 70000 thoughts a day and that 80% of them contain negativity.

Science has proven how damaging negative self talk can be.

Writing for WebMD, Joanne Barker says, “Self-talk isn’t just mindless chatter. It has a way of creating its own reality. Telling yourself you can do something can help it happen. Telling yourself you can’t do something can make that come true.” [3]

To be happy, productive, and successful, you have to stop trash talking to yourself.

My article on training your mind to be positive looks at this in detail.




Habit 5: Listen

One of the most obvious everyday habits for success is just to listen.

You know those people who jabber on and on and on and never let you get a word in edge-ways…

Everyone gets annoyed with people who can’t listen. And people who can’t listen are in danger of not having a jiminy crickets what the who is going on.

The better you get at listening the more aware you’ll be. It’s like stepping into The Matrix, having good hearing. When you shut up and listen you’re suddenly alive to what’s occurring around you.


Habit 6: Mindfulness

Another of the most important every day habits for success is to develop the habit of mindfulness.

Most people’s heads are like Chinese finger traps. You know, those tubes that you stick your finger in and the more you fight it the stickier it gets. The only way out is to relax. Then your finger is freed.

Same deal with the human mind. The more you fight what’s going on in your mind the more trapped you’ll become.  

When we are mindful we are more aware and more alert, so we are more able to act in the moment in an effective way.

Mindfulness is also proven to prevent anxiety, stress, depression, and other negative mental states that impede with our ability to be successful in life.


Habit 7: Acceptance

One of the most important wisdoms from Buddhism is the idea that we must accept the present moment as it is.

The more we fight reality the more energy we waste and the more unhappy we become.

This can be challenging.

We all see things in a biased light. When we’re feeling positive we see things as we want them to be. When we’re feeling negative we see things as they’re afraid of them being.

The only way to live effectively is to accept things as they are and work with life, not against it.


 Habit 8: Be Proactive

How many times have you said, “If only” or “I will when…”

Most of us make these conditional statements. But they do not help us.

Successful people take responsibility for their lives. Successful people take control of their realities and make things happen.

Pro activeness is a huge part of how to become successful in life, so get in this rule today.

How To Get in the Habit: Do something. Even if you cannot do everything you might want to do right now, take action.

The brain gets addicted to completing tasks because of the neurotransmitter dopamine, the reward chemical, which is released when you finish a job.

Because of this if you complete one task now, you will naturally want to complete another.

Science has proven that the best way to change your life is with little but positive steps. Do something positive right away.


 Habit 9:  Use mental contrasting

Not so long ago the self help / personal development community was hooked on the idea of focusing on the positive and always visualizing your goal.

Then it turned out that forcing yourself to think positively could actually have a detrimental effect because it makes your mind think you have already achieved your objective.

Now scientists advocate an alternative technique called mental contrasting. It’s a way of balancing positive and negative forces, which creates the momentum we need to succeed in our goals.



Habit 10:  Prioritise

Highly successful people are able to prioritise, to set aside what they want in the moment for what they want in the future and to place importance above urgency.

They continually strive for a goal that is personally important to them and they reshape their time, effort and actions towards the accomplishment of those goals.

Prioritising is a huge part of how to become successful in life, so get in this rule today.

How to get in the Habit: Make a plan of campaign for the next week, a logical set of steps that will lead you to a positive conclusion at the end of the week. Live for seven days according to the plan. At the end of the week, look back on the plan and change any areas that could be more effective / productive. Rinse and repeat.


Habit 11: Create situations that are good for everyone

Highly successful people think in terms of win-win, realising that a resolution that benefits all involved is better than a resolution benefiting only one individual.

How to get in the Habit: Look for ways in which you share hopes with other people.

Try to stop being overly competitive and instead seek the mutual ground.

If you have a business venture, be aware of the ways in which you could work with others (both individuals and other businesses) to create a beneficial situation for all parties.


Habit 12:  Seek first to Understand, Then to be Understood

Highly successful people have a high degree of empathy and listen with genuine interest and compassion to other people.

Not only does this greatly help strengthen their relationships but it also makes them far more likely that other people will listen to them in return.

How to get in the Habit: Practice makes perfect. Ask people how their day was and try to listen with open ears, silencing your own thoughts and allowing the other person to genuinely have your attention.


Habit 12: Synergise

Highly successful people recognise that we all have our strengths and we all have weaknesses. Only by working together can we really achieve the best.

Highly successful people are excellent at getting people to work in teams and at strengthening the bond between individuals in the team.

The ability to syngergise is a huge part of how to become successful in life, so get in this rule today.

How to get in the Habit: Objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and people you work with.

Notice the contrast between people and recognise how two people with different characters can mutually benefit one another.

This will help to understand the importance of team work.

Also sharpen your listening skills and quiet your own thoughts, demands and concerns in order to provide more room for others. I

n group settings, strive for a safe environment where all feel free and comfortable to express themselves and their ideas.


 Habit 13: Self Renewal

Highly Successful people take time to revitalise themselves spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically.

In a nutshell, we must make sure that we keep our most valuable tools, ourselves, in tip-top condition.

Self renewal is a huge part of how to become successful in life, so get in this rule today.

How to get in the Habit:

Start listening to yourself.

Do you need a fresh perspective? If so speak to friends or take in amazing new information be it through movies, books, games, art or any other source of inspiration.

Ask yourself these self reflection questions.

Are you feeling sluggish or tired? Get to the gym or, if you’ve overworked yourself, take a day off. Just be honest with yourself and do what you need to do to be at the top of your game.


Habit 14: Take Risks

twitter-icon“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ― John A. Shedd

Successful people weight up the potential wins against the potential losses and take a chance when the odds are in their favour.

A successful person starting a small business, for instance, won’t mind taking out a business loan if the odds suggest their business will pay off in the long run. Unsuccessful people, however, shy away from risks always or they take risks when there’s clearly little chance of reward.


Habit 15: Self Belief

Do you believe in yourself? Really? Like, if you were up against it, back against the wall, do you believe you would come out on top?

Successful people believe that no matter where they are, no matter what their circumstances, they’ll survive and flourish.

Because of their self belief, successful people are free from fear and able to act at a moment’s notice. Successful people have unwavering self belief.

Take a look at my article on changing your self beliefs.


 Habit 16: Train Your Creative Mind And Imagination

One of my favorite self improvement gurus, Tony Robbins, said “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”.

But to change what you’re doing you need to be able to think creatively.

Successful people think outside the box, coming up with new ways of looking at things, new perspectives, new ideas. They’re creative thinkers, often inventive; that’s why they’re so successful.

The greater our imagination, the easier it is for us to find pathways to success.

Here are some great ways to train your imgiantion.



Habit 17: Be Happy

Science has proven that happy people are more productive [6], more highly motivated, and more likely to succeed in life  [7].

But let’s be honest, happiness is not always easy.

Take a look at my Ultimate Guide To Happiness for some great ways to start feeling happy.


Habit 18: Stop Thinking Of Failure

Successful people fail, a lot, but they never look at failure as a failure.

A failure is really just a misguided step on the path to success. That’s the way a successful person looks at things.

Ask yourself: have you made a ton of mistakes in your life leading you to regret? OR have the mistakes in your life led you to learn, to grow and to move closer to total success? If you think the latter, you my friend are a successful person, or perhaps a successful person in the making.


Success is a matter of mindset and habit. By adopting the 18 habits for success that we’ve looked at above you will increases your success in all areas of life.

But you might want to ask yourself: How do you measure success in life anyway? Success means different things. Make sure you’re heading to the right kind of success.

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