Not To Miss: The Power of Meditation by Edward Viljoen

the power of meditation book

Joining the burgeoning ranks of meditation books is Edward Viljoen’s The Power of Meditation. It’s a book with one simple aim: to teach people meditation in order to help them live happier, calmer, healthier lives. The only problem is: there are already hordes of books on the same subject. What can The Power of Meditation possibly add?

The answer is really very very simple (the best answers always are): Viljoen himself.

Viljoen has years of experience as a meditation teacher. Not only does that mean that he truly knows his stuff, but (and arguably more importantly) it means he knows how to teach meditation.

So many meditation masters know everything about meditation yet aren’t able to communicate their knowledge in simple to understand, clear, and concise language. Viljoen, however, is a masterful teacher. He’s found the perfect balance between wisdom and simplicity. The truth he shares in this book is profound, but it’s a profundity communicated with down-to-earth ease and clarity.

Included in the book you’ll find guides to mindfulness, sitting practices, creative practices and more. There are a great many meditation techniques that this book doesn’t cover, though. But I suspect the average reader won’t mind. This is book intended for new meditators, and it’s a book which delivers.

I highly recommend picking up The Power of Meditation today.

Also be sure to check out Edward Viljoen on his author website.

Pick up your copy here: The Power of Meditation: An Ancient Technique to Access Your Inner Power


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