Bahoma Karam Mantra For Wealth And Prosperity Believed To Truly Work

mantras for wealth and prosperity

Good lord have I got a treat for you guys today. I’ve just discovered an immensely powerful mantra. It’s called the Bahota Karam mantra.

Bahota Karam mantra…?


I found it while reading through all my mantras books for about the hundredth time. Apparently it is a rare mantra that isn’t commonly known. It has however been in use for thousands of years. What it does is manifest money.

Lots of money. It’s said that recitation of this powerful mantra can make you a multi millionaire.

I’m planning to try it out tonight. And I thought I would share the instructions with you. So here goes.

To do the Bahota Karam mantra meditation you should sit in a relaxed position with good posture. Place your hands on your knees in the Gyan mudra. The Bahota Karam manta should be repeated 11 times with the eyes closed.

Many people have meditated with the Bahota Karam mantra and have gone on to become wealthy and prosperous, specifically stating that this mantra was the key to their success.

Prosperity is essentially a state of mind. Wealth may be related to your finances, but it always begins with your mind, as do all things. When your mind comes out from behind the clouds, you will find prosperity.

In order to use this mantra effectively it is important to meditate first to clear the mind. Find somewhere peaceful and relaxing, free from distractions. Sit with good posture. Place your hands on your knees in Gyan mudra. Now meditate on your breathing for ten minutes. Make sure that you remove any tension and stress from body and mind.

Once you have found a peaceful meditative state begin to recite the mantra.


So, here is the best of all mantras for wealth and prosperity.


I’m trying it tonight. Why not give it a shot? Who knows, maybe we’ll all end up rich and come to see this mantra as a miracle.

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