Best Meditation Music Artists Who Make You Relax


In this list of the best meditation music artists, I will be sharing tunes from all over the world, chosen by me, a meditation teacher and musician for more than 30 years.

We will look at all the best meditation music of different styles, including Zen meditation music, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and more. And we will look at how these sounds help with sound healing.

Meditation music has become immensely popular over recent years. But there is one funny thing about it. You cannot meditate to sound. It is impossible.

You can meditate on soundBut you cannot meditate and listen at the same time. Bodhipaksa made some seriously enlightening comments about this on WildMind.

You cannot listen to music while meditating. You can meditate on it. And you can meditate while playing an instrument (try playing a Tibetan Singing Bowl or a meditation gong, for instance). But you cannot meditate and listen to music. It’s impossible. 

Instead of listening to it, you actively become the sound. Your mind becomes one with the sound. It is a closer connection to music than most people have ever experienced. That is why you will only want to do it with the absolute best music for meditation, either as a recording or with live performances. 

Here are my choices of the best music for meditation.


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Best Meditation Music Artists, By Genre

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Acupuncture for mind - Wang Xu Dong


Chinese meditation music is truly beautiful. You can put on the music, close your eyes and simply drift away to a state of complete inner peace.

This is Zen meditation music at its best.

Take a listen to these masterful musicians, all of whom create serene auditory expreriences.

Shao Rong (The Orchid)

In The Orchid, Shao Rong (a Chinese musician living in Japan) uses the pipa (a four stringed lute) to create some of the best Chinese tunes ever. This album will promote inner calm and tranquillity. Incense sticks are included in the CD version to be used while listening for an even deeper relaxation.

This is some of the best Zen music ever.

Jia Peng Fang

Jia Peng Fang, one of the best Chinese artists, often creates music with an erhu.

The erhu is a Chinese violin. It’s a beautiful instrument that is so relaxing you just melt listening to it. Much of the best Zen music is played on erhu.

Fang produces sentimental sounds that will stir your spirit. Anyone interested in Chinese musicians simply must listen to this master of the erhu at work.

You can find more of his music on Spotify.

WANG Xu-dong 

Acupuncture is one of the most important components of Chinese medicine. And you can stimulate accurpressure points by listening to certain sounds.

Chinese artist Wang Xu Dong creates sounds that stimulatesthe energy centres used in acupuncture. 

Listen on Apple Music


Deep Yoga & Meditation Music

Benjamin Iobst  

Seven Metals Singing Bowls Of Tibet  is one of the absolute best Tibetan singing bowls albums you will find. 

It is all about the Buddhist bowl sounds, which are known to heal the body mind and spirit.

Listen here.


AirWithAirRising’s Youtube channel has piece for all chakras, along with additional tunes and general relaxation pieces too.

Supreme Meditation Music Swadhisthana

 Nawang Khechog 

I love listening to  composer Nawang Khechog and particularly his excellent “Tibetan Music.”

It is widely regarded as one of (if not the) best albums from Tibet.

Khechog is a Grammie nominee and one of Tibets greatest composers.

He is the absolute leader in Tibetan Meditation Music.

Masayuki Koga

Masayuki Koga is the best meditation music artist to use the Shakuhachi (a Japanese flute).

He’s also a composer, producer, engineer and trained in law. . . so it’s fair to say he’s a wise man.

He has produced some of the best Zen meditation music,

Eastwind: Japanese Shakuhachi is sensational.

Indian Meditation Music

Ravi Shankar  

Ravi Shankar is a star of the Indian classical scene. He combines sacred chants with western-style classical sounds.

Indian chants use sacred mantras that are usually written in Sanskrit. The mantras represent the sounds of nature.

This is truly some of the best Indian meditation music ever. It was produced by the famous and sublimely talented George Harrison.

Deva Premal  

Deva Premal produces the perfect music for Yoga and relaxation, combining chanting with classical pieces. It can even be used for slow dancing.

Deva Premal is my personal favorite meditation music artist of all time. Love her! 


Guided Meditation Playlist

By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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  1. Thank you very much for your recommendations on healing meditation music. I personally believe that Zen music and music composed from eastern instrument are soothing and calm your mood. It is also scientifically proven. You might also see that many people get special kind of therapy where they are treated by the music and its frequencies.

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