New Anxiety-Tech Device Uses Guided Breathing To Reduce Stress

melo meditation device
melo meditation device
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Melo, a new piece of anxiety-tech, uses guided breathing exercises to help reduce anxiety.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the release of all sorts of meditation devices, things like the Muse Brain-sensing Headband and meditation pods. Now, a new and cute little piece of technology offers to help us to reduce stress by giving meditation breathing exercises.

Stress and anxiety are the two most common mental health problems in the world , especially since the craziness that has been 2020. Melo, a new form of anxiety-tech has been designed to help reduce stress and anxiety by getting us all to perform breathing exercises. It was launched via a Kickstarter campaign that’s more than doubled its pledge goal. In fact, it met its goal in just 48 hours, probably because everyone is desperate to find solutions to stress and anxiety [and we all know how meditation helps anxiety].

The Kickstarter fundraiser is still receiving pledges, with £29 offering a 25% discount off the product’s recommended retail price. The product itself is set to launch in November of 2020.

The tiny little device provides you with an entire week’s worth of use on a single charge and has three different breathing modes and haptic feedback to help reduce stress.

As the app’s promo video says, “Deep breathing exercises are a key component of good health, athletic performance, and wellbeing. It forms the basis of all mindfulness practices.”

Melo uses lighting and haptic touch to teach breathing meditation. It’s small enough to put in your pocket, and incredibly easy to use.

The mindful breathing sessions are around 20 minutes each, and a single charge provides nine sessions, which the developer says is about the right amount for one week (clearly they’ve never seen my meditation schedule, which includes about 15 hours of mindful breathing a week).

My favourite thing about Melo is that it isn’t connected. It’s a product that you can use all for yourself without it being part of that always-connects, stress-inducing lifestyle.

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Melo Meditation Device

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