New App BALANCE Creating A Virtual Meditation Teacher For Your Phone
New App BALANCE Creating A Virtual Meditation Teacher For Your Phone

The new meditation app from Elevate Labs seeks to create the experience of working with a meditation teacher in-app.

The mindfulness market is now a multi-billion dollar industry and many of the best meditation apps have been downloaded millions of times. They are now the most popular meditation tools in the world. And every week investors are pouring more money into meditation startups.

Elevate Labs CEO Jesse Pickard, however, says that none of the current meditation apps creates the experience of working with an actual human meditation teacher in a proper meditation lesson.

It’s that gap Elevate Labs is seeking to fill.

As Pickard said when talking to Tech Cruch, the average person cannot afford the experience of working with a meditation teacher in a one-on-one lesson (although as a meditation teacher myself I will point out that some teachers only charge about $25 for thirty minutes for some types of meditation).

The Balance meditation app, which is now available on the Play Store and iOS, creates the experience of working one on one with a live meditation coach.

The way in which Balance does this is by focusing on the aspect of meditation that is most important to the individual.

There are more than 100 benefits of meditation, which range from helping with sleep to reducing blood pressure.  People look for different things from a meditation teacher, and what matters to one person will be irrelevant to someone else. It’s that sense of custom-tailored meditation that has been missing from the catalogue of meditation apps on the market.

Balance works on your priorities and gives you a structured way to practice meditation so you meet your individual goals, whether that be to stop stress or improve focus.

The massive limitation with many of the current meditation apps is that they are precisely the same for everyone. They don’t change based on your individual needs. At most they might offer some specific guided meditation sessions for your specific situation. But even then it is all prerecorded content.

The Balance meditation app begins by asking you a series of questions designed to get you to set a goal for your meditation, like getting a better night’s sleep. It will also ask you about your current level of meditation experience (which, for readers of this site, will probably be very high, given that we are the leading online meditation site). You’re then given a set of introductory meditations.   

For myself, because I have many years of experience with meditation, the app made me skip the introductory stuff and set my goal of focusing, which was a fairly standard breathing meditation technique.

As you spend more time with the Balance app it will ask you various questions, and this will steadily increase the level of personalisation. Like most of the best meditation apps today, there are various meditation teachers who write and present the content.

 It is immediately obvious the value that the Balance meditation app aims to give you. It’s about creating that personalised experience with meditation. It’s a big aim, and one that can only really be achieved to a degree.

No matter how good a meditation app is, it will never really compare to the experience of sitting and meditating with an actual, real-life meditation teacher. There is an energy and consciousness that is created when you sit with a true meditation guru that you simply cannot recreate in an app.

That said, there is still huge potential for the Balance app. If it can deliver everything people love about the likes of Headspace and Calm, while also offering a more personal, tailored experience that helps you move towards your unique, individual goals, this app could become a major success. We will see.





Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential.

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