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  1. thank you, I been doing meditation for at least 40 years, this confirm my wife and I are in right path.

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive list. I have a blog about everyday spirituality and mysticism called The name of the blog is a nod to Fr Thomas Merton, one of my favorite spiritual writers. Have a happy spring!
    Rina Kenney, Springfield PA

  3. found it very helpful the way you explained,its easy to comprehend but while practising is so hard to struggle, i have been trying to meditate for quite long, but i still feel like a beginner, presently i can go as long as 30 mins (as i lose track of time and quite enjoy the process of inner struggle of trying to meditate), but i still am struggling, just wanted to ask you, eg: when i meditate i am able to notice my breathe, but as soon as a bird chirps or some another sound comes for a split second my mind catch that and then again comes back to noticing the breathe, which is why i know i am not actually getting any good progress, how do i train my mind to pay no heed to those sounds? will look forward to your reply, thank you for your time

    • Hi Kalyanjyoti, thanks for your message.

      It is natural for the mind to wander when you hear something, such as the birds chirping. Do not be hard on yourself when this happens. Simply label the source of your distraction. Think “This is just a sound”. And then return to focusing on the breath.

      One of the important things with Anapanasati is to accept the fact that the mind does sometimes wander, and then return. This is natural.

      If you want to be more focused on your breath, you might like to try Dhyana, which takes things a step further. Of course, our book Journey To The Buddha Within You provides the most in-depth tutorials that will help you to improve.

  4. Wonderful list! I have only just begun a very modest blog. I would be honored if you might find the time to peruse it and maybe find something enjoyable….

  5. This is truly resourceful. In a day and age when spirituality is on sale everywhere, all it takes to achieve the highest levels of human potential is to glean through the wisdom presented in these books and more like these, if there are any, and to practice them as instructed and carry on with life. A blissful one, of course! I hope more and more people make these books part of their collection and save their their $$$ in attending “kriyas” offered all around. Honestly, there is nothing more that these expensive gurus offer than what has been said in these books to attain moksha (becoming the Buddha).

  6. Nice list of spiritual blogs/ websites. There are so many websites on the Internet that provides important information about spirituality. But your list is awesome.

  7. Hi Paul

    May you be blessed for your work to help people protect themselves.

    I have been working on a book intended to ask people to stop cursing & black magic

    I need your help. If you are aware of ways by which people can be protected and healers which can heal, please let me know

    It will help so many who suffer

    Be blessed

    Warm regards

  8. Thank you so much to The Daily Meditation, the guest blogger, and to the commenters. I really appreciate that this blog post was written with such an open mind.

    I’ve been practicing this meditation for over 8 years now and I find it really unfortunate that there isn’t much positive about maum meditation written online. To be honest, there were definitely times that I was afraid that it might be a cult because I didn’t always agree with what the helpers said or how they were doing things. But in the end, it all depends on how I take the experience.

    Surely, I did not feel peaceful or happy holding onto those worries about being in a cult. When I focused on throwing away my thoughts, as the method guides me to do, I found the peace that I was looking for.

    Maum meditation’s purpose is not to teach anyone anything different. As Derek mentioned, there are many similarities with scientology. Not only scientology, but there are similarities also with Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions, philosophies, and practices. The principles as to why human mind is false and why it must be discarded in order to find truth are actually not all that different when you study other religions.

    What maum meditation strives to do is enable people to actually remove their false minds so that they can live and be the truth that they understand already. There are many positives that I want to share as well as some cultural differences that I think makes maum meditation look like a cult. But my comment is long enough. You can read more about my experience with this meditation on my blog. Thank you.

  9. Hello,
    Wonderful List! I believe my blog would be a great addition. I focus on meditation, Manifestation, spiritual exploration and holistic medicine. You can check it out here
    https://mysticculture DOT com/blog/ Let me know if you do decide to add it. 😀 Thanks!

  10. Excellent and very useful techniques. Thanks!
    As others said, this post is not just for beginners at all. There is always something new to be learned or remembered, or a new perspective to consider.

  11. All was good until I got to number 2! You went political, why? One could view your comment about Trump as a form of Gaslighting or manipulation..Sneaky, most gas lighters are! You briefly distracted the reader with your Personal feelings about Trump, interesting! Gaslighters like to get off topic to confuse their victims! Nice try tho 😉👏 👏 im not confused about the real gaslighters in Washington or the Main stream media!

  12. thank you for all the mudra information, but I yet to find an answer for this: I want to do Prithvhi mudra for osteoporosis but I also want to lose weight, but Prithvhi mudra make gain weight. So then can one do 10 mins of Prithvhi mudra and then do the opposit mudra for weight lose, the surya mudra for 10 mins?

  13. Meditation is Great, but it may be more mundane than you think!

    Here is a brief and simple argument that ‘meditative states’ actually represent the overlap of two distinct neuro-physiological states: somatic and neurologic rest. A more expansive explanation of my position, written for a lay and academic audience, is linked below, and is based in large measure on the work of the distinguished affective neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, who was kind to review and endorse the extended argument.

    A Note on Resting States, Resting Brains, and Meditative States

    A resting state, or ‘somatic rest’, would seem to correspond with a brain at rest or ‘neurologic’ rest, but by definition, somatic and neurologic rest are entirely different things. A resting ‘state’ or somatic rest represents the inactivity of the striatal musculature that results from the application of resting protocols (continual avoidance of perseverative thought represented by rumination, worry, and distraction.). Resting states also are affective states, as they elicit opioid activity in the brain. Resting states in turn may occur in tandem with all levels of non-perseverative thought that are passive or active, from just passively ‘being in the moment’ or being mindful, to actively engaging in complex and meaningful cognitive behavior. The latter cognitive behavior is also additionally affective in nature due to its elicitation of dopaminergic activity, and resulting opioid-dopamine interaction results in a perceived state of ‘bliss’ or ‘flow’. On the other hand, a resting ‘brain’, neurologic rest, or the so-called ‘default mode network’ is a specific type of neural processing that occurs when the mind is in a ‘passive’ state, or in other words, is presented with no or very limited cognitive demands. This results in ‘mind wandering’ that can entail non-perseverative (creative thought) or perseverative thought (rumination, worry). As such a resting brain may or may not correlate with somatic rest, and is correlated with a level of demand, not a kind of demand, as in somatic rest.

    Like the broad color palate that emerges from the intermix of three primary colors, it may be argued that meditative states are simply emergent properties of two very distinctive neuro-physiological resting states that have separate and easily definable causes. It is remarkable that in the literature of meditation, the neuro-physiology of rest both in body and mind is not defined, with a similar neglect to explaining how neuro-muscular activity is actively shaped by experience or learning. The importance of meditation is very real, and the meditative community is understandably averse to equating it with rest since it makes meditation less ‘special’ or less marketable. But that is my argument nonetheless, which in the end provides a better advocacy of meditation by denying that meditation elicits a unique physiological process or state, which like the concept of ‘phlogiston’, or the imaginary element that enabled fire, impedes rather than furthers scientific inquiry


  14. What an amazing list of blogs! Thank you for compiling this list. I have already added a few to my follow list! Looking forward to reading them!! Namaste!!

  15. It gives me the yawns. lol Why??
    To stop the yawning, while practicing this mudra I did the kechari at the same time and the tip of my tongue went much further back.

  16. Hello Paul! I am new to meditation. I am reading in chunks your article 31 meditation techniques free guide which I find it very valuable and engaging. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!!! 😁

  17. thank you a million times for your clear simple doable mantras may your life be filled with joy and success

  18. Great write up man, and i totally agree with you and the other commenter that this is not a cult whatsoever. It’s kind of unfortunate but the really good spiritual stuff in the world just gets absolutely mocked and shamed by the masses, and the way maum meditation has a fearmongering circle around it almost lets you know right away it’s legit lol.

    And to add to that point further, i’ll share some info you might find interesting – this maum meditation following honestly mirrors scientology a tonnn. I was brought up in a family where my father was/is a Scientologist so i was able to grow up with it around me (occasionally, as I was never forced to go), so i feel lucky that I’ve been able to learn about it from the inside and see the good side of it, which is in direct contrast to the batshit crazy stories that everyone knows about from the news (i’ve only been around one church, and it is full of good people).

    from the spiritual makeup of maum meditation and its ideas with it’s 7 (or more?) layers, to the cult label and massive fearmongering outside it, to the idea of ridding yourself of the false mind that rules over you in order to know the true you, it is honestly eery personally to have come across maum meditation because of how much it mirrors scientology. The importance of mental image pictures and the storing of each and every one of them is a huge part of scientology, and maum meditation likens your body to a camera where you store all sights and perceptions etc and you live under this. I mean these ideas (and many more) mirror each other to a tee it’s scary! Even how the followings are accused of using manipulative marketing schemes, and how the upper levels are restricted from the outsiders until you go deeper and deeper.

    It’s a long comment lol but i hope it serves well. I really appreciate your open minded write up on it, as it was one of the first google searches i hit when i was discovering this just in the past day or two (maum meditation), and so it was a great resource to just learn about what the basics of the practice are without any of that extra outside noise accusing it of being culty. If you type in “maum meditation” the majority is filled with naysayers, even google ads is running on that search query and it advertises itself as “Avoid Maum Cult” lol. Pretty crazy…

  19. can the vajroli mudra be practiced by a person who has had retinal break.Does holding of the breath have an adverse effect on the eyes of such persons.Please reply

  20. Nice collection of spiritual blogs. I think a zen blog by Ankush is also very nice. See if you can include that in your list. It is at ankushchauhan dot com.

  21. another thing that will help you mind is getting the right sleep. ive changed my mattress recently and can only say that it changed my life

  22. this one really works, immediate effect the next day. really power mantra, sound vibration is unique indeed.

  23. This is a very interesting and informative article. I’ve been searching for my Mantra and have found one that connects me to God and family on the other side but I’m still looking for others. Thank you!

  24. Very good, thank you…..all true.
    But I wish you had not brought in the political note. Trump. It did not need that ! Please you are good at this just leave that out. Use a different example. Thanks you have good info.

  25. As the world now busy with work situation, we are not able to chant the manthra for 108 times a day, is it any suggestion to chant manthra in a small ount of times…..please recommend it.

  26. It’s pronounced, “KLEEEEEENM”, as you get to the last part: try to make the back of your tongue touch the back/top of your throat so that last part of this beej mantra sound comes from the nose.

  27. Good articles with useful insights. Although, I found it to be a little preposterous when you say that you don’t attribute their origin to any specific culture while using All the information documented and practiced in Hindu culture! Mudras have been practised since Vedic times in India which predates any other evidence of use in any other culture… Hinduism and Buddhism were later offshoots of the same, so India is the place! Anyways, peace and love to all!

  28. I used Headspace for a while, but I found the look is too cartoonish for me. Calm is an app that I used the most, it is beautifully designed with great features. I tried Simple Habit and Aware too, but I didn’t attach to those apps much. Recently, I tried a new app called Masters of Mindfulness, I found the functionalities are pretty interesting, and it’s beautifully designed too. And I just tried Aura from your suggestion, looks great so far, I’m going to test it out more.

  29. Your articles are motivating me. I have a strange weird problem regarding my dreams and also life. In my dream all the time most of the time I see myself in India, although am in the united States. I don’t like to be there than also my dreams take me there, also I fight with my parents in these very dream. Some of the dreams have no relations even with my life, even in 100 of my lives. Now there is a problem going on alone with me. I just want freedom, actually they think I should stay with them. Should care for them. I love them they also do. It’s look like may be my bad deeds in previous life or may be sometime’s I think that I shall be lost in the cosmos to get rid of these hellish life. Stucked in the present physical body. Mentally since my childhood am not feeling free. I have never love myself. I always care about others and took care of their needs. I always has ignored myself. I remember when I was child I was knowing my mental condition. I always thought of feeling inferior than others. Was hiding myself from others. When there was some society function celebration I always told my parents that am not coming because personally I was feeling that if I will go then people will think of me like hey see that stupid comes. In reality some of the people were ragging me. Always making fun of me. I was also like that, don’t care for myself. I was very mischievous. Was saying people. I would love to die for the people caring for them or doing some good works or fighting for the country instead of eating my life. I do believe in the soreness Lord. That means in short am not able to concentrate on 1 thing of what I want. I don’t know what shall I do or what is my target. Right now am taking antidepressant called Lexapro. Always I was and I am negative, now if I want to get the hell outta my life and wants to be free, I can’t because I also think that parents contributed in my life, they spend their life with me they loved me and I am fleeing away. Now they are 60 and 53 respectively. I think if I will flew away, these thoughts will haunts my mind that what they will do, what r they doing right now kinda lots of questions. In one of my dream I was fighting moguls. I killed 2 moguls and threw away their bodies in the lake or may be River or sea. Than they got to know about it, army of moguls is coming after me. Am standing in front of them than also they can’t see me and I am witnessing these stupid dream. Now I don’t know where and how to start my new life? Just thinking to join some ashrams, may be sometime’s I think to flew away to Tibet convert myself to Buddhism. Sometimes I think to flew away to Himalayas. I know by these way never ever am gonna attain an enlightenment. Thanks sir.

  30. This is absolutely not a cult. It is just another method of trying to find peace of mind. Take with it what you will. I have been trying maum meditation for almost a month now and I can say I already feel more joy and peace than I did before. If I want to stop, I will. But I want to continue on each level! It is not a cult. Very nice video and well explained^!!

    • Hi Ian. Thanks so much for your valuable insights. Good to hear Maum meditation is working. Actually I would love to hear more about your experience if you have any more insight to offer. Thanks so much.

  31. I really got a lot of help reading about quitting TV. However I am a very addictive person and would never be able to just watch less TV. I’m turning in my cable box tomorrow and going cold turkey. Thank you so much for all your support !

  32. How do you feel 10% happier compares? I’ve been trying an assortment of apps to see which works best for me. I like Simple Habit but the meditations seem almost too short to have a real impact. I like Insight but I don’t find there is enough structure. Calm is good but I like exploring different teachers. Thanks!

  33. Hi and Hello
    Here is something little I wrote the other day that I thought to share with you and any that can find inspiration and validity in my words. Usually I write what comes from within me though inspirations of all sorts and my subject matter is broad when covering spiritual and philosophical substance.
    My aim is to reach and offer my words to all those that may find some value in them.
    I thank you for considering my words and at the very least your feedback would be valuable to me if you were to take the time to reply to me.
    Without further ado, here is a little I wrote about the dreamer inside of us all.
    With gratitude and love

    You call the likes of me and mine crazy and insane.
    We aren’t, but rather you fail to see our points from which our dreams grow through that pinhole of a reality that you call your looking glass.

    Its is our likes that dare to dream that which the majority deem as impossible, ludicrous and dare they say it! Insane.
    It is us that stand at the edge, looking further, knowing we might fall, yet standing all the closer, rather to fall, than to doubt our dreams with backward steps.
    And we fall, and we climb again and again. However long it takes, however much it requires and if our hearts remain true then we soar on wings built on our dreams.
    The more it is said that it cant be done, we add this to the fuel of our dreams, because defiance of the odds burns bright.

    Yet we are no greater or lesser than you as most of us have put our dreams deep inside at one time or another. But our dreams are never truly gone, for they sit somewhere inside of us, always at the ready, prepared for that moment that we reach for them.

    So cast your gaze away from the dreams of others, your phone, your tablet are the dreams of others, their ideals are not your own and who better to know you than your own self rather than someone whom has never known you yet would inform their belief onto you.

    And if you have lost your dream inside of yourself, then cast your gaze within and uncover it again.
    Dig deep I say, dig deep and bring them forth for all the world to see. It is after all our individual dreams that make this world worth experiencing.

    So take that pinhole and expand it again into a panoramic view, because deep down you know that you too are the ones you would call crazy and insane.

    That had been one of my most provocative pieces that I had written to date but I felt that it would be of no use being subtle where our personal dreams are concerned.
    Thank you

  34. Admiring thе dedication үou рut into уоur
    website and detailed іnformation you provide. It’s ցreat tо come acrοss a blog evеry once in a wҺile that іsn’t the same out of ⅾate rehashed іnformation. Wonderful rеad!

    I’ve saved үour site and Ӏ’m including your RSS feeds tⲟ my
    Google account.

  35. Thanks, Paul, for writing this helpful article. I have used Calm for almost three years, since its beta phase, and love it, but I did not know about the new options. I just downloaded Insight and Stop, Breathe & Think to complement Calm – Thanks!

  36. I would like to send you a copy of my new New Age music album in the hope it may be of some use to yourself, your site or your audience. I believe in the power of music to heal and connect. Its called Into the Mist. I would need an email address so I can send you a dropbox link to the music. I’m an Australian pianist and singer known as the Piano Angel.

    Fiona Joy

  37. Paul, as a mantra-based meditation teacher, I am so thoroughly impressed by your site. The care and thoroughness and love you have instilled in each of these pages and the degree of clarity and conciseness and “everyday” language with which you present this complex information is truly extra-ordinary! I hope many people get to your site because they will truly benefit from it. Thank you for being here!

  38. I am sagar and I m a model but kich dino se mujhme kafi sare badlav aane lage hai mera face puri tarah change ho gaya mujhe meri beauty wapas chahiye kya aap meri help kar sakte ho???

  39. Great post !!!
    Just to extend the thread: We are conversant to the fact that every single thing in the universe is made up of matter. And matter comprises electrons in random motion thereby yielding a current aka energy – vibration and frequency. So mantras, sounds being matter corresponds to energy in a specific frequency band hence corresponds on the etheric scale to whatever is our intention – healing, manifestation. In short mantras are energy in motion.

  40. This is the first time that I’ve learned about mudras. Thank you so very much for the excellent information! I think I followed almost every link that you had. 🙂
    The charts were very helpful for being able to see the different movements.

  41. Sir I request you to write mantras in Hindi or Gujarati for true pronunciation of Mantras.

  42. My dearest Paul: I am a sixty year old woman now, that lives in the mountains of far northern California. Years ago I attended a healing Buddhist ceremony, that I enjoyed attending. The man’s name was Geshe Kunchok Tenzin, Green Vajravidaren (?) incarnation. Sorry if I’m not getting all of this exactly right! Anyway, it was awesome, and he spent time with me and gave me a mantra that I still remember today. Nama Tsenda Benza Trodhaya Hulu Hulu Titah Tithah Benda Benda Hana Hana Amrita Hung Phey ….
    I cannot locate my translation, and only a couple words can I remember… amrita….nectar of immortality…
    Is it possible for you to help me?
    Thank you for your time..
    Love and Light

  43. What a great list. Thank you for compiling it. There’s so much noise out there getting all of the attention so I’m thankful that someone is shining the light on the spiritual voices. Now I have a lot of sites to go and check out.

  44. Thanks for sharing all of these great ways to help deal with depression! I have found that gratitude meditation, focusing on any and all the things that you feel grateful for, and also self love meditations to be quite helpful in dealing with depression. I’m glad to see that you put that last paragraph in there about how there are times that you should not use meditation. Sometimes when we become more aware of a less then enjoyable experience going on within us, like depression, it gets much worse. There are a million and one ways to deal with this and there is no one “right” approach for all people. It will vary greatly. I like to call these the growing pains of meditation. They get called the dark night if meditation as well. They can happen with many different things in the practice as well. Not just depression.

  45. Hello ma’am, how are you, actually i have a doubt of this. There are 15 phases of moon from full moon to new moon and 15 phases of moon from new moon to full moon. So every night I have to chant this mantra or only on full moon I have to chant this mantra. Will it be okay to chant in a new moon. If there is any wrong statement then please clear me.
    Thank you

  46. Hi paul, since last 6 months i am doing Dynamic Meditation. Its great. I can feel changes in my life. I have decided to continue dynamic for next few years. Thanks for sharing such great post.

  47. Hi everyone. I thought I would kick off the comments by sharing my number one Zen saying: “When sitting, sit”. It’s always reminds me to be more mindful.

    What’s your favorite?

  48. Hey,

    i found your article very useful as myself was also into the state of depression but somehow i recovered myself and started reading so many inspirational articles just to attain the knowledge about these things.


  49. For me personally, it has to be Aware – unarguably. I am saying this after trying out every other app you have mentioned except Aura.
    For meditation, one needs a consistent progress, guidance and a curated journey. Only Headspace and Aware offer that. Aware beats Headspace hands down in the quality of their meditation sessions. Headspace, after a while, confuses you, contradicts in their guidance; while Aware teaches mindfulness exactly the way it should be (I am saying this from the years I have spent in Bhutan learning meditation). I guess Aware is built in India, the country of origin of the practice.
    Most importantly, Aware has a terrific support team – they go beyond what is required to personally assist people. The developers of Aware personally wrote to me, called me and guided me when I wrote to them how I was suffering after my divorce. It blew me out. They really care for their users. They really do.

  50. HI Paul,
    Thank you for all of your efforts. I just recently launched a blog: “the CEO of urself” All about Spirituality in Life and Faith in the Marketplace! Spirituality is greatly needed, leading teaching and guiding people to think and feel deeper.

  51. Hello,

    I want to know if yellow flowers are not available is there any alternate like can I use difference essences and candles to do the chants?

  52. Paul, you are doing such a fine job helping people – I have a question about the spiritual realm that I hope you can help answer. I have this celestial being that is visiting me. Each time the angel approaches, I get a heavy build up of aura about me. It was so much that my colleagues began commenting about it. Now, I feel an aura about me even when the angel is not near me. How can and what does this mean? I feel some kind of strange glow running through my hands and legs. I am not sure what all this means.

  53. Thanks for the list. Please check out my blog, as I try to give a voice to deep thinking within the Christian tradition, focusing on mysticism and contemplation. It’s at thegraveyardcowboy[dot]com

    • Hi Clint. I finally got the time to have a read of your blog. Looks interesting. You’re a really good writer!

      Speaking of writing. Remember, everyone, that if you are a writer looking for somewhere to publish your writing, I’m always interested in hearing from you. Get in contact here

  54. Good list .. I have gone through a few of them and I really liked the info they are sharing. I also own a few spiritual blogs and I can share them here if anyone interested. All blogs related to life, spirituality and growth

  55. You may want to provide the research which states that Mindfulness cures ADHD. I am a firm believer that it may treat the symptoms associated with ADHD and other diagnosis- even behavioral issues (and more). However, to say that it CURES ADHD is a bet of a stretch. Whatever the case may be, providing research studies to your statements gives it more credibility! Breathe easy.

  56. Hi Paul, I think that the biggest motivation factors (for me) are results. When you start exercising and every week, you can put more weights on your bar. You can swim more “pools” (I add two more every training. Started with 18 a month ago, now I am on 32). See the difference in your body and how it’s getting more muscular.

  57. Hi Paul, wow, what a list! Always good to find new reading material – thanks for sharing. At the moment i’m really enjoying Tiny Buddha because there’s so much varied content there, great for different moods.

  58. Thanks a lot sir for your initiative. There are many like me who need spiritual guidance. Also I’m inspired to write spiritual blog.

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