No, Moby, Your Spirituality Doesn’t Make You Better Than Everyone Else


There’s a terrible irony which is trending in the spiritual realms right now. It’s the trend of people (often celebrities like Moby—more on him in a sec’) using spirituality as a way to act superior. The mentality is simple: “I’m a spiritual celebrity. I’m ethically and morally better than you.”

Does anyone remember when Buddha said “It’s really f-ing great to be egotistical?”

Oh wait, that’s right, Buddhism is entirely about overcoming the ego, as are many other religions and spiritualities including Christianity, Hinduism and more.

Celebrities like Moby, however, seem unable to overcome their ego and instead are bastardising spirituality, using it as a means to elevate their ego rather than overcome it. Take this recent article written by Moby for Huffington Post



 Here’s what Moby had to say in his article…

A few years ago, I was talking with Al Gore. (Yes, I’m name-dropping.),” Moby begins. Did anyone notice that immediate “holier than thou” attitude… sorry Moby, please continue…

“ I asked him a very simple and pointed question: “Animal agriculture contributes about eighteen percent of the gases that cause climate change. Why didn’t you mention this in your book or movie?” His answer was disconcertingly honest. I’m paraphrasing, but he said, “For most people, the role of animal agriculture in climate change is too inconvenient of a truth.” We like our animal products. Well, you like your animal products. I’ve been a vegan for twenty-eight years.”

Congratulations Mr Moby you must feel like an absolutely amazing human being as a vegan, compared to all the rest of us Satan worshiping meat lovers. Please tell me more about how amazing you are…

“Even though I’m a vegan for ethical reasons, I don’t want to write about the animal ethics of animal agriculture.” Uhhhh… you already kinda have, Mr Moby Sir.  “… Listen, I’m not going to toot the vegan horn too much, but vegans have significantly lower rates of obesity, diabetes, and some cancers.” So you’re saying we’re more likely to die than you are. Thanks, dude, thanks for putting my own mortality to me so gently.

So, what Moby’s article ultimately comes down to is this: We suck. He rocks. He’s a celebrity, and he’s spiritual, and a vegan, so he’s better than all of us. We should probably build a massive statue of him and put it right in the centre of the entire world so everyone can see it. Because, you know, he’s a celebrity and spiritual.

Moby: Being a god since 1998

I’m not really good enough as a human being to say anything quite as astounding as what Moby has. So, I’m going to keep this simple. Moby, and all your celebrity friends: Being a spiritual celebrity doesn’t make you better than the rest of us. Buddha never said, “If you’re famous and you know it clap your hands.” Clap Clap. No. Buddha said that the enlightened path was to overcome the delusion of ego to achieve oneness with all of nature. Christ said a very similar thing, that we must overcome our sense of self and be one with God. The vast majority of spiritualities and religions tells a similar lesson: get over your ego and embrace the world outside yourself.

Mr Moby, sir, I wish you the best of luck in recognising what all the rest of us already know: Life’s not all about you.

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