“None Of The Above”. The Only Choice In The US Election That Isn’t A Slap In The Face



The country is unanimously in favor of anyone other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Nevada has had a “None of the Above” option since 1976, when it actually won.

Campaigners and activists are trying to get the “None of the Above” option on the ballot, but are facing government opposition at every turn.

Whatever your truth is, vote for it. If neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are fit for office, do not vote for either.



The US government is slapping you in the face. You know those slaps that bring tears to your eyes and make you feel sick in your stomach? That’s the kind of slap we’re talking about here.

Because your vote is worth so much more than voting for either Hillary or Donald.

If you choose to vote in the US presidential election, you will be urinating on the democracy of the country. And you will be spitting on your own citizenship.

We are born with the right to vote for the person we believe we best represent the country. And neither Hillary nor Donald are fit to do it.

Do you ever ask, “How did Donald and Hillary ever get any votes at all?” Let me tell you how.

Donald and Hillary realized that neither of them are good enough to be voted into office. And so they shook hands. And they agree. They agreed that instead of basing the election on who was the best. They would base it on who was not the absolute worst.


This presidential election isn’t about Who is the best. It’s about Who is not the absolute worst.

Both campaigns have been fought entirely through fear and hate. Donald Trump’s chubby chin has shaken as he’s spat about how bad Hillary is. And Hillary’s horse-face over-bite has made it look like she’s going to swallow us all whole while she spits about how terrible Donald Trump is.

And you got swept up in all this fear and hate like a dust flower in the wind. But it’s not your fault. You got swept up because the presidency matters to you. And you want the right person to be in the office. And if there isn’t a right person you’ll just do your damndest to see that it isn’t the worst person.

Even Nevada senator Dean Heller is voting not for his representative but against the opposition. “I vehemently oppose our nominee and some of the comments and issues he brought up during the campaign,” he told reporters this month. “What I’m committing to is voting against Hillary Clinton.”  

Over this presidential campaign, no one said, “Obviously Hillary / Donald is the best person for the job”. Instead, everyone has said, “Well, at least she / he isn’t Donald / Hillary”. Family has fought with family. Friends have fought with friends. And all because we can’t decide not who is the right person but who is the second worst person in the election.

There is an obvious solution. You could not vote. But then there’s the shame of that, isn’t there? There’s that guilty in your stomach that you didn’t vote for anyone in this oh-so important election.

But why, exactly, do you feel guilty about not voting. Why do you believe that not voting would be shameful? Because the government has told you so.



There’s a reason why they tell you that it’s your responsibility to vote. It’s so that you are forced to vote for one or the other, even though you want neither.

If hardly anyone voted in the presidential election, the government would be sent a very loud and very clear message: neither of these candidates are good enough to represent us. The argument there is that millions of dollar would be lost because the campaigns would be made redundant. But it is far from “redundant” to give voters the opportunity to tell the government that its representatives are unsuitable.

There is a reason why None Of The Above is an option in many states. In Nevada, a non-binding None of the Above option has been on the ballot since 1976. It actually won the vote that year. Much of the Nevada electorate would like to see the None Of The Above option expanded so that if it came first the election would be declared invalid and a new election would quickly run with different candidates.

Protestors and activists have been attempting to set up a None Of The Above campaign that would deny either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump from winning the election. That would force the house Of Representative to choose a new president, as it did in 1825 when Quincy Adams was elected president.


The None Of The Above campaign won a spiritual victory at the end of October. Voters were asked whether they disliked both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and the vote was a unanimous yes.

Peter Hart, a veteran Democratic pollster who has led focus groups for decades, said,  “They watch these two candidates and find little or nothing on which to commend them”. The sentiment is shared not just around America but around the world.

The overriding opinion is that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unfit for office. But, of course, the American people have no say in that now. If the government had the people in mind, it would enable them to vote None of the Above, to express the way they truly feel.

The government will not give a None Of The Above option. So the only option left is to shout None Of The Above to the rafters. Shout it in the streets. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. And when the time comes, unofficially vote for None of the Above, because it’s better to tell your truth than to live the government’s lie.  

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