The Secret Meditation Successful Spiritualists Use Every Day



There is one easy meditation technique that every highly successful meditator I know uses. It’s so ridiculously simple you’d be crazy not to try it. What am I talking about? Meditating elsewhere.

Think about it. Most of the time people practice in the same spot. Maybe they have a specific room . . . wherever it is, most meditators practice in the same spot every time.

While there’s nothing wrong with practicing in the same spot every time, the uses of such a limited technique are, not surprisingly, highly limited.

The problem is that you psychologically associate different places with different things. Let’s say that you have a spiritual room. You most likely associate this room with relaxation and peace of mind. It’s very easy for you to meditate in this place. But then you go elsewhere.

You go shopping or to work, to a social place, anywhere, and suddenly that inner peace you found in your meditation room is gone. This isn’t surprising. You’ve only trained your brain to find meditation in one specific room.

Of course the way to treat this problem is very simple. You just need to meditate elsewhere.

Try Meditating at Work and you will beat stress and increase productivity 


One of my friends on Facebook recently told me that he’d started practicing at work. The results were amazing. He no longer felt stressed at work. He was able to relax. Because of his relaxed mind he was more able to focus and because he could focus he was more productive.

Another Facebook friend (who is single) told me that he’d always found it difficult talking to women in social places. He would talk to a girl online, but whenever he actually went out to meet someone he felt awkward. I advised him to meditate in social venues (which is quite simple—just sit somewhere quiet with your eyes open and focus on your breathing). Again, the results were amazing. After twenty minutes of meditating in social places he felt more comfortable talking to women. He now has a girlfriend.

Meditating in social places makes you feel more confident talking to men / women

The more places you practice, the more effect your meditation practice will have. So, if you’re meditating or know other people who practice meditation, let them know that they can significantly increase the power of their practice by meditating elsewhere.

Meditating in social places is one of the best ways to go deeper in meditation.
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