Seriously: Why Do I Never Get Anything Done?

  A reader wrote in to ask “Why do I never get anything done?” Thanks for the question. So to answer it and end the woes, there’s one tip to getting things done that has made all the difference for me: simply writing stuff down.

Yeah, it’s simple, so simple, but often the best advice is the simple advice. This is one of those times. I actually used to ask myself that same question “Why do I never get anything done?”

What I realised was that there were so many ideas floating around my mind that I never focused on one of them. And because my ideas were only ever in my mind, and not out there in the real world, they felt intangible. Writing changed all that.

It really doesn’t matter what your’e doing. If you ever find yourself asking “Why do I never get anything done” try writing it down.

If you’re trying to work out your finances, write it out and put it on the wall. If you have an image of your work stuck in your head (for instance, this author often sees the image of his book cover sitting pretty at the front of a book store). Print the image out and put it somewhere you’ll see it often.

Literally, everything that occupies your mind, give a real world presence to. The reason is simple yet powerful. When you take what’s currently in your mind and put it out into the real world, via writing, drawing or any other means, you a) get the idea out of your mind, allowing more ideas to come in and b) help cement ideas in reality, making them feel more real to you and hence motivating you to make the ideas happen.

For instance, retuning to the idea of the book in the bookstore. By printing out an image of the book and putting it on the wall, I free up mental space as I no longer need to constantly think about it, I motivate myself because I’ll be seeing the picture every day, and I increase my belief in the idea coming to fruition because it has a real, physical form.

One final benefit of this motivational tool is that it helps you recognise which ideas and which are bad. When you see a real, physical form of your idea it’s a lot easier to determine its value. You can then quickly remove the weak ideas whilst keeping the good ones.

So, take the ideas and thoughts occupying your mind and give them a real, physical form!



How To Get Things Done Faster

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