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As the owner of THE DAILY MEDITATION I offer many online marketing services for anybody involved in this and related niches, including: email newsletter ads, content production and writing, help with WordPress, SEO and display advertising.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many excellent and talented people including doing online marketing for yoga teachers, yoga studios, life coaches, meditation teachers, and more.

I also offer advertising on this site, in the form of email newsletter ads, display ads, reviews, and guest posts.

I’m here to help you get the perfect online marketing solution for your services or product. As the owner of THE DAILY MEDITATION and an online marketing expert with more than 10 years experience in the business, I have the talent and passion to make you successful.

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And if you would like to know how to do online marketing for yoga teachers and life coaches, you can read my free marketing strategy guide (on my personal site).


Services I offer include:

  • SEO content writing
  • Guest posts [both submitting to this site and writing for external sites]
  • WordPress help
  • Email advertising
  • Display advertising on this site
  • Content creation for other sites

I am an expert in working with the following wonderful people:

  • Yoga teachers yoga studios
  • Meditation Teachers
  • Life coaches

Online Marketing For Yoga Studios & Meditation Teachers

I’ve had the opportunity to do online marketing for yoga teachers around the world and have seen firsthand how effective it can be for this industry.

As a yoga teacher you need to get your name out there and one of the best ways to do that is with online marketing. Yoga teachers can find students and get their local yoga studio on the map.

There are lots of benefits of online marketing for yoga teachers and studios. SEO helps you find yoga students on Google. Social media helps grow your brand. And email ads and display ads are a quick way to read a new audience.

Contact me for help with any of the above. 

  • SEO for yoga studios and teachers
  • Email advertising for yoga teachers
  • Content production and writing
  • WordPress for yoga teachers

 For Yoga studios

As a meditation teacher and the man behind THE DAILY MEDITATION, one of the leading meditation websites, I am an expert in online marketing for meditation teachers and studios. There are many benefits of online marketing for meditation teachers. They help you to schedule your classes, to find students, and to grow your reputation. With online marketing, meditation teachers can turn a studio into a truly recognised brand.


  • SEO
  • Newsletters ads [via this site and other sites]
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • WordPress help
  • Consultation

Contact me for help with any of the above.

 For Life Coaches

One of the biggest challenges for life coaches can be finding students. Thankfully, there are lots of benefits of online marketing for life coaches. It can help you to find your first few students or to grow your list. It can help you to advertise classes and so your sign-ups. And it can help you to grow your brand.

Some of the services I offer life coaches for online marketing include:

  • SEO for life coach websites
  • Content creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Email newsletter marketing
  • Consultation


THIS SITE’s options for digital marketing:

There are many ways meditation teachers, life coaches and yoga teachers / studios can work with THE DAILY MEDITATION. They include the following:

Email Newsletter Ads

We offer email newsletter ads to our list of over 6000 followers. Email newsletter ads help you to reach a new audience and to grow your own list. They can also be a great way to gain a positive reputation online. Our email newsletters are full of people who want to know more about yoga, meditation and life coaching. They want to live happy, positive lives. And you can help them to achieve precisely that.

An email newsletter advertisement is one of the fastest ways to find students for yoga classes, meditation classes or life coaching.

Content Creation And Guest Posts

On this site we offer many guest posting opportunities for yoga teachers, meditation teachers and life coaches. These guest posts help you to find a new audience and to increase your online reputation.

I accept guest post submission that you have written yourself, and I also offer to write guest posts myself on your behalf.

Display Ads

This site achieves approximately 100,000 pageviews per month, the vast majority of which are from people interested in yoga, meditation and life coaching.

I offer site-wide display advertising so you can quickly get yourself noticed and advertise your product or service. When you book display ads your advertisement is shown on every blog post on this site so you can quickly reach our readers.

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I am hugely passionate about helping yoga teachers, meditation teachers and life coaches to be successful. This very site is the proof of my passion. And I am ready to help you with your career in this industry.

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