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Experience a meditation session with renowned teacher Paul M Harrison, whom you might know from our articles, podcast, and guided meditations. Together with Paul you’ll discover the most powerful meditation techniques, ranging from popular options like Anapanasati and Zazen to rarer methods like Tonglen and Samyama. Take your meditation practice to the next level by learning Paul’s unique values-based meditation model. Think of your meditation teacher as a mix of a life coach, spiritual mentor, and wellness instructor.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn powerful authentic techniques ranging from Vipassana to Merkaba.
  • Make it a habit through psychological exercises like the “Hook” method.
  • Get accountability for your practice with personal messages from Paul
  • Meditate better than ever before
  • Get the motivation and guidance you need to achieve your goals and optionally experience Paul’s “Mental Contrasting Meditation” to make your goals a reality.
  • Everything is customized to your individual needs. So ask yourself, what one thing would you most want from your private meditation teacher? 


Price$35 USD
Duration30 mins
LocationZoom or phone

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About Private Meditation Teacher Paul Harrison​ BSc

meditation coach paul harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher with more than 20 years’ experience. He’s known for his ability to teach people of all ages and abilities to harness the power of the mind through genuine, authentic meditative practices.

Paul’s journey began when he was studying acting at Oxford. A director recommended he meditated to help with his generalised anxiety disorder. He did. It worked. And it inspired him to learn absolutely everything he could about meditation and to share it, at first with his friends and family back home in Northamptonshire England, and later around the world from this very website, which he launched in 2013 after emmigrating to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

Paul has learned from various gurus, courses, books, and lectures, his top inspirations being Thich Nhat Hanh and Osho. And his passion has grown every day. Over the last twenty years, Paul has published four books on meditation and has been featured in more than 30 publications, including HealthLine, Psychology Today, Better Homes & Gardens, Thrive Global, Lion’s Roar, Well + Good, and

Paul’s deep desire to heal stems largely from his father, who tragically died following complications after an accidental fall. It was the end of a lifelong struggle with mental health complications and alcoholism.

“I loved my father immensely and it was painful to watch him pass,” says Paul. “I always wished I had been able to help him with his mental health but back then I just didn’t know how”.

Paul’s great desire to help others stems from this tragedy and it is this experience that fuels his unique approach to compassion-based meditation therapy, one of the optional training styles you can choose to experience with Paul.

Like a wellness instructor or life coach, Paul will guide you on your own journey of healing and self discovery, while also offering insight like a spiritual mentor. 

Refund Policy+

We understand that sometimes plans change. That’s why we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy to give you peace of mind.

If you need to, you may edit the time of your lessons up to twice. There is also no fee for cancellations made with more than 48 hours’ notice.



The Daily Meditation, 223 Garside Avenue South, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8K 2W6, Tel: 289 689 5034,


“I love how Mr. Harrison presents himself and showed me a variety of methods I can use to smooth my worries!” 

-Lesley Gutierrez

“Understanding and proficient instructor. Makes it very accessible from someone that was a novice.”

– John Ko

“Group session was wonderful. Paul took the time to explain the technique we would be using and how it could be useful before getting started.”

-Belle Mendoza

“Great teacher! Every time I go to one of his sessions it is incredibly soothing.”

-Tara Cicora

“If you have the opportunity to meditate with Paul you will want to do it again. Peace!”

-Lisa G R

“Very relaxing session. It gave me more tools to use in my tool kit.”

-Michael Mcardle

“Paul is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend him for meditation sessions.”

-Nadine D

“Paul is an excellent and affordable meditation teacher that has helped me develop my daily practice after struggling significantly on my own.”

-Zack Gallinger

“Paul has a way with knowing how to make you feel calm and peaceful while meditating…”

-Charles Scarafile

“I am over the moon with the results I am getting from these sessions…Go to Paul, now. Become a better, more empowered person.”

-Prem Singh Bhuller



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