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Paul Harrison is the founder of The Daily Meditation and a qualified meditation teacher with more than twenty years experience in mindfulness and meditation, and ten years teaching experience.

Paul began meditating as a way to save himself from chronic anxiety. He started with breathing meditations to calm his mind. It helped and so he started studying meditation. Across twenty years he studied and trained in the art and science of meditation. 

Wanting to help others, Paul created The Daily Meditation as a way to share his knowledge and love of mindfulness and meditation. He was the first person to write online guides to many of the ancient meditation technique and has written four books on meditation.

Today, Paul works as a private and corporate meditation teacher and as the manager and content creator for The Daily Meditation.

Meditation is one of Paul’s many interests. He loves cats, admires nature, lives for kindness and compassion, goes swimming every single day, and plays quite a few video games. He is also very into the arts, and over the years has been a writer, pianist, painter, and actor.

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