Peloton Yoga, Meditation App Now Available On Android TV

peloton yoga app android tv

Android TV has expanded its app library and now offers the Peloton yoga and meditation app.

Android TV, the digital media / TV version of the Android operating system, has well over 5,000 apps available on the Play Store. The latest is the Peloton app, the application of the well-known spin-bike manufacturer, which contains various live and recorded video and audio workouts, including yoga and meditation.

Available from today, Android TV owners can download the official Peloton app for smart-TV or set-top box. The fitness app offers a large library of workouts that are led by professional instructors. The workouts available include strength-training, bootcamp, yoga, and meditation. Plus, if you own a Peloton bike or treadmill, you can use the application alongside your equipment.

Previously, you needed to use a smartphone or tablet in order to watch Peloton’s workout content. Now, however, you can use it via your TV so you get a much bigger viewing experience. According to Peloton, 85 million people currently use Android TV, so there is a large install base of customers who might be interested in taking the video workouts.

The Peloton TV app allows you to workout with professional trainers and other people in your household, while following the instructors moves and guidance so you can perform yoga and meditation correctly.

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 Peloton Yoga & Meditation Review

The Peloton yoga app lets you either stream the yoga videos live from the company’ studio in New York, or watch pre-recorded content when you choose.    There are usually two to four new classes every day, which range from beginner to advanced yoga classes, and also specific classes designed to target specific parts of the body, like the shoulders. There are also meditation classes.

I love the amount of variety in the different lessons. There are long classes, short ones, and challenge levels. You can also see a schedule for all the upcoming classes on the company’s website.

The yoga and meditation teachers themselves are all excellent instructors. Highly knowledgeable, they make sure that you are performing the moves or meditations correctly.  Some are even well-known instructors, such as Aditi Shah, who once ran a 2000-person yoga classes in Times Square that was broadcasted on TV.  Compared to certain other apps, is it good to know that the yoga and meditation instructors are highly acclaimed. It’s reassuring when you spend hours doing their classes.

Like other aspects of Peloton’s workouts, the yoga classes use leaderboards so instructors can communicate directly with participants in their homes.

There is also a sense of community with these lessons. When I practice yoga or meditation with Youtube videos I sometimes don’t feel connected with the instructor. It doesn’t have that personal-relationship kind of experience. Peloton, however, does. The live streaming and the communication feedback means you actually feel like you are in a yoga or meditation class. It’s a much higher quality experience than you get with other apps or online videos.

Plus, you get the other types of workout too. Even though I absolutely love yoga, I sometimes feel like doing something different. So, it’s nice to know that I can use Peloton for other types of workouts.

That said, if I had the option of taking an actual yoga class at a local studio, or using the Peloton app, I would always choose the local studio. Regardless of how good online lessons get they will never be able to replace that in-person experience. There’s a human connection that you get from a local yoga class that you simply cannot get in digital classes. And I suspect this will always be the case.

Overall, the Peloton yoga and meditation app is higher quality than a lot of the digital alternatives. And if you are determined to go the digital route, I do certainly recommend it. But it it’s still not as good as taking a proper yoga class at your local studio.

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By Paul Harrison

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