Pick Your Personality Type. We’ll Reveal The Best Meditation For You


What is the best meditation technique for you?

Take a look at this epic guide to 31 meditation techniques.

How do you know which one is best for you?

Simple: We’ll show you.

Simply pick your personality typed from the list below and we will reveal the best meditation for you.

Rules of the game:

  1. Pick your personality type
  2. Read the description
  3. Give the specified meditation a shot.

Trust us, this is going to make you feel amazing.


Pick Your Personality Type Then Try Your Best Meditation

Quiet Person:

You’re a quiet person. And quiet people are often the most powerful people around. You keep to yourself like, always. You don’t like to speak unless spoken to. And if you’re honest, you are kind shy. Sometimes you wish you could just let go and be a loud person, just for a little while, just to see what it’s like.

Well now you can!

There’s one meditation technique that will let your beautiful inner-voice out. It’s called “Open Monitoring Meditation”. It’s a technique that gets you out of your thoughts and more into the real world. It’s very liberating!

Read this guide to open monitoring meditation. And give it a shot. This is the best meditation for you.


Extremely kind person:

You are the absolute kindest person on the planet. You’re so kind that you never stop giving. You give to family. You give to friends. You give to absolute strangers. And everyone loves you for it!

Oh. You probably don’t give enough to yourself though.

Most extremely kind people give to everyone else except themselves.

Time to change.

Today you are going to give to you. You’re going to treat yourself. You’re going to lavish love on you.


You’re going to do Loving Kindness Meditation.

Loving Kindness Meditation is all about creating love and positive feelings for people. It’s often done to make us feel good about others. But you already love everyone! That’s why you’re going to do loving kindness focusing on yourself.

Read this awesome guide to Loving Kindness Meditation and give it a shot. You’re going to love it!


Highly sensitive empath:

You are the most in-tune person you know. You’re so aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings. You have a super power. It’s the super-power known as empathy.

Empathy is great. Because you’re an empath you know so much about other people.

Problem with being an empath is it’s hard to tune off. And it can be exhausting!

Sometimes you need to be able to let go of other people’s emotions so you can relax.

That’s why you’re going to do Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique that trains the mind to stay in the present moment. That way, you can safeguard yourself from those emotions that sometimes get the better of you.

Read this guide to Mindfulness Meditation. It’s the best meditation for empaths. Period.


“I’m the king of the world!”:

You’re the king / queen of the world. You focus on you. And because of that you’re successful, healthy, good-looking, and everyone thinks highly of you.

You rock.

Now that you’ve perfected yourself, it’s time to enjoy and appreciate other people. It’s time to be about others.

That’s why you’re going to practice Karuna Meditation. This is a powerful old Buddhist technique that trains the mind to be highly compassionate. With this technique you will find a new level of happiness as you connect with other people more than ever before.

Learn Karuna meditation here. Go on. Give it a shot.


Classy to a fault:

You are so classy you’re basically on a pedestal. Look at you, so high above the world. Everyone looks up to you. You’re a role model for all your friends and family.

It can be lonely at the top, though. And sometimes you just want to let your hair down and go nuts.

That’s why you’re about t experience complete personal liberation.

You’re going to do Osho’s Dynamic Meditation Techniques. You will be nervous of this technique when you try it. Don’t be. I promise: this is going to make you feel absolutely sensational.



Wounded romantic:

You’re so romantic you know everyone of Shakespeare’s sonnets by heart. “Shall I compare thee to a rose?” “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Deny thy father and—”

Everyone loves you because you’re so rich in spirit and so romantic. It’s like you have ten times the amount of soul as all your friends and family.

Old scars heal slowly, though. And the romantic life can be a painful one.

That’s why you’re going to do Anapanasati breathing meditation.

This breathing meditation will calm your mind and emotions and leave you feel serenely tranquil. This is the very best meditation technique for your personality type.

Learn Anapanasati Meditation here. Give it a shot.



I’m just so excited I can’t sit still!

You’re the life of the party. You’re constantly doing crazy things. When people are around you they feel excited and entertained.

But damn if there aren’t times when you would do anything to just relax and be focused.

That’s why you’re going to practice Zen Meditation. This powerful technique will focus your mind like a Zen monk. You will be more productive than ever. And you will feel inwardly still and calm. Trust me, you’ll love it.




All business. No games:

Your career is a long line of successes and your bank account is extra chunky. Everyone respects you because you are pure business.

Being all business all the time can be a real drainer, though. Sometimes you would love to have a laugh and just feel a sense of fun, you know?

Well you are about to feel all the joy, happiness, and fun you could want. How? You’re going to practice Smiling Buddha Meditation.

This meditation technique creates joy deep in your soul.

Learn Smiling Buddha Meditation . You will love it. It is the very best meditation for your personality type.


These meditations will be the most fun thing you’ve done all day. They are incredibly good for your mind and they will boost your wellbeing in just 20 minutes.

Let me know how much fun, happiness and sheer relaxation you got out of these meditation techniques.

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