Placebo More Effective Than Medication. And Finally Pharmaceuticals Admit IT

 Placebos more effective than drugs? Yup. And finally pharmaceutical corporations have admitted it.


Scientists have been researching placebos for decades. And consistently they have been telling us that drugs are necessary and that, no, it is not all just a placebo.

But you and I are smart. And naturally we’re not just going to fall for their bullshit.

We know that a lot of scientific research is funded by pharmaceutical companies. And of course, those pharmaceutical corporations love nothing more than seeing a rise in their stock prices. But finally we are starting to hear the truth. New scientific research is finally forcing pharmaceuticals to confess: the mind is more powerful than any drug.

Researchers have been using controlled groups in clinical tests to study the power of placebos. Their tests aim to answer one question: Is the placebo effect more effective than medication? In other words, do meds actually do anything, or do they simply trigger the mind to believe you’re healing? Is it the meds or the mind?

Now, you are I both know that the mind is everything. We know that because it’s been proven that meditation can cure cancer. It’s been proven that you can cure depression using your mind alone. And we know that spiritual healing is more powerful than medication.

Why do drugs work? They work because they convince your mind that you are healing. That’s the placebo effect. And the placebo effect is more powerful than drugs.

The placebo effect is when your body heals because you believe that a drug is having an effect. And thankfully, we’re starting to know the truth about placebo research.

How does placebo research work?

When testing placebos, researchers give patience fake drugs in place of real ones. This tests whether drugs work because of the actual drug, or because a person believes they are being healed.

Until now, research has suggested that placebo effects are real, but limited.

New scientific research, however, shows that placebo effect is more effective than medication.




 A scientific breakthrough proves that the placebo effect is more powerful than medication.

Dr Rankin, M.D., argues that placebo effects show a mind-body connection that is at play during self healing. Her new book “Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself,” reveals that placebos have a genuine effect on the mind-body connection. This luminary work highlights how the mind is powerful enough to heal the body of illness, even without medical intervention.

“Placebos don’t just change how you feel, they change your biochemistry,” says Rankin.

This flies in the face of convention, which says that a placebo cannot have a real chemical affect on the body.

Western culture is obsessed with the idea that medicine is what heals us. Most people in the West have closed their eyes to the fact that the mind is full capable of healing the body. Of course, there are politics and business at play here. It’s much harder to monetize the idea that your mind can heal itself than it is to monetize medications.

Western society (and capitalism) demands that for our bodies to heal we must take medication. Most people have been misled. And they now believe that they cannot heal themselves.  But that belief is horribly inaccurate.


Rankin’s studies into placebos reveals that the mind-body connection is the key to self healing and that, yes, the placebo effect is more effective than medication. 

Ranking says “The placebo effect indicates that patients experience symptom relief and manifest psychological change because they think they will.”

A wealth of scientific facts support Rankin’s claim. The mind can and does trigger physiological changes. Treatments are much more effective when the patient believes in them because they believe they will be healed.

Give a patient pain medication and they will show significant signs of relief long before the medication can effect them. The medication gives the belief that they’re being healed. But it’s the belief itself that leads the healing.

Tell someone suffering from depression that a medication (even a completely fake medication) will make them happy, and they will very soon start to feel happier. The belief is the trigger for the healing. This, by the way, is precisely why if your mother tells you (when you’re young) that chicken soup will cure a cold, even though that is absolute garbage, it actually will cure the cold because you believe it will.


So if it’s all about a placebo why do medications work?

Vitally, for a patient to believe they are being healed, they usually require visual and auditory clues. This is why, even though the placebo effect is more effective than medication, lots of people need those meds in order to believe that they’re being healed. 

For the placebo effect to work the patient usually requires a great deal of hints. Being on a hospital bed and looked after by a doctor in a white coat, all says to the mind “They’re looking after me. I’m being healed.”

Having an authority figure tell you that you’re being healed is one of the keys.

But can you imagine the implications of that.

Having an authority figure (e.g. a doctor) makes you believe that you’re being healed.

But that authority figure isn’t always a doctor.

Is there really any difference between believing a doctor will heal you and believing a spiritual guru / priest / shaman / other figure will?


Does this explain how exorcisms once treated schizophrenia? Because the person believed the exorcism would work? Does it explain why exorcisms now do not work? Because we believe they won’t?

The implications of this research sets the imagination alight.

Are we living in a world where our minds lead all? Are the hospitals, doctors, and drugs just a signal to the mind, a way of making the mind believe it’s being healed so that it can then heal itself?


This research is utterly fascinating. It opens the door to a deeper connection between spirituality, self-healing, and the health services.


And it possibly means that you, yourself, are more powerful than any drug could ever be. Because if the placebo effect is more effective than the actual medication, it’s your mind that is truly healing you.



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