Health Benefits Of Positivity And Happiness Proven At Last. Scientists Shocked

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  • Breakthrough study from Stanford University reveals the amazing health benefits of positivity.
  • Research from University of California: Irvine shows there are health benefits of happiness too,
  • Positive thoughts have a profound affect on our life and longevity.
  • People who think they are healthy will live significantly longer than people who think they are unhealthy.
  • Doctors encouraged to treat patients with positive thinking.

Scientists discover the importance of positivity: Improved Health!

It is one of the oldest philosophical debates: do thoughts control life?

Do thoughts control reality?

One side of the argument says that hell no, thoughts dont control reality, get real. 

Many people have called it a stupid, romantic notion, the idea that simply thinking something could make it true.

After all, how could something that occurs only in the mind possibly effect the entirety of our external reality?

Yeah, but… 

You can’t deny the importance of a positive attitude.

People who do these positive traits are just happier and healthier than everyone else. 

Too many of us know that it feels like when the mind does indeed control their life—for better or worse.

They know firsthand what Roman poet Horace meant when he said, “Rule your mind or your mind will rule you.”

Well now there are finally proven benefits of positivity.

Yes, there are lots of benefits of postivity. And you can get those benefits of positivity by doing positivity exercises and techniques, along with having some happy hobbies.

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Why there are indeed health benefits of positivity  

Yes, there are real health benefits of positivity. 

And that’s hardly surprising, when you think about it. 

Our entire lives can seem like heaven or hell depending on whether we think positive or negative. 

And we’ve known for years that negativity is a killer. Seriously. Just look at this  shocking (and enlightening) article on negative thoughts.

Stress (which is ultimately dwelling on the negative) is the number one killer in the world. 

I have personally suffered what is called Acute Stress Disorder. This was a time when my thoughts controlled my life in a bad way.

PsychCentral says Acute Stress Disorder is “characterized by the development of severe anxiety, dissociative, and other symptoms that occurs within one month after exposure to an extreme traumatic stressor (e.g., witnessing a death or serious accident).”

Negative thoughts really can kill. So it any surprise that there are health benefits of positivity?   

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Here’s a stunning health benefit of positivity: It makes you live longer

Positive thinking is a big deal (click that link for a free guide). And not just for confidence

Today, Stanford published a breakthrough study by the journal Health Psychology.

This study proves that people who think they are unhealthy are at greater risk of death.

But the research goes even further.

What you will find absolutely stunning is the fact that thinking you are healthy is actually more important than actually being fit.

That’s right. Thinking yourself healthy is more important than actually being fit.

So if you practice various kinds of positivity exercises, which make you think in positive ways, you will actually be healthier and fitter just because of your positive thoughts.

Sounds remarkable. Yet this is a study on the health benefits of positivity by a leading university, and it took more than a decade to complete. The researchers examined information collected by the National Center for Health Statistics take from over 60,000 people from 1990 and 2011. The people studied were all from different backgrounds and had a diverse range of fitness levels and health conditions. So make no mistake about it: This was a legit study.

Specifically, the study looked at:

  • Health benefits of positivity
  • How often people performed different exercises and activities.
  • How active people were
  • Whether they smoked
  • How often they were sick
  • How active and healthy people thought they were.
  • How much physical work or exercise they did each week
  • The study also looked at an extensive range of demographic details.

Some of these participants were followed for as long as 21 years. And 10% died during the study-time.


Scientists gasped when they found the health benefits of positivity

If you’ve ever wondered whether those positivity exercise and techniques you do actually work, the answer is hell yeah.

Even the researchers at Stanford could not believe their results.  

They looked for reasons why the data might be inaccurate. They could find no reason. The results were accurate.

What stunned the scientists is this:

  • The data showed that if people think they are less fit than their peers they will have a significantly higher risk of death.
  • Risk of death is 18% higher for people who think they are less active than others.
  • People who think they are less activate are 71% more likely to die than people who consider themselves to be highly active people.

We now know how to lower risk of death: by thinking positively.

CLICK TO TWEET: “Stanford confirms: people who think they are fit are 71% more likely to live than people who think they are unfit”.

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Why positive thinking makes you healthier

So how can we explain these health benefits of positivity?

Well, ww can think of positivity or negativity as mental hygiene that affects the mind just like personal hygiene affects the body.

A positive mind is a clean mind, and a clean mind is healthy.

Spiritualists know this. But scientists are searching for measurable reasons to explain why positive thinking makes you healthier.

They think these results are caused by one of three things:

  1. Mindset affects motivation.  If we feel inactivate we will be inactive and this will lead to us exercising less, leading to declining health. This is why mindset is critical when losing weight.
  2. If we think we are less active than other people we will feel stress about it (stress is the number one killer in the world).
  3. Placebo: The way we think about ourselves has a profound affect on our wellbeing.     

In a nutshell: think you’re a healthy, active person and you will lower your risk of death.


As well as these health benefits of positivity, happiness makes you healthier too 

  • The latest scientific research shows how happiness effects health. Scientists are surprised to find that our mind and emotions play a pivotal role on our health.
  • Research confirms the views of ancient spiritual texts, which state that mindset and consciousness change our physical state.
  • Researchers are excited. They suggest that soon our doctors might prescribe a dose of positivity instead of medication.
  • These findings back-up the science on the health benefits of positivity 

Turns out there are lots of health benefits of happiness too.  

Positive emotions have a positive influence on the immune system and cardiovascular system according to the latest scientific research from the University of California: Irvine.

So while you’re getting the health benefits of positivity, you might as well get the health benefits of happiness too! 

Sarah Pressman [associate professor of psychology and social behavior] and a team of researchers were surprised to find that cultivating happiness and positive perceptions improves the immune system and cardiovascular systems (note that spiritual texts have been saying this for approximately 3000 years).

Happiness may even help heal injuries and illnesses.

“…Greater contentment, optimism, a sense of life purpose, low stress and other indicators of subjective well-being are tied to better health and longevity, including surviving serious diseases, and even avoiding acute illnesses,” Pressman said.

Researchers are stating that in the near future, when we’re sick, doctors may prescribe a course of positivity alongside medication.

“We now have to take very seriously the finding that happy people are healthier and live longer, and that chronic unhappiness can be a true health threat,” said Prof. Ed Diener.

Mental suffering (stress, depression and anxiety) are major threats to cardiovascular health and to the immune system, the researchers tell us.

What does mean for us?  A lot.

  • It means school bullies don’t just upset kids, they actually make them ill.
  • It means if your boss gives you too much stress he is seriously effecting your immune system.
  • It means society has a responsibility to force those in authority to protect the safety of our emotional well-being.
  • It means if you’re hitting the gym in order to keep fit and healthy, you should do these positivity exercises at the same time, because happiness is paramount.

The mind and spirit are the sources of our health and vitality. Doctors need to stop hurling medication at us and start asking “How is your spiritual and psychological state?” instead.

Health is not found in pills. It’s found in a conscious, healthy mind.

These health benefits of positivity and health benefits of happiness prove one thing: It’s all about your mindset.


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