Bondi, Australia— A holistic healing stores says you can prevent coronavirus with meditation crystals. Reddit exploded.

A store in Bondi Australia posted a sign outside its door on Wednesday suggesting that people “Prevent corona by boosting your immune system through: reiki, crystals, essential oils, meditation.” The holistic healing store’s sign was posted on Reddit. And oh boy to Reddit have some entertaining things to say about it.

Needless to say, the World Health Organisation does not share the same tip that Holistic Healing does in its official guide. While scientists are working overtime all over the world to try to find an effective treatment for COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, it’s doubtful that they’re considering reiki and meditation crystals.

The best advise that the World Health Organisation has on the matter is to practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap.

Saying that crystals and reiki can cure coronavirus… if only W.H.O knew!!!

It seems like the Holistic Healing store in Australia has other ideas though, as it encourages people to turn to meditation, reiki and crystals to prevent coronavirus. Although there is some evidence that meditation and yoga might help with COVID-19.

This Holistic Store is certainly not the only business to try to profit from COVID-19. One yoga studio was closed for sending an email saying the Birkam yoga can prevent coronavirus, and Yoga International is looking to profit from it too, it seems.

One Redditor said

“My Sister was gifted a session from a friend…

She lay there for an hour with crystals on her back while the ‘Healer’ flicked through a magazine. Afterwards the healer told my Sister that in a past life our father had sold her as a prostitute and she needed to come back for several more sessions to cleanse her spirit.”

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Written by Paul Harrison

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