Private Meditation Teacher Giving Online Personal Sessions

 Hi friends; I’m delighted to announce that I am now giving my private meditation sessions online. I’ve been working for years as a personal meditation teacher locally, in Hamilton, and now I’m thrilled to be working online too, so I can heal minds elsewhere.


  • 30 minute lessons
  • On Zoom (or Skype or phone by request)
  • $34.95

meditation teacher paul harrison

Paul Harrison is a private meditation teacher renowned for his knowledge and experience in traditional meditation. A passionate teacher, Paul created to heal hearts and minds.

Paul came to meditation after surviving a battle with clinical anxiety and depression. Meditation changed his life, and now he is devoted to helping others. He is a mental health advocate and has been writing about his own past experiences with mental health issues for more than ten years.

Paul has fifteen years’ experience in mindfulness and meditation. He started his training at Oxford and then in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

A world-renowned expert, Paul Harrison is the author of four books on meditation and has been published and featured in more than 30 publications, including HealthLine, Psychology Today, Better Homes & Gardens, Thrive Global, Lion’s Roar, Well + Good, and

Paul is known for his ability to compassionately understand his students’ unique needs, and to create solutions that are perfect for each individual student.

“For me, it’s all about healing hearts and minds.”

— Paul Harrison.

About My Private Meditation Lessons

I have always strongly believed that having a private meditation teacher is the best way to learn meditation. Because it is the only way that you get to talk directly with a meditation teacher. Plus, unlike an app, which just treats you like another user, I deeply care about each and every one of my students. I am personally dedicated to helping you find happiness, wellbeing, and success through meditation.

I’ve always been a healer. It started when I was 11. My father, whom I love dearly, had a problem with alcohol, and he would hurt my mom. So, 11-year-old me wanted nothing more than to make my mom smile.

At the time I knew nothing about meditation, so to make her smile I would put on shows, act scenes from plays, sing, and dance for her. Just seeing her smile and laugh made me feel so good inside. That’s why I became an actor.

As an actor I had one terrible problem: chronic anxiety. An acting teacher suggested I meditate. I did. And it changed my life. And that was when I decided to dedicate my life to meditation.

Flash forward twenty years and I’m now a private meditation teacher and the founder of this very blog, one of the largest meditation blogs in the world.

My personal motivation now is the same as it has always been: to make people smile. And I hope I can make you smile, and feel inner peace, when you take a private meditation lesson online with me.

Why A Private Meditation Lesson Online?

Obviously, you have your choices when it comes to different ways to learn meditation. You have blog articles, and goodness knows I have personally written in-depth guides to every meditation technique known to man. But the problem with articles is that most people just read whatever article they happen to see. It’s unstructured. And who do you turn to when you need help?

Then you have apps.

Let me tell you the actual scientific facts about meditation apps. They don’t work.

Research from Harvard shows that meditation apps do not working because we get distracted when listening to someone’s voice over a phone.  “It’s hard to notice what’s going on inside or around you [in other words, it’s hard to be mindful] if you’re distracted by someone speaking, even if it is soothing speech, and some reviews of these apps point this out. Research also indicates that the self-directed, silent form of mindfulness practice is more effective than externally guided exercises.”

Most of these apps also only teach guided meditation. And guided meditation is not the same thing as proper meditation. Listening to someone describe a relaxing scene is, in fact, guided imagery and not meditation at all. Here is the difference between guided and silent meditation.

It gets worse.

Queenston University states that the vast majority of “meditation apps” do not actually teach meditation at all. They state, “Only 4% of the 700 apps identified in our search provided mindfulness training and education. Though many apps claimed to be mindfulness apps, most of them were not.” They go on to say that “Little evidence is available on the efficacy of apps in developing mindfulness.”

But honestly, it’s because it’s personal

I love meditation. But there is one side of it that I hate. I hate the fact that meditation has become a multi-billion-dollar industry and that it has become more about money than human connection.

Jon Kabat Zinn [founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction] once said that proper meditation is like counseling. You need a private teacher, someone who will listen, someone who cares, someone who, like you, has feelings.

The last thing you need is a machine (app) telling you how to meditate. A machine is never going to care about you or understand how you feel. A machine has not gone through the emotional challenges that we humans go through. Simply put, a machine doesn’t get you. But an actual live, human meditation teacher? Me? I get you. Because I’ve had stress, anxiety, and depression, and I have fought through those problems myself.

You can’t replace a human with a machine. Unless it’s The Terminator. That’s why you need personal meditation lessons with a private teacher like me.

Why Choose Me As Your Private Meditation Teacher?

I’ll be completely honest with you. I have always had one extremely potent aspect of my personality. I am profoundly empathetic. I always have been. I’ve always had this ability to sense what is going on in someone. And I have always used that power to heal people (I’m INFP—The Healer personality type).

I don’t really want to go into details about my meditation expertise. Sure, I’ve been meditating for twenty years and teaching for ten. I’ve been published in everything from Healthline to Psychology Today and The Chopra Center. I’ve written the internet’s most in-depth guides to practically every meditation technique.

But it is not about that. Because you can find facts and tutorials anywhere.

I’m just a guy who happens to care… a lot.

When I give private meditation lessons, I’m exactly the same person I was as an eleven year old kid. I still just want to make people smile and be happy. Now, I’m just a lot better equipped to make that happen.

And that brings me to today.

If you would like to take a personal meditation session with a private meditation teacher, with an actual human being who you can talk to, and with someone who deeply cares, then book an online meditation session with me today.