Read This Study About Meditation And Cancer Before It’s Censored



We have spoken for a long time about how meditation can heal the mind and body. This video, however, takes things to a new level. This is the proof that meditation cures cancer. Mainstream media will not share this video. We ask you to share it on Facebook and Twitter. This is truly an amazing moment. The moment cancer was beaten by the power of meditation.

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“Mind over matter.” It’s one of the most famous phrases in the world. But today it’s taken on a whole new meaning. Today, scientists have opened up and admitted that meditation can beat cancer.

It’s long been known that stress plays a pivotal role in the onset of diseases. But there’s been precious little research to show that stress has a role in cancer.

Now, Canadian scientists have released evidence that reveals that meditation and yoga alters the activity of cancer cells and can play a pivotal role in curing the disease. Cancer Journal released the research in an article last week, stating that the research “adds to the literature supporting the potential for stress-reducing interventions to impact important disease-regulating processes and ultimately disease outcome.”

The scientists studied telomere, the protein caps at the edge of chromosomes that determine the aging rate of individual cells. They discovered that, over a three month period, telomeres remained the same length in patients who meditated or practiced yoga. In contract, those patients who hadn’t meditated or practiced yoga were shown to have shorter telomeres.

In the study participants were divided into three groups. One group practiced mindfulness meditation and yoga 8 times a week for 90 minute, and were also asked to practice mindfulness meditation and yoga for 45 minute sessions at home. The second group practiced mindfulness meditation and yoga once a week for 90 minutes and were asked to discuss their feelings. The final group attended a stress management seminar.

At the end of the study, the groups who had not meditated had sorter telomeres than those who had.

Psychosocial investigator Linda Carlson, at the Tom Baker Cancer Center, says, “We already know that psychosocial interventions like mindfulness meditation will help you feel better mentally, but now for the first time we have evidence that they can also influence key aspects of your biology.”

This research has totally stumped the science community, who are shocked at the seeming power of meditation over cancer.  “It was surprising that we could see any difference in telomere length at all over the three-month period studied,” said Carlson. “Further research is needed to better quantify these potential health benefits, but this is an exciting discovery that provides encouraging news.”

Meanwhile, there has also been exciting research into the effect of Tibetan Singing Bowls on cancer.



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