A Fascinating Guide To Using Qi Gong Mudras For Health

We’ve studied all the best Qi Gong mudras for health to bring you this guide to using qi gong mudras. Try these mudras today. Your body and mind will thank you.

There are a great many mudras for healing, each of which offers unique benefits to the practitioner. If you would like to read about how to use different mudras for healing, simply click the link below.

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Qi Gong Mudras for Health And Healing

In addition to our extensive coverage of mudras in this online meditation course I would like to briefly share a Qi Gong mudra which is a very powerful way of controlling the emotions. This mudra for healing is a powerful way of naturally treating depression and anxiety and helping with other emotional problems.

In Qi Gong, the fingers are seen as representing organs of the body, emotions and elements. Inside the fingers are many acupuncture points (four on each side of each finger).

By pressing the side of the fingers you can positively alter the balance of the elements, emotions and organs.

Here’s how each of the fingers ties-in with the elements, emotions and organs.

The Littler Finger: This represents the water element, fear and the kidneys. If you try squeezing your little finger a few times now you will feel a calming effect.

The ring finger represents wood, the liver, nervous system, bladder and anger. Try squeezing the ring finger and you will diminishes any anger.

The middle finger is fire, the small intestine, respiratory system and circulatory system. This finger corresponds with the emotions of haste and impatients. Squeeze the finger a few times now and notice how it makes you feel more relaxed and less rushed.

The index finger corresponds with the element of metal, the large intestine, lungs and with the emotions of grief and depression. Try squeezing the index finger a few times and you will feel happier.

The thumb: The thumb is earth, the stomach and worry. Squeeze your thumb a few times and you will stop worrying.


Use this Qi Gong mudra technique to natural treat any emotional complications. It works!

Here is a fantastic video which will help you to understand the use of mudra in Qi Gong. I hope you find this useful. Please help our site to grow by sharing this page on Facebook. Thank you.



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