How To Quiet The Mind And Create Inner Peace. 10 Steps

Life is so much easier when you know how to quiet the mind and produce peace within. . .


When we’re relaxed, we’re really relaxed. There are days we can just sit by the beach or go for a walk in nature and we’re so tranquil that we genuinely feel one with the earth.

Other days are chaos.

When we go through stress at work or something doesn’t feel right in a relationship, we feel on edge, we feel restless, we feel antsy.

The trick is knowing how to transition from the chaos to the peace. The trick is knowing how to quiet the mind of anxiety in order to produce inner peace.

We’re all in the same boat here. We all suffer those moments of an anxious mind.

When I was 28 I suffered a terrible experience when I was completely broke and near homeless. Well; I was homeless for 24 hours. Then friends rescued me and helped me get back home to England.

At that time my mind felt like a tornado was running through it, tearing it to cinder.

I went through a rough patch. I suffered extreme anxiety—actually I was told it was an acute stress reaction.

I always remember that time now. I always look back and think “Never again”.

And I mean it. Because I will never ever allow myself to experience that level of mental anguish again in my life.

But actually ridding myself of anxiety was a challenge, mostly because for a time I didn’t know how to quiet the mind.

I empowered myself by learning the most powerful techniques to quiet my anxious mind. Some of those techniques were spiritual, some psychological, some just very basic points like giving myself the time I need to relax.

I want to share ten of those techniques with you now. These are ten of the very best ways how to quiet your mind of anxiety and to product inner peace.


How to quiet the mind of anxiety and to produce inner peace.


  1. Slow Down

When I was a kid I thought going fast was the cool thing to do. I wanted to race through everything. I always wanted more and more.

Looking back, now that I’m a little older and a little wiser, I know the error of my ways.

Now I appreciate slowness.

When you go slow your breathing rate drops, your heartbeat balances, your thoughts subside, and you simply feel so much more relaxed and happy.

This is the most simple but also the most important way to quiet your mind. Just slow down.



  1. Be mindful of your environment

You know what makes me sad? All those people who race through life and never take the time to stop and smell the roses.

What’s the point in a life that’s so rushed you don’t get to enjoy anything?


Take ten minutes to connect with your five senses. Smell. See. Hear. Touch. Taste. I realise, of course, that you know what the sense are, I’m just naming them because it’s helpful to think about each sense and how it makes us alive.



  1. Like Mr Miyagi, “Wax on, wax off”

You know that scene in The Karate Kid when Mr Miyagi teaches DanielSon to wash the car by “Wax on, Wax off”. That scene is so much more poignant than I realised when I first saw the movie as a kid.

Performing a slow task makes you more mindful and quiets your mind. That’s why chores are a very important part of a Buddhist monk’s life. Slow, meaningful work quiets the mind and promotes inner peace.

That’s why Tai Chi is such a great exercise. Tai Chi is all about simple and slow exercises. It’s almost the opposite of exercise actually. Most exercise elevates your heart rate. Tai Chi slows you down and relaxes your mind.



  1. I’ve lived through so many horrors. Some of them even happened

How many times have you imagined horrible things that never actually happened?

That’s the basis of anxiety, isn’t it? You think something awful is going to happen but it’s only in your mind.

We all do that.

Even positivity warriors do that, if they’re honest.

Human evolution has taught us to notice possible dangers before possible opportunities. That stems from the times when we were cavemen, when we had to think “That shadow on the wall could be a T-Rex”.

It usually wasn’t a T-Rex. But one time it was, and our fear saved us.

But we don’t live with T-Rex’s anymore. And we don’t need fear like we did millions of years ago.

So, quiet your mind of fears. Every time you think something awful is going to happen, check in with reality. “Is this real?” ask yourself. Nine times out of ten your anxiety will be wholly imagined.


  1. You don’t need Simon Cowell living in your head

Simon Cowell. Yeah, that guy from the Idol shows who tells everyone they’re crap. He’s like a reflection of a judgmental and self critical mind.

You don’t need Simon Cowell living in your head—well, he’d probably pay damn good rent, but… I digress…

Next time Simon Cowell is sitting in your head (by which I mean, the next time you’re being overly self critical), say “Oi, Cowell, NO!” Or, just remind yourself to stop being nasty to yourself. Speak to yourself kindly, lovingly, like you would to your best friends. Practicing Loving Kindness Meditation will help. (click on “Meditation Techniques” in our main menu for more on this).


  1. Your fear has made you powerful (Emperor Palpatine quote from Star Wars)

You know Emperor Palpetine from Star Wars? He’s the mean looking son of a bitch in a cloak who’s obsessed with the dark side.

Yeah, him.

He actually had a point when he told Luke that his fear had made him powerful. Because that anxious energy you carry around inside of you? You can channel that.

Find that anxious energy and release it. Exercise. Use it to power through your stresses. Make the most of it. It is energy, after all.


  1. Lie down beneath the blue sky and just gaze… just gaze

Our minds have been taught that when we lie down it’s time to relax. So when you do lie down your brain tries to produce relaxing energy. Sometimes it fails, which is why we’ll lie in bed stressing. Most of the time it succeeds.

Lie down beneath the blue sky and just gaze up at the clouds.

Nature spreads its beauty for a reason. And I like to think that nature has my back. I like to think nature says to me “You’re stressed. Here’s a beautiful cloud for you to look at so you relax”.

Nature is our best friend. That’s why we really do need to protect it.



  1. Those legs were made for walking. And that’s just what they’ll do!


Hippocrates said “Walking is man’s best medicine”. He’s not right. Not quite. Because in my opinion cats are man’s best medicine.

But walking definitely is good for the soul. And it’s a great way to quiet the mind of anxiety.

So get out for a lovely long walk. Not on a treadmill. In the beauty of nature.


  1. Nine Round Breathing

Nine Round Breathing is an ancient Buddhist meditation technique that quickly quiets the mind.

This is a very similar technique to Alternative Nostril Breathing.

I would teach you how to do it. But I asked the Dalai Lama to teach you instead. Also use these meditation techniques if you have anxiety.


  1. Animals

Do you know how awesome pets are?

Oh wait, yeah, you do, because you’re probably an animal lover.

So you wont be surprised when I say “animals will cure your mind of stress and anxiety”.

Actually, science has proven that there are all sorts of physical and psychological benefits of animals. Plus, when you have pets you get free snuggles. And that can only be a good thing.

And if that still doesn’t work, you might need to clear your mind by checking your devices.

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