Use These Meditations To Quit Smoking For Good [TUTORIAL]

quit smoking for good

Quitting smoking for a few days is one thing. But what are the best ways to quit smoking for good so you never ever go back to smoking cigarettes?

I absolutely hate cigarettes and tobacco.

Honestly, I wish they would make smoking illegal. Regardless of all the bureaucratic bullshit they throw at us. It is wrong that billions are made selling a product that kills people. It’s evil.

But the government is never going to make smoking illegal. Tax. And so on.

Hell, you know the deal. They make too much money selling cigarettes. And then there’s all the money they make on products designed to help people quit smoking (like Nicotine patches. And then people get addicted to the patches).

We all deserve health. You deserve to be happy and healthy. But to be healthy you have to work for it. And one of the key ways you can instantly make yourself a hell of a lot healthier is by quitting smoking.

So let’s actually do this this time.


This is it. All the bullshit about quitting smoking is gone forever

“Quitting smoking is impossible.”

“I’ll quit when my situation changes.”

“I’ll just have one more.”

Do you experience these thoughts when trying to quit smoking? If so, it’s time to stop allowing yourself to fall victim to these negative ways of thinking. You cannot afford to let a bad mindset ruin your chances of quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking is arguably the single most important thing you will ever do. Success or failure could very well be a matter of life or death. No matter what else you have on your plate right now, there is probably nothing more important than the battle against the carcinogenic toxins flooding your lungs.

Listen. There is good news. You can quit. Yes, you can. I know because I myself have quit. And I went through precisely the same struggle that you are going through now.

How did I quit smoking?

Did I use nicotine patches? Honestly, why would I do that? Why would I force myself to get addicted to nicotine in a different form?

Was I hypnotised? Or did I use self hypnosis? Never. Because quitting smoking is a challenge, a challenge I wanted to personally conquer for myself.

Did I turn to e-cigarettes? You mean those tubes that have been reported to explode in your mouth, leading to life-long injury and even disfigurement? Most definitely not.

I quit smoking using a super-power that I’ve had for years. Just like Clark Kent has a superpower that turns him into Superman, I too have a superpower. It’s called, “The human mind”.

The mind is the most powerful tool we will ever possess. It is capable of conceiving new technologies, of discovering the principles of science that hold the universe together, even of communicating silently across great distances. And it is darned sure capable of quitting smoking.

But you may wonder; if your mind is so powerful, why have you failed to quit smoking up to now? Because you have not truly attempted to use the power of your own mind.

If you are like 85% of smokers, you will have turned to someone or something other than yourself in order to try to quit. Did you turn to nicotine patches? Did you sign-up for a quit smoking program? Nonsense. The key to quitting smoking is to use the inherent power residing in your own mind.



So what is the best alternative easy way to quit smoking? It is you yourself.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I want an easy way so that I don’t have to try”. Right? You want nicotine patches that actually work. You want to be hypnotised. You just want an easy solution, a solution that is given to you.

Just stop it. Honestly. Stop it.

Every time you tell yourself that you need something other than yourself you set yourself up for failure.

You’re saying to yourself, “I can’t quit for myself”. That is bullshit. And it is harmful bullshit. Like, poisonous cow-dung flowing through your mind.

Stop it. Slap yourself in the face and tell yourself you will never rely on those bullshit products they put out.

You actually think manufacturers want you to stop? Hell no. Cigarette manufacturers want you to buy cigarettes. The companies that make nicotine patches want you to be dependent on nicotine patches. No company wants you to quit.

Well, except us, obviously. We’re not trying to get you addicted to anything here. We just want you to be healthy.

That’s why I want to drill into your the fact that you yourself are the alternative easy way to quit smoking that you have been looking for. 

The answer is you. You. You. You.

Get it?




You are going to quit smoking for good and you are never going back to cigarettes

Go grab your pack of smokes. Take every single one of them out of the pack. And tear them up.

Yes do it right now. And do not use that bullshit excuse “But Ill just get more and then I will have wasted money”. That is one of the negative thoughts you need to change.  Yes there is a chance that you might cave in and buy more. And yes you would be angry about it So what? You should be angry every time you buy a pack of smokes. And if you cannot afford another pack, then good, you will have even more motivation to quit smoking.

Now go and grab your smokes. And tear them up.

Don’t stop until there’s a whole pile of dead little cigarettes in front of you. I want you to staring down at a pack of cigarettes that are torn to shreds on the flow.

Now stand over the cigarettes.

No I am not joking. Do this right now. Stand over the cigarettes. Look down at them. And tell yourself that you are better than cigarettes and you are never going to touch them again ever.

And one more thing. If you think, “But I am not better than cigarettes” then I will kindly ask you to shut the f**k up and dread this guide to getting self esteem. Read it now.



If I sound angry it’s because I’m sick of you killing yourself, all right? 

So you have torn them up no yeah?

Good for you, solider.

Now I want to help you to quit smoking for good because I’m pissed off about how many of my friends and family smoke and how it kills them all one by one. I’m in the same boat as you all. I used to smoke. I’ve quit now. one by one we have to take a stand. We have to whip the butts of those cigs (get it…? Butts…? I know. I’m a comedic genius.).


To help you quit smoking for good  going to prescribe you a series of meditation techniques.

Maybe you’ve meditated before. Maybe you haven’t. It’s all good. Remember, this is a new lifestyle you’re stepping into, a healthier lifestyle, so learning some new tricks and techniques can only be a good thing, right?

Oh. If you have never meditated before ever, read this guide to the basics of meditation, and then read this beginners guide to meditation. Yes it will take ten minutes to read. But it will save you years of your life. Ten minutes reading. Years of living. Your choice.

Now, while you’re staring down at those dead cigarettes that you just tore up in front of you. While you’re looking at all that tobacco and thinking “I’m done with you you little f*cker”, let’s spark up our scientific brains and take a gander at why meditation helps you quit smoking.


Meditation is one of the best ways to quit smoking for good. And that’s a fact proven by neuroscience. 

Right now, clever scientists are busy at work in labs around the world searching for new ways to help people quit smoking. And what they’ve discovered is that one of the best ways to quit smoking is with meditation.

Research has proven that mindfulness meditation can help to decrease the unconscious influences that cause cigarette cravings. In other words, the next time your hand gets all twitchy and you’re tempted to grab your lighter, mindfulness meditation will help you to take control of your feelings and overcome the craving. They discovered that mindfulness meditation helps you to gain mastery over those little triggers that make you want a smoke.



Use this meditation to quit smoking

By meditating you learn to calm your mind. This makes your mind less noisy and also makes you more aware of what is going on in your own head. Okay, that sounds a little complicated. But don’t worry, it will become much clearer when you actually try the exercise.

Here are the steps. Give it a shot now, and let me know via our Facebook page if you have any comments or questions.

The steps to use meditation to quit smoking

1)      Tell yourself right now that this is it. You are going to quit. You will never smoke again in your entire life. Go on. Tell yourself right now.

2)      Sit comfortably and with good posture. You will find it helpful to sit in one of the proper meditation seating positions.

3)      Close your eye and relax for a couple of minutes.

4)      Focus your mind on your breathing for five minutes. This will relax and focus your mind. If you struggle to focus read this guide to breathing meditations before continuing.

5)      Now think about smoking and, importantly, observe what happens in your mind when you think about smoking. You will experience your thoughts in specific ways. For instance, you may see an image of a cigarette, or you may say to yourself “I need a cigarette.” Observe what happens.

6)      Once you have obseved your thoughts, tell yourself “This is just a thought.”

7)      Continue meditating

8)      Think about smoking again. This time, when you think about smoking, change the thought.  Imagine yourself doing something healthy instead.

9)      Continue for twenty minutes. To make sure you do it for 20, look at the time on your device right now. Don’t stop till 20 minutes have past. And remind yourself that this is the most important thing in your life right now. You will not stop until 20 minutes have past.

You will need to practice this exercise several times in order for it to work. Try doing it once a day for one week. Trust me, you will notice a big difference!


What’s extra awesome is this: mindfulness meditation will make you cut down on smoking even if you don’t actually want to quit.

Think about it like this.

There are a million little cues that tell you to smoke. You’re stuck on the highway late for work and an old lady is driving about as fast as a snail with a Zimmer frame. You squeeze that steering wheel, digging your nails into it angrily,. This old woman driver is starting to infuriate you. And then ping! You get a craving for a cigarette so you unwind the window and light-up.

Now imagine if you’d been able to control your anger (read that link if you struggle with anger. It will do you wonders). Imagine if that little old lady driver who was messing up your day had zero effect on you. She didn’t bother you not one bit. You didn’t get annoyed. You didn’t need to light a smoke.

That’s where mindfulness meditation comes in.

If you had been mindful you would not have gotten angry, and if you hadn’t gotten angry you wouldn’t have needed to light up that smoke. Meditation stops anger. And being calm helps you smoke a lot less.

Obviously that’s just one example out of millions. But if you take scenarios like those and stretch them out across the entire day you’ll find that your smoking is almost always prompted by a change in mood.

If you didn’t have that change in mood you wouldn’t need a smoke.

Essentially, if you had more self control you would have less need for a smoke. A recent study proved that.

Practicing mindfulness meditation will make you quit smoking. It just takes 30 mins a day.


You Will Stop Smoking For Good When You Get Those Mood Swings Under Control

A recent scientific study took 60 undergraduates—27 of which were smokers—and asked them to try a body-mind training program that included relaxation techniques.

The students were split into two different groups. One half of the group received mindfulness meditation training. The other half were given relaxation training.

After two weeks and five and a half hours of training the students underwent brain scans and were tested in other ways.

Those five and a half hours were enough to make significant changes. The smokers halved their cigarette intakes.

Great, right?

Get this.

They were not even aware that they had attempted to quit smoking.

That’s right. The smokers halved the amount of smokes they were having and they didn’t even need to try.

The cutbacks in tobacco smoke led to a sixty percent decrease in carbon monoxide in their lungs. Even without quitting these smokers had more than halved their carbon monoxide intake. That’s enough to make massive changes to your health. And it can happen without any effort whatsoever.


So let’s put that into perspective. If you simply practice mindfulness meditation for half an hour a day, and also do some very simple relaxation exercises you will half your cigarette intake without trying.

This has been an excerpt from Quit Smoking With Meditation: Five And A Half Hours Of Relaxation And You’ll Quit Smoking Forever


Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to quit smoking easily and without effort? If so, Quit Smoking With Meditation is perfect for you.

This book reveals how you can use simple and relaxing meditation techniques to quit smoking. It has been scientifically proven to work.
In just five and a half hours you will quit smoking forever. And you do not even need to put any effort in. It is super easy.

Quit smoking now.

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Alternative Ways To Quit Smoking


I mentioned in the previous entry that your thoughts can control your actions. But thankfully, there are ways in which you can control your thoughts, and by controlling your thoughts you can control your addictions.

One of the best ways to control your thoughts is through NLP, or “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”. NLP empowers you to take control of the building blocks of neuro-linguistics.  In his book NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming,NLP Master Practitioner Tom Hoobyar says, “NLP has helped millions to overcome their fears, increase their confidence, overcome addictions, and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives and relationships.” Quitting smoking is just one of the many wonderful ways n which NLP can help you.

One way in which you can use NLP to quit smoking is by using the “Swoosh” technique. This is a fast and effective way of replacing one thought (for instance, the thought of yourself smoking) with another (the thought of you as a healthy non-smoker). If you would like to learn more about this and other NLP techniques, be sure to visited the link above.




Manage Your Dopamine

One of the main ways in which people begin to lose self control is through dopamine. Dopamine is the motivation chemical in the brain. It works as a motivator. When we think of performing a positive action, like completing a piece of work, we experience a release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical. This dopamine hit then increases when we actually perform the positive action. And finally, when we remember that same action, we get a third hit of dopamine. These dopamine hits make us think about, perform, and remember positive actions. And in a perfect world, that dopamine would always be used to motivate healthy, natural activities.

Unfortunately, certain man-made chemicals elicit extremely high dopamine response. Smoking is the worst of them. When you smoke a cigarette you receive a hit of dopamine hundreds of times more potent than the average dopamine hit. Not only does that make you addicted to smoking, but it also makes you less likely to perform positive actions because, hey, you can get the dopamine for free via a cigarette, and the cigarette is much more potent anyway.

The only solution to this serious problem is to manage the dopamine levels in your brain. By beginning too take control of your dopamine levels you can train yourself to say no to addictions, including smoking.

These are three of the most powerful natural ways to quit smoking.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. Learn to master its power today. And for the true key to quitting smoking, be sure to read “Quit Smoking With Meditation: Five And A Half Hours Of Relaxation And You’ll Be Done With Smoking Forever.”



Make your friends quit smoking too


This is the single best way how to make your friends quit smoking. Trust me, they are going to thank you for this.



Are you sick of seeing your smoking friends killing themselves by inhaling all those toxins in cigarettes?

You’d probably do anything to make your friends quit smoking. Because you know how much healthier and happier they would be, and how much longer they would live if only they would stop smoking.

So, how do you make your friends quit smoking?

Make them meditate on a pack of cigarettes.



Cigarette manufacturers are forced to put health warnings on cigarettes. And most of those health warnings look truly terrifying and disgusting.

The problem is that most smokers ignore the health warnings on cigarettes.

That’s understandable. No one wants to think that their teeth will fall out, that they will get cancer, that they’ll have a heart attack caused by cigarette smoking…

But ignoring the health warnings on cigarette packs just enables them to continue to smoke and to continue to kill themselves.


Thankfully, we have meditation. And meditation can solve the problem quickly and permanently.

When you truly open your mind to the serious health effects of smoking, you empower yourself to make better choices and to quit.

That’s why the best way how to make your friends quit smoking is to get them to meditate on the truth. This technique shows you how.


Here’s how to make your friends quit smoking by meditating on a pack of cigarettes.

1. Explain to them that you want them to be healthy and happy: If you’re going to ask your friends to quit smoking you need to do it the right way. The right way is to let them know that you have their best interests at heart. Tell them “I want you to be healthy and happy so I am willing to fight to help you quit smoking”.


2. Explain to them why they need to meditate: Let them know that meditation has been proven to help people stop smoking. And that when they meditate they will more relaxed, more empowered, and more able to overcome their smoking addiction.


3. Show them how to do a basic meditation: Before asking them to meditate on a pack of smokes, who them how to do a basic meditation. Spend ten minutes teaching them anapanasati (breathing meditation). This will help them to relax and will also teach them how to meditate ready for the next step.


4. Take them somewhere relaxing: You want to remove your friends from their negative associations. Their home, other people who smoke, anything that stresses them out… these are all triggers that make them smoke. Get around this by taking them somewhere relaxing where there are no negative influences.


5. Put that pack of smokes in front of them (preferably several packs) and ask them to meditate on it: The big step. This is the part where their minds open to the health risks of smoking. This is where they will appreciate how risky and how dangerous smoking is. Take out one or several packs of smokes (preferably ones that show different health warnings). Ask them to meditate on the images and words on the health warning and to meditate on the way they feel when they see those warnings. This isn’t about being happy. Sometimes you have to be unhappy in order to grow stronger. This is when they feel bad for ten minutes, but those ten minutes make them so much stronger and so much more enlightened.


6. Ask them to smoke a cigarette: This might sound counter-productive. But you want your friends to associate smoking with death. Did you know that Buddha asked his followers to meditate on decomposing corpses in order to teach them about the frailty of life? This is similar. So, ask your friend to smoke one cigarette and to meditate on the health risks while smoking.


7. They will throw away the cigarette: Your friend will not finish this cigarette if you have followed these steps. They will naturally want to throw the cigarette out. Let them.


8. Do something positive and healthy to build new health habits: This is the final step. You want your friend to learn a health substitute for smoking. Ask them what they would like to do (this is on you so if they want to go for a healthy lunch, offer to pay for it). This will help them to build new positive associations that will become substitutes for smoking.


You’re done.

This powerful meditation technique is the best way how to make your friends quit smoking. Share this page with them, explain why you would like to do this, and then do it. Because by the end of the day you will have helped your friend to quit smoking. And in a very real way you will have saved their life.



With these techniques you will quit smoking for good. And all these techniques are natural, healthy, relatively easy, and work quickly.


I would absolutely love to hear how you get on.

Leave a comment.