Use Yoga To Improve Male Fertility, Says New Research

yoga for male fertility
Research shows we can use yoga to improve male fertility

New research has proven that is indeed possible to use yoga to improve male fertility.

What Science Says About Using Yoga To Improve Male Fertility

A study conducted by Hyderabad, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, has shown that yoga improves male fertility and by heightening the quality of sperm.

Because of the proven scientific benefits of yoga, yoga is now being touted as an alternative to traditional medicine, along with other practices such as Ayurveda. Adding to that list of benefits is new  research that highlights th benefits of yoga for male infertility..

A lifestlye based on yoga improves male fertility. Aim to incorporate physical exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet.

A pilot study published in the journal Andrologia investigated the effects of Yoga-based Lifestyle Interventions on male infertility. The study shows that yoga reduces oxidative stress, which improves the quality of sperm [1]. This, the authors of the study state, could suggest that yoga improves fertility rates, similar to the way in which meditation does [READ: Meditation For Fertility].

In the study, participants were given a variety of different techniques to practice. The techniques includes various asanas, yogic breathing techniques, and Dhyana (yogic meditation). The participants practiced these techniques for one hour a day for 21 days. Afterwards, tests highlighted improved sperm quality.

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How Does Yoga Improve Male Fertility?  

Unhealthy lifestyle choices can have an adverse effect on sperm quality. Adopting a lifestyle based around yoga improves male infertility by reducing oxidative stress and improving other lifestyle factors.

The genetic system is influenced by environmental factors, such as lifestyle choices and stress. Improving these elements has a direct impact on sperm quality and can help to reverse male infertility.

The study used state-of-the-art DNA sequencing analysis to demonstrate how yoga can reset sperm methylome. Methylome directly controls the expression of genes, including ones that are pivotal to male fertility, spermatogenesis and embryo implantation.

It is absolutely possible to use yoga to improve male fertility

Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Director, [CSIR-CCMB] tells us that “The genes identified using the epigenomic approach in this study will be useful candidates for further focused investigations. As this pilot study was carried out on a small number of individuals, a larger scale investigation and further research on the effects of [yoga based lifestyle intervention] on male infertility will be necessary.”

A lifestyle based around yoga improves male fertility

The combinations of the various practices in yoga creates an effective way of improving sperm quality and male fertility. Relaxation techniques such as pranamaya (yogic breathing) help to reduce oxidative stress, which is a primary cause of male infertility [2].

Physical yoga exercise by way of asanas (yoga poses) also help to strengthen overall wellbeing and to improve fertility rates. And it is likely that complimentary practices such as Ayurveda will also be beneficial, although scientific research has yet to establish this.

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