You’ll Probably Cry At This “One Small Act Of Kindness”

one small act of kindness quote

You know that one small act of kindness” quote? This soldier embodies it admirably!


A small act of kindness can go a long way. One little good deed can mean the world to someone. And really, the kinder we all are the better the world will be.

For proof of that look no further than Brian Avey. He’s a server at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, Washington.

Brian was taking the order of a military woman when she asked him for a Blue Moon and a Corona. It’s policy for Buffalo Wings to only give one person one drink at a time, so Brian enquired.


The woman said that the Corona was for her brother, who lost his life protecting his country. Avey got her both drinks. When he brought the bill later he said the cost of the drinks was on the house.


On her receipt, the woman wrote,

Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have A great rest of your day.
-Greatful Soldiers

According to the post, Avey asked his boss if he can leave the beer on top of a cooler next to an American flag.

Avey then told his boss what had happened. His boss said, “That’s fine, just do me a favor, put a fresh lime in it every morning.

What this soldier did proves the quote “One small act of kindness goes a long way”.

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