Reuniting the Two Selves: Spiritual Book Review


Reuniting the Two Selves is the continuation of Katrina Rasbold’s Bio Universal Energy Series, which reveals how to reunite the two selves and use them for complete personal transformation, promising to create a new you and a life you will love.


Rasbold agues that the highest goal of all human experience is in unifying the inherent duality in man and in nature. Readers are certain to recognising the truth Rasbold speaks of: we have all experienced a state of being in two divided halves, two minds that seem to be pulling in opposing directions. In many ways the entire reason we fail to achieve as much as we could is because where one half of our mind says “Go right” the other half says “Go left” and we end up, inevitably, stuck in the middle, unmoving. If only we could unite these two halves, surely we would become far more effective.


Through Reuniting The Two Selves, Rasbold reveals how to unite the Conscious Self with the Higher Self to create inner harmony.


The book is part of the Bio Universal Energy Series, which begins with Energy Magic. It is worth reading the earlier entrants in the series before reading this one, as there is information earlier in the series which is necessary for complete comprehension of the truths of this book.


Reuniting the Two Selves covers a lot of ground, from Chakras to auras to the mind / body connection. So much detail is thee in the book that you may very well find yourselves doing a spot of research to fully understand everything that’s covered. That’s both a weakness and a strength of the title. It covers a lot of ground, but it does also require prior understanding and is not necessarily the best book for beginners. Anyone new to spirituality is going to be scratching their head often.


If, however, you are well versed in spirituality then you will find this a highly enlightening read, one that is sure to present new understandings and new ways of looking at things.


The book is well written, without errors, and highly informative.  Certainly worthy of a read.  

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