Rose Quartz: A Crystal Of Self Love & Healing

Rose Quartz is one of the most preferred gemstones among people of all the cultures across the world. In fact, even the people who are not aware of its benefits fall in love with this beautiful stone and its pink tone. It makes for beautiful gemstone jewelry and enhances one’s personality.

Today, it is also common to find rose quartz face massage rollers readily available. Have you tried one? You might, once you know the history behind it.

In 7000 BC, the royal people in Rome and Egypt used rose quartz face masks to boost their facial beauty and ditch wrinkles. So you see, this technique is not really a “new trend” but a centuries-old beauty secret of the royals.

Rose Quartz is a dynamic gemstone and as you read this article further you will be amazed by the benefits this crystal offers.

Rose Quartz

The look and feel of rose quartz

Since the stone appears naturally, the color of the stone varies but is close to pale pink or baby pink. Some of these crystals can also be of pale purple color and are called lavender rose quartz.

Another variant is strawberry rose quartz that is used for stones with deep pink color. This crystal is widely available in India, the US, Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Germany, and Sweden. Its popularity has taken over the world!

Rose quartz is also popularly known as hyaline stone, Love quartz, Heart stone, and Pink quartz. As one of the names suggests, this crystal is associated with the heart chakra as well as throat chakra and is popularly used by Reiki Healers. It is believed to send out strong vibrations of love, self-acceptance and joy.

The healing properties of Rose Quartz

  1. Emotional healing: The stone is an excellent aid for overcoming mental trauma and emotional pain. It allows the heart chakra to function efficiently to give and receive positive energy, allowing one to let go of pain.
  • Physical healing: Many people have experienced the physical benefits of working with Rose Quartz. From improved heart function to better blood circulation. The stone is also excellent for pregnant women, who go through many phases of bodily and mental discomforts during pregnancy. It also reminds women of the deep feminine powers that can overcome any challenge.
  • Self-love: The world can be a challenging place, especially for sensitive people. Bullying, emotional abuse cases are all time high these days. And we have all been a victim of such traumatic experiences that etch on our minds, sometimes forever. Holding this gemstone can do wonders. It will not make you forget the past, but it will remind you of all the wonderful things you are. The stone will allow you to accept yourself as you are. And once you learn to love yourself, you can also love others more deeply.
  • Heal relationships: All relationships are two-way roads. Mother-son, mother-daughter, lovers, etc. For any relationship to be healthy, both must be contributing to it in a healthy manner. Any imbalance can make the relationship sour. If you feel that your relationship with someone could be a lot better, rose quartz is your go-to-gemstone to work with. It allows people to feel love and comfort differently which they wish to share with others they care about. You can also give Rose Quartz jewelry to the people you care about to help them feel love.
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz touches people differently and makes them feel whole. It restores the goodness in us and around us. We recommend that you carry rose quartz in whatever way you wish – gemstone jewelry, bracelets, or any other way.

Identifying an original gemstone

Rose Quartz is so popular that it is common to find fake stones in the market. Even though fake crystals are not harmful, they do ruin the experience and you will not get the health benefits of Rose Quartz.

So, how do you recognize a fake rose quartz?

  1. Bubbles: Stones occurring naturally will never have bubbles captured in them. If you see bubbles that is a clear sign that it’s a piece of glass and not the original one.
  2. Color: Rose quartz is not vibrant. They are mostly pale in nature. If its color stands it is probably a fake stone.
  3. Reflection: If you spot your reflection or anything else’s reflection in the stone, run right away. It’s a fake.
  4. Weight: A piece of glass is lighter than a stone of the same size
  5. Crystal clear: Rose quartz can be transparent but not crystal clear.

Buying gemstones online

Buying authentic gemstones can be challenging but now you can buy gemstones online worry-free. Popular websites such as and other similar portals offer a wide range of crystals and gemstone jewelry. These platforms also offer you to get authenticity certificates for the stones you buy with them. The best part is that you can order from anywhere in the world and gemstone will be delivered to your doorstep.

So, don’t wait up! Simply order you Rose Quartz online and invite some solid love vibrations in your life.

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