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Today we have Savannah Guthrie for yoga photo of the day.

Savannah Guthrie, the Australian-born American broadcast journalist and attorney, and co-anchor of NBC NEWS morning show Today, has just completed a 30-day yoga challenge with her friends, and celebrated by taking a picture of herself in Wheel Pose (Chakrasana).

Chakrasana, or “Wheel Pose” is a moderately difficult yoga asana commonly used in vinyasa and other types of yoga. It’s requires strength to support the body, and provided flexibility to the spine (it’s also called Bridge in gymnastics). The benefits of Wheel Pose are that itsStrengthens liver, pancreas and kidneys, helps the heart, strengthens the arms and legs, and stretches the chest and lungs.

On Sunday, the Today show anchor celebrated the completion of a 30-day yoga challenge with friends by sharing a photo on Instagram of her in an impressive backbend pose.

The mom of two said, “I honestly thought this was part of my past: some lost strength and balance and motivation – yes, lost to me, but totally worth it by the way for my precious babies.” Guthrie made a deal with her co-hosts that they would do yoga every day #YogaEVeryDamnDay. “We promised ourselves and each other that we would do yoga every single day, rain or shine, tired or dragging, at home or on the road, happy or sad,” Guthrie wrote.

They didn’t use any luxuriou classes, either. They just did yoga at home (with Adrienne).

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