Science Just Brought Mind Control Tech Much Closer To Reality

Scientists at MIT and the University of Toyama, Japan, have made it possible to recreate memories. Mind control tech just became a reality.



Mind control used to be a subject only seen in entertainment. The Truman Show, They Live, Dark City… mind control has long been a favourite theme in fiction. But that fiction is rapidly becoming reality.

Scientists have taken a big leap forwards and are now able to control memories.

Memories are one of the constituent factors of personality. Our memories shape our sense of ourselves, of where we come from, of what we’ve done, of who we are. When you ask “Who am I?” the majority of your answer will come from your memories.

But what if those memories were false?

Science is now making it possible to create false memories.

MIT researchers have discovered the switch that links emotions to memories. The researchers state that their discoveries would allow scientists to manipulate brain cells through light. They hope this new technology will help to cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but the potential dangers are evident.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Toyama, Japan, have “linked two distinct memories using completely artificial means.”  For instance, if you have a memory of the lottery, and a memory of winning a raffle, scientists could splice those two memories in order to make you believe you won the lottery.

“Memory is the basis of all higher brain functions, including consciousness, and it also plays an important role in psychiatric diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder,” says senior study author Kaoru Inokuchi of the University of Toyama. “By showing how the brain associates different types of information to generate a qualitatively new memory that leads to enduring changes in behavior, our findings could have important implications for the treatment of these debilitating conditions.”

Then again, to take it a different (Orwellian) route, if you have a memory of a political figure and a memory of a father, scientists could make you believe that political figure is your father. The notion that we could all be brainwashed into following a corrupt political power is now that much realer.

The ethics here are questionable to say the very least. Governments have already been proven to be using neuroscience in unethical ways. This latest breakthrough, however, is downright terrifying.




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