6 Top Self Help Tips To Beat Anxiety Today

This guide to self help for anxiety attacks will empower you to take control of your anxiety. Sometimes, it can feel like anxiety has control of your life. You live in fear of anxiety attacks and struggle to live your life around them. Many people who suffer from anxiety, however, have learned to control their anxiety and to live successful and happy lives without the interference of anxiety attacks. This guide will show you how you too can be successful in treating anxiety through self help.

Self Help for Anxiety Attacks Tip 1: Use Free Stuff

“What free stuff?” you ask. Essentially, you want to make use of anything and everything that will make you relaxed. Get your hands on as much relaxing music as possible. Watch any relaxing TV show or movies. The best type of entertainment are those about nature—nature sounds, nature documentaries. Pick up anything you can that will relax you and make use of it. This will give you a general state of relaxation and inner calm that will naturally help to beat anxiety.





Self Help for Anxiety Attacks Tip 2: Exercise

You’ve probably heard a million times that you should exercise. But it bears repeating. Exercise is good for absolutely everything, including anxiety attacks. Try going for a jog or a swim. This will release hormones that help to regulate your mood. Exercise makes it harder for you to experience the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks, so start exercising today.






Self Help for Anxiety Attacks Tip 3: Noise!

Any source of noise is going to add to feelings of stress. Whether you’re surrounding yourself with argumentative people who are loud and aggressive, or whether you’re listening to heavy music. . . heck, even if you’re constantly listening to what I call noisy news (news that makes you feel the worlds is a negative place – which is most news channels). All of these sources of noise are going to make you feel stressed and are going to upset your inner peace. Cut out any sources of noise or stress that you don’t need.


Self Help for Anxiety Attacks Tip 4
: Oh, how nice!
Notice positive things. For instance, if someone pays you a compliment, notice it. If you’re walking past a beautiful flower, notice it. If you hear a delightful bird song, notice it. Make use of sources of positivity. Positive things relax you and help to create a general sense of wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what makes you feel good or relaxed, whatever it is make use of it.






Self Help for Anxiety Attacks Tip 5: Breathe

If you’re suffering from anxiety you should try to make sure you’re breathing properly at least most of the time. Proper breathing is slow and uses deep breaths, taking oxygen deep into the lungs. If you think you’re not breathing properly you might consider going to a therapist of even take singing lessons. Just make sure you are breathing correctly as this will naturally relax both your body and mind.




Self Help for Anxiety Attacks, Tip 6: Diet

Speak to a dietician about how your food might be contributing to anxiety. Too much sugar or fats, for instance, are not going to help. Making sure you eat a basically healthy diet (taking in fruit and veg) can help to create general wellbeing which relaxes body and mind and helps to relieve anxiety. Also consider taking sources of magnesium as most research shows that magnesium is a good cure for anxiety.





Self Help for Anxiety Tip 7: Meditation

Meditation is the number one tip in the world for curing anxiety attacks. Best of all, meditation is free and there are absolutely no side effects. To do a basic meditation simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing for twenty minutes. While you do this you will notice certain thoughts and feelings coming to mind. Simply observe these thoughts and feelings and return to focussing on your breath. Do this for twenty minutes.

You can discover more about how meditation treats anxiety (along with other mental health problems) in mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for beginners (click the book on the left or right of the screen for details). The book is full of many powerful meditation techniques which will empower you to beat anxiety naturally.

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