Self Improvement Techniques Used by Jessica Ennis at the Olympics

Jessica Ennis prepared for gold at the Olympics by using Self Improvement Techniques like visualisation. YOU can do the exact same thing

We might not be an athlete, and we might not have a body like Jessica Ennis or Usain Bolt. There is one trait we share in common with these athletes, however: we are both heavily influence by the way in which we use our own minds. We can use the same self improvement techniques that Jessica Ennis used in order to make ourselves more successful.

Athletes have specific rituals and self improvement techniques that they perform to get their mind in the right state to pull out an amazing performance. It’s the power of the mind that made Jessica Ennis win the heptathlon and Usain Bolt win the 100m. We can all benefit by making use of these rituals. Here’s a look at one of the best ways Olympics athletes prepare their minds. 

How Jessica Ennis uses Visualisation Self Improvement Techniques

Jessica Ennis has said several times on camera that when she is training she frequently uses visualisation to make sure she gets her run right. So, how do we make use of this power of visualisation?

When we perform a visualisation, we imagine that we are performing perfectly the thing we are preparing to do. Let’s clarify this by using Jessica Ennis as an example.

When Jessica Ennis is in training, she will imagine running the 100m hurdles. She will sit silently with her eyes closed and imagine her perfect race from beginning to end. This clarifies in her mind exactly how she should run the 100m hurdles. When she then enters the arena to perform, she already has in mind a perfect run, which she then performs for real.

This is a large part of Jessica Ennis’ Olympics preparation. And it’s a technique you yourself can use at will.

How YOU Can use Visualisation Self Improvement Techniques

The next time you have a challenge to perform—which could be anything, for instance: taking an exam, asking someone out on a date, giving a business presentation etc.—find ten minutes where you can be by yourself. Sit down comfortably and relax your mind. Now, one step at a time, imagine in precise detail, exactly how your perfect performance will go. Allow yourself enough time to go through the entire process in detail. This will cement in your mind exactly what you are going to do when you need to perform. You will then perform perfectly, getting your own gold medal just like Jessica Ennis.



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