Self Improvement Tips Successful People Use For Personal Mastery
One of the best things you can do for personal development is to create a self improvement plan. 

That self improvement plan should include a whole bunch of smart strategies: ways you can continually improve yourself.

Here are some ideas.
1. Control your Dopamine
Dopamine is the chemical that creates motivation in the brain. Take a look at out guide: How To Get Natural Dopamine.

Successful people know that managing dopamine is key. So take a look at that link above.

You’ll want to take a look at our article: How To Make Your Brain Healthy too.
2. Control your mood, master your mind
Another key difference between us people at the top and everyone else is this:

We know how to control moods.

These two article are really helpful for this:

Easy Tips To Control Your Anger

 3. Control fear 
Fear is the enemy of success and happiness.

One of the very best self improvement tips is to get rid of all fear from your mind.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

So here is a  helpful guide

How To Face Fear In Life 

4. Self Esteem
When you have lots of self esteem and confidence life feels easy, doesn’t it? But what do you do when your self esteem drops and you don’t have enough confidence? You visit our Self Esteem Section, that’s what.

Here are some free guides: 

The Importance Of Spirituality In Life


  14 Pieces Of Buddhism Wisdom You’d Be Wise To Remember


20 Wise Life Lessons Your Friends Over 60 Want You To Know (#7!)

These wise life lessons remind us that even in 2018, the people who have the most experience are the ones with the best advice. Wisdom comes with age. I recently got 20 friends over the age of 60 to ask themselves some self reflection questions and to tell us the results. Here's what they came up with. 1. You don't have to love your job, just enjoy it.  Many people think that it’s vital to have a job you love. But one of my wisest friends tells me that actually, loving your job is not essential. What is essential is to…

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121 Buddhist Proverbs To Share With Your Buddhist Friends

Buddhist proverbs are truly inspiring. Over the years, many beautiful minds have spoken or written about the Zen way of life. Eckhart Tolle. Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield… Who is your favorite Buddhist teacher?  Take a look at this list of the best spiritual gurus for my own favorites. And checkout my list of Buddhist quotes that will change you.  While I was beginning my own journey to living Zen, I fell in love with these teachers and their inspiring quotes. It was a moment of great personal development. And like the roots of a plant that need water, my mind…

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Dreaming Of Someone Dying Means THIS

Been dreaming of someone dying? Wondering what it means? If they are alive, does it mean they will die? Could they be coming back to life? Does the dream of someone dying mean someone is pregnant (which is one of the common answers)? If you want to dream to stop you can simply use meditations for peaceful sleep or try some nighttime mantras. But what if you want to actually understand that dream? Tons of people are experiencing these dreams of dying, then waking up crying and wondering just what the hell is going on. Have you experienced these dreams about people dying?  Dream of…

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Self Love VS Self Care VS Self Esteem: Choose One

If you had to choose in a fight of self care VS self love VS self esteem, which would you choose and why? And just what is the difference between self love, self care and self esteem anyway? Taken at face value, self love, self esteem, and self care seem like the same things. But under the microscope we can see that self love (or “self compassion”) and self esteem feature crucial differences. Specifically, they are different aspects of our relationship with ourselves. And yes, one is better than the other. The Difference Between Self Love, Self Care, And Self…

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When Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off Stop And Do This

It is hitting me like a softball in the groin today that hard work doesn't pay off. Studies prove it. Year on year wage-earners are working harder for longer and making a lower percentage of the money [1]. For my entire life I have been attempting to make myself successful and it has never quite happened. I have never quite hit the sweet spot. And it was painfully obvious to me that hard work doesn't pay off.  As an actor, I got to tour England and was eh, okay. But I never became famous. As a writer, I have a…

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Pro Gamers Yoga And Meditation Training Secrets Revealed

Professional gamers are using meditation and yoga to prepare their minds for competition. Meditation and yoga increase awareness and concentration, helping you in the most intense gaming moments. In this guide I'll show you everything you need to know to use meditation and yoga for pro gaming. It is scientifically proven that there are over 100 benefits of meditation. And only are there lots of great meditation games, but guess what? Meditation makes you better at video games. As a gamer myself I've seen how meditation helps me to compete better in games.  Here's what you need to know about…

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10 Birthday Self Reflection Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

There are 10 birthday self reflection questions that you need to ask yourself every year. Self reflection questions are vital if you want to start self improvement.  One of the best times to ask self reflection questions is on your birthday. And guess what? It's my birthday today. I’m turning 35. I'm looking forward to getting my (typically Buddhist) birthday gifts. But more importantly: It’s a time for reflection, a time for looking backwards and looking forwards. I wish birthdays were called "Rebirth-days". Because they are a time of self renewal. Birthdays are a time to let go, and to move…

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8 Ideas On How To Live In The Moment Today And Every Day

So many good things happen once you learn how to live in the moment.  It has been psychologically proven that living in the moment makes people happier and healthier. So if you're been looking for a reason to get off autopilot, to be more spontaneous, and to live in the moment, now is the time. It's about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the number one way how to live in the moment.  The Buddhist term “Mindfulness”—which has become hugely popular in the 21st Century—is at heart the art of living in the moment. In fact, when most people think about Zen they don’t think…

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20 Struggles Only Big Picture Thinkers Will Understand

Big picture thinkers are innovative, perceptive, and creative. They’re the ones who create the biggest changes in society biggest they are the ones who see how things can change. Big picture thinkers are the opposite of ‘detail oriented people’. The big picture thinkers are creative visionaries (often INFPs [1], of which I am one). "Scientists estimate that only 25% of the world's population are big thinker. Everyone else is more logical and down to Earth, with a narrow perspective on life. "   But being a big picture thinker comes with its share of complications. If you’ve experienced the struggles below, chances…

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Here’s How Meditation Can Change Your Personality

Fact 1: 95% of people think they need to improve their personality.  Fact 2: Ask anyone else, and most people will say you're fine just as you are.   We all know that being true to ourselves is vital. Still, people want to change. Why? It's not because they are bad people with bad personalities. Scientific research shows that genuinely bad people do not think they need to change themselves. Bad guys actually think they are good guys. Psychologist Albert Banudra argued this way: People who do evil always think they are actually doing good. They have morally justified their evil in their…

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How To Increase Dopamine Naturally

If you want to take control of your brain, you have to know how to get dopamine naturally from sources that are natural and healthy.  Supplements are one option (I've shared the best dopamine supplement below). But there are also ways to boost dopamine without supplements. The key is knowing the best natural sources of dopamine (here's a list). Once you know how to boost dopamine levels naturally you can take control of your energy levels and your motivation levels, and you can stop addictions and beat cravings. It all comes down to your ability to control dopamine levels. Why You Need…

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How To Meditate To Sarva Mangala For Khechara

When we meditate on tantric Goddess Sarva Mangala we receive Khechara and we find deep inner peace. Sarva Mangala (who you can read about on TheMotherDivine) is peaceful, calm and quiet. It is said in the ancient texts that she often visits people when they meditate. Then, she may confer upon the meditator khechara. Sarva Mangala [1] is said to be able to confer upon those that meditate with her the quality of khecara, which is sometimes translated as “floating freely under the vault of the sky.” “Floating freely under the vault of the sky” is a beautiful way of…

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How To Change Your Mind From The Outside In

Today, scientists have shared with us a proven and simple way to change your mind: start from the outside in. It turns out that inward changes do not equate to outwards changes. Actually, outward changes equate to inward changes. If you want to change your mind you have to start by changing your actions. This flies in the face of popular convention. Even THE DAILY MEDITATION's guide to changing your beliefs states that we can change ourselves from the inside out. So what gives? Research into psychotherapy has literally turned the tables on the way we think about psychology. For years—centuries, even—it…

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If You’re Tired, Lack Energy Or Just Lazy, Try These Meditations

If you're feeling tired, you might want to try my 10 tips and meditation techniques for energy. Feeling tired all the time? Wish you had more energy in the day so you could actually get stuff dome, and you know, be productive? It can be a challenge to find the energy you need to get through the day. Maybe you wake-up feeling tired. Or you just plain old lack motivation. Maybe you want to exercise but you just feel so tired when you go to work-out. Maybe you think you're lazy. You are never going to be successful in life…

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How To Connect To Your Spiritual Self By Meditating

As a meditation teacher, many people ask me how to connect with the spiritual self.  The answer is to use specific spiritual meditation techniques.  Even though I teach over 31 types of meditation, I believe the best methods are the spiritual meditation techniques. Because we can use spiritual meditation to connect with our spiritual selves. When you know how to meditate spiritually, you find a way to connect to your higher self—that enlightened, more conscious, purer part of your own being.   In other words: you achieve enlightenment. You step into a higher state of being and you connect to your…

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Actually, THIS Is The True Meaning Of Spirituality In 2019
Being a spiritual person. It means you choose your own beliefs.

Actually, THIS Is The True Meaning Of Spirituality In 2019

What is the meaning of spirituality in 2019? The answer to that question may surprise you. The true meaning of spirituality is not what most people think. In fact, spirituality is the opposite of what a lot of people think. And it's important that you know the true meaning of spirituality, because science has proven that spirituality is important in your life.  If you're unhappy or unhealthy, spirituality can help. But the masses still turn their noses up to spirituality because they confuse it for religion. Let’s change that. Too many people get the meaning of spirituality wrong Let’s set…

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How To Change Your Thoughts About Money So You Get More Of It
Is it possible that your thoughts about money control your income. Definitely. This guide will help you to change your thoughts so you can change your income.

How To Change Your Thoughts About Money So You Get More Of It

What does it take to be rich? Do you need to work so hard you pass out? Do you need to screw people over and take advantage of every opportunity? Do you need a million dollar idea? Nah. You just need to change your thoughts about money. And I'm not just talking about stopping worrying so much. I mean literally changing your fundamental perspective on money. The one thing that all billionaires have in common is that they all see money in the same way. They see it as a resource there to be won. If you want to earn lots of…

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How To Be The Spiritual Person You Want To Be In 2019

If you want to know how to be a spiritual person, you have to look deep within yourself. Because only inside yourself can you find your true inner spiritual person.  Are you a truly spiritual person? There are ways how to be a spiritual person for real. And there are ways to be a fake spiritual person, (we're looking at you, Russell Brand). Spirituality has changed over the past twenty years. The meaning of spirituality has changed. Twenty years ago to be spiritual meant to be deep, to live a meaningful life, a life of purpose, to have a code of conduct and…

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Meditation For Managers: How You Can Become A Mindful Boss [TUTORIAL]

Discover the best type of meditation for managers. Learn how and why smart managers use meditation to stop stress both inside and outside of work. Boost your productivity and team morale, as well as your own happiness. Meditation really is a managerial wonder. Empathetic bosses produce happy employees. And mindfulness helps both. Life would be better for everyone if relationships at work were more peaceful and harmonious.  Bosses would see improved results. Employees would enjoy more relaxed work environments. And families would be happier because stress at work would no longer be causing problems at home. Sadly, this is not…

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Use This Prosperity Meditation To Manifest Money And Wealth Today

If you want to manifest wealth, the best way to do it is with a prosperity meditation.  Meditation trains your subconscious mind so that you can change your beliefs and start to achieve the life you desire.  Scientific research has proven that our beliefs create our reality.  Your mind perceives the world in a way that substantiates your beliefs. In other words, if you believe you are poor you will see a world that is making you poor. And if you believe you are rich you will create a reality of wealth. Your mind will then literally manifest money and wealth.  Problem…

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