Self Improvement Tips Successful People Use For Personal Mastery
One of the best things you can do for personal development is to create a self improvement plan. 

That self improvement plan should include a whole bunch of smart strategies: ways you can continually improve yourself.

Here are some ideas.
1. Control your Dopamine
Dopamine is the chemical that creates motivation in the brain. Take a look at out guide: How To Get Natural Dopamine.

Successful people know that managing dopamine is key. So take a look at that link above.

You’ll want to take a look at our article: How To Make Your Brain Healthy too.
2. Control your mood, master your mind
Another key difference between us people at the top and everyone else is this:

We know how to control moods.

These two article are really helpful for this:

Easy Tips To Control Your Anger

 3. Control fear 
Fear is the enemy of success and happiness.

One of the very best self improvement tips is to get rid of all fear from your mind.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

So here is a  helpful guide

How To Face Fear In Life 

4. Self Esteem
When you have lots of self esteem and confidence life feels easy, doesn’t it? But what do you do when your self esteem drops and you don’t have enough confidence? You visit our Self Esteem Section, that’s what.

Here are some free guides: 

The Importance Of Spirituality In Life


  14 Pieces Of Buddhism Wisdom You’d Be Wise To Remember


How To Stay Mindful All The Time According To Buddha

One of the biggest challenges in mindfulness is simply knowing how to stay mindful all the time. Thankfully, you can stay mindful using the Four Foundations Of Mindfulness. You know what it’s like. You take your frequent twenty-minute breaks to practice mindfulness (read our guide to mindfulness meditation). While you are meditating you feel great. You have that clear consciousnesses, that inner peace and relaxation. And everything is groovy, right? Then you stop meditating and honestly, how long does it take you to stop being mindful? For me, sometimes I can stay mindful all day. Other times something happens (like…

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Use These Meditations For Studying And Exams Will Be Easy

As a meditation teacher, many of my students are interested in using meditation for studying. They’ve heard that meditation makes studying easier, that it improves concentration, and that it can help to improve exam results. And all of that is one hundred percent true. Scientific research (see below) shows that there are many benefits of meditation for students.   So, should you try it? If you find it hard to focus when studying. Concentration is not 100%. Or you’re worried about exams. Then it is definitely a wise idea to start using meditation when studying.   Let’s take a look…

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Meditation For Difficult Times To Help You Through Today

There are so many reasons to use meditation for difficult times of your life. Meditation can help us to remain positive during the worst of moments:  Dealing with times of grief and sorrow Losing a job. Witnessing a seemingly impossible event. Finding out someone has been disloyal. Having to suddenly move to a new city. All these life experiences can shake our stability, make us doubt our strength, and sometimes even make us question our own sanity. Many studies have shown the positive effects of using meditation for difficult times in life Studies have proven the positive effects of using…

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5 Positive Thinking Meditations For Positive Thoughts All Day

If you want to start a habit of positive thinking, meditation is an absolute must. You can use meditation for positive thoughts all day long.  And it works significantly better than other positive thinking exercises.  I’m sure you know what it’s like. You try to think positive all the time, yet you still experience negative and painful thoughts. [Here are some ways to stop negative thoughts] The good news is this: The more you practice positive thinking exercises, the more your mind will produce positive thoughts, and the less you will experience negative thoughts. There are many different types of…

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I Tried Thought Stopping Exercises And The Results Shocked Me

Have you been considering using thought stopping exercises to quieten your mind? It might seem like a good idea to stop negative thoughts, especially if you’ve been suffering from stress and anxiety. Thought stopping seems like a good choice because you no longer want to experience thoughts that cause you pain. Yes, there are some powerful techniques for stopping negative thoughts. But what is better than stopping negative thoughts is simply changing negative thoughts to more positive thoughts. Let me show you why thought stopping exercises are a bad idea. And I will show you what to do instead. And…

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How To Hear Your Inner Guidance Everyday

When you know how to hear your inner guidance, you will tap into your innate inner wisdom.  Have you ever thought about how cool it would be just KNOW what to do in a situation? Perhaps you have a certain thought regularly, or you seem to find yourself constantly facing challenges or obstacles. You simply wish there was an easier way to make the most positive decision that would lead to the best outcome. Today I’m going to show you just how to hear your inner guidance. so you can find the path to living an enlightened life, a life…

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How Beliefs Affect Your Life, Changing Your Perception Of Reality

How do beliefs affect our lives? You might be surprised to hear that your beliefs affect your life in every way. Because from the time you are born, beliefs shape your perception of the world. And your perception is your reality. That is why it is of the utmost importance  we notice our own beliefs and get to know their content, so that we may consciously understand how they affect our reality. It is only when we become aware of our beliefs that we are able to change them. Each one of our beliefs affects our perception like  a lens…

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You Should Probably Try These Meditations For Self Actualization Today

If you want to reach your highest self, I've got five meditations for self actualization that will help you to get there.  The term “self actualization” was coined by psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1950s. It means to achieve fulfilment of our highest needs. Fulfilling these needs, Maslow said, leads an individual to achieve their ultimate purpose, to self realisation. [1] When you achieve self actualization you will essentially achieve your purpose in life.  But how do you get there? There are five meditations for self actualization that can help you to get there. I'll share the meditations below (you might…

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3 Reasons You’re NOT Happy (a Buddhist view)

Why are you unhappy? And what does Buddhism teach you about how to be happy? In this article, R.J shares his insights.  (Author: R.J from from Mindful Moments, a blog about mindful tips).  The oft-quoted, “Happiness comes from within,” makes for some great refrigerator art, but what does it actually mean, and how does one actually experience it? In this article, I will delve into some core Buddhist teachings. While you read, I invite you to pay particular attention to any personal connections that arise. So perhaps these Buddhist teachings can mean more than cliched quotes on a dorm-room picture…

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Massively Increase Your Productivity With Meditation And These 10 Tips

When you need to be productive, meditate. You seriously will not believe the effective of meditation on productivity. Let me show you how to do it. How To Use Meditation For Productivity Did you know that there are more than 100 benefits of meditation? One of the main benefits is that meditation helps productivity, big time, mostly because it helps with the different aspects of productivity, such as decision making skills. Yes, if you want to be more productive, meditate.  Period.  There are so many times in my own life when I have no productivity at work. And you know…

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How To Change Negative Beliefs About Yourself [Exercises & Tutorial]

When you know how to change negative beliefs you will take control of your life.  One of the best ways of improving self esteem is by changing negative beliefs about yourself. Specifically, you want to change negative beliefs about yourself to positive beliefs about yourself.  You can do the same with all your negative beliefs: Negative beliefs about money Negative beliefs about life  Negative belief about worry that you may have Negative beliefs about love and relationships Negative beliefs about the world It has been proven that those negative beliefs can literally change your perception of the world. Negative beliefs…

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7 Habits For Healthy Relationships That Positive People Live By

There are seven habits for healthy relationships positive people live by. And they can make all  the difference in your life. Smart tips like using meditation to solve relationship problems, can make a huge difference to the quality of your relationship. The world of social interaction can be tricky. In our daily life, every person we interact with is an intricate web of experiences and expectations that contend with our own equally complex composition. It is a delicate dance to appreciate the needs of others while honoring our own. Sometimes, it can feel downright impossible. But, this dance is intrinsically,…

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6 Ways To Train Yourself To Be More Creative In 10 Minutes

There are so many ways to train yourself to be more creative. Let me ask you a question: Do you train your creative mind? Do you do mind-workouts? Now how about your imagination? Do you ever do imagination exercises? If I may offer an opinion: I think you should do creativity exercises every single day. Seriously, we should all train ourselves to be more creative One of the most important tools we can possess is a creative mindset. Just stop for one second and take a look around you at all the different items, objects, and products that required creativity…

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7 Best Meditation Techniques For Success In Life

There are so many different ways to use meditation techniques for success in life. Of the 31 major types of meditation, most of them are helpful for success in life. There are methods like Vipassana and Samatha, which help you focus so you can succeed in work. There are methods like Karuna and Metta, which are the best meditation techniques for success of the social or relationship kind. And there are methods like Smiling Buddha Technique, which are excellent for success on the spiritual / emotional level. Everyone can be successful. Sure, some people are born into success and others…

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How To Remove Fear From Your Mind By Meditation And Mantras

Let me show you how to remove fear from your mind by meditation and mantras. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. When you learn to overcome fear in life you become unstoppable, because there is nothing holding you back. That's why fearless people are so much stronger than the rest. Fearless people are liberated to do anything they like in life. Fearless people are confident enough to leave their dead-end job for a more lucrative one Fearless people ask out anyone they are interested in because they don't have fear of rejection Fearless people live true…

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17 Best Buddhist Quotes That Will Actually Change You
A beautiful photograph of a Buddhist monk at a monestary. Do you believe in ancient Buddshit wisdom? Leave a comment at the bottom.

17 Best Buddhist Quotes That Will Actually Change You

Here are 18 Buddhist quotes that inspire us all to believe in the wisdom of Buddha.   1. Buddha's wisdom on living with compassion We Buddhists revere compassion. One of Buddha’s most inspiring life quotes is: "Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike". — Buddha quote. Enlightened people invariably have high levels of compassion. Compassion can change the world. If everyone acted compassionately the world would soon be a peaceful, love-filled place. And compassion can also change your life as an individual. It has been scientifically proven that compassion makes us healthier and happier and even makes us more likely…

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40 Daily Brain Training Activities That Will Make You A Genius

There are 40 daily brain training activities that have been scientifically proven to strengthen the brain in various ways. These daily brain training activities make you smarter, happier, and more likely to succeed. Exercising your brain on a daily basis will help to improve your memory, to balance your moods and emotions, to delay aging, and to make you a complete flipping genius... or at least a pretty smart person. In this list of daily brain training activities, we've included exercises in many different areas, including: physical exercise socialising lifestyle diet spiritual techniques. You do not have to use all…

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How To Stop Thinking So Much All The Time

Have you ever wondered how to stop thinking too much? If so you're not alone. Most people have a head full of noise.   Do you suffer from stress and worry? Would life feel so much better if you just knew how to stop thinking so much all the damned time? Reality check: If we weren’t able to think, we would never have invented the wheel, or any of the other inventions we now take for granted. Yeah, but: Thinking is a lot like the power supply to your laptop. Provide the right amount of power and you’re left with a…

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10 Benefits Of Aikido To Inspire You Today
Aikido is a peaceful martial art that inspires self discipline, love and compassion.

10 Benefits Of Aikido To Inspire You Today

Like mindfulness and meditation, Aikido is a practice that teaches us to have self discipline and to live in the moment. Aikido is a martial art full of life lessons to learn. This article explores the philosophy of Aikido and how the martial art teaches us to live in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us.

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