How To Regain Sexual Confidence With Meditation And Enjoy Sex Again

If you want to know how to regain sexual confidence, start by accepting the truth: you’re not alone.

Listen: There are millions of people, both men and women, who need to regain sexual confidence. Meditation helps. But what helps more tan anything is remembering that you are not alone in this.

Ever since sex therapy began in the 1960s millions of men and women have sought sexual healing, by meditating, by talking to a counsellor, and by practicing other exercises to regain sexual confidence.

While relationship counselling has been shown to help, arguably the best way to get back sexual self esteem is by meditating.

In my book 30 secrets to spiritual love [AMAZON] I revealed the most powerful spiritual practices for libido, intimacy, love, and sex.

There are many different types of meditation for sexual drive and confidence. They range from the Vajroli mudra, which increases sexual function, and the Kleem mantra. And there are basic meditations like mindfulness that target overall mental health.

Much as meditation helps with intimacy and love it also helps with sexual confidence.

Meditation is one of the best ways how to regain sexual confidence.

Meditation directly targets the causes of low sexual confidence.

Sexual confidence is about more than just libido.

Low sex drive can be dealt with quite easily by changing the diet and making lifestyle changes.

Genuine sexual confidence is a different story.

We lose sexual confidence for many reasons, ranging from painful memories of sexual harassment or even assault, to just plain old sexless marriage.

In 2005 Family Circle conducted a national survey that showed that 21 percent of married women considered their sex lives boring and routine. 21 percent said they had no sex life at all. 50 percent said they had no desire for their partner.

Thank goodness, there are many ways we can increase sexual confidence and fulfilment.

The best way how to regain sexual confidence is to work on a combination of both physical and mental exercises.c

It starts with a healthy body. Practicing yoga, for instance, increases sexual function by stimulating the sexual organs. This increases libido.

Meditation, meanwhile, works more holistically on the body and mind, restoring overall health. There are, after all over 100 health benefits of meditation, many of which effect sexual confidence in one way or another.

What you need to know about regaining sexual confidence with meditation

Low sexual confidence is usually caused by a state of mind, perhaps low self esteem or a negative belief holding you back.

The reasons people lose sexual confidence include:

  • You’ve been married forever and your confidence has simply decline over the year
  • He / she cheated on you
  • You’ve been through a divorce
  • You have a bad experience in the bedroom
  • Your body has changed. E.g. You’ve put on weight / gone grey / are looking older

Those are some of the most common reasons for a loss of sexual confidence.

Out the outset, those things might look very different. The experience of someone going through a divorce is different to the experience of someone who has put on weight.

But actually, there is one common bond. That common bond is that something that has happened to you has led to a specific feeling in the present moment.

In other words. Something bad happened. Now when it comes to sex you can’t relax and be confident. It’s the same thing in each situation.

The logical way to undo this and to regain your sexual confidence is to overcome what happened in the past so that you can enjoy a healthy sex life today.

Essentially, you need to put all that mental baggage, all the heartache, the self doubt, the anxiety…take all that and toss it out of your mind.

Easier said than done thought, right?

How do you empty your mind like that?

Well, that is precisely what meditation is all about. Meditation is all about emptying your mind of thoughts so you can focus on the present moment. And when you learn to do that you will naturally enjoy the moment and will have sexual confidence without even trying.

How to regain sexual confidence with meditation

Regaining sexual confidence is very similar to regaining general confidence.

Confidence is an emotional energy in the mind that is created based on a combination of chemicals mixed with thoughts and beliefs. Meditation helps with all these things.

Here is the best meditation for sexual confidence. It is a meditation for the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana).  When you stimulate energy in the sacral chakra you will boost sexual confidence and sexual function.

Here’s how:

*For best results, perform this meditation while wearing a moonstone mala [there is one on Amazon]

  1. Sit quietly, preferably in lotus position in your bedroom, but anywhere private is fine.
  2. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths to relax
  3. Visualize your sacral chakra as an orange light emitting from your pelvis
  4. Gently hum the mantra “Vam”. Recite Vam 44 times
  5. Now recite the mantra, “I am a healthy sexual being”. Recite this 44 times.
  6. Open your eyes
  7. Express gratitude for this meditation

This is the very best way how to regain sexual confidence. This meditation stimulates the flow of prana through the sacral chakra, and this heightens sexual energy.

Repeat this meditation once a wee for best results. And remember to complement this with other meditations here on THE DAILY MEDITATION.

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Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation. You can read his books on Amazon

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