How I Designed Our Meditation T Shirt (With Unalome)

How I Designed Our Meditation T-Shirt

Today I published our new meditation t-shirt (unalome design) on Amazon. I’m incredibly proud of the beautiful design. It looks fantastic. And already our readers are buying it so they can start wearing it! [You can

Best Yoga & Meditation Podcasts 2020

best yoga meditation podcasts 2020

What are the best yoga and meditation podcasts of 2020? Ever since meditation became a multi-billion dollar industry in 2019, the industry has exploded. We’ve seen the rises of yoga and meditation apps, games, and yes, podcasts. And a lot of them are truly exceptional.  As a meditation teacher, I listen to meditation podcasts every […]

Best Mindfulness & Meditation Courses 2020 [Chosen By A Meditation Teacher]

best meditation courses 2020

In 2020 there are so many online meditation courses available (both free and paid). As a meditation teacher I find it a really exciting time for the movement. More people are learning meditation now than ever. And thankfully, there are some truly amazing meditation teachers online, like Melli O’Brien, Giovanni Dienstmann, and of course notables […]

Best Meditation Music Artists Who Make You Relax


In this list of the best meditation music I will be sharing tunes from all over the world, chosen by me, a meditation teacher and musician for more than 30 years (Hi.). We will look at all the best meditation music of different styles, including Zen meditation music, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and more. And we […]

Best Meditation Mats (Zabuton) We Love In 2020

meditation cushion zabutons

In this guide, I will share with you my picks of the very best meditation mats (Zabutons) in 2020. A Zabuton is a traditional Japanese cushion that is used for sitting and meditating. They are generally quite flat and rectangular or square. Smaller ones can be used with a zaisu, which is a traditional type […]

8 Best Selling Yoga Books You Seriously Need To Read

best selling yoga book

I’ve been reading through all the best selling yoga books of all time. It’s been a great way to pass the time in self-isolation. I’ve learned a staggering amount about yoga, and I’ve never been more inspired to get on my yoga mat than right now. Through my reading I’ve learned about the anatomy of […]

Best Yoga & Meditation Apps For Kids 2020—I Love These!

yoga and meditation apps for kids

As a meditation teacher, many parents asked me for advice on the best yoga and meditation apps for kids. You might have noticed that in 2020 there are tons of apps, like Calm and Headspace for meditation, and yoga apps like Cosmic Kids Yoga and various yoga-streaming apps too. I tell most of my parent-students […]

Hello Yoga App Review—One On One Tuition At Home

hello yoga app review

Yoga streaming platforms and apps are all the rage at the moment, especially when we are all self-isolating and unable to get to local yoga classes. Many teachers have been looking for ways to teach yoga online, and simultaneously, yogis are looking for ways to practice yoga at home. Many people who have started practising […]

New “Personal Zen”: App For Stress And Anxiety Launching Now

personal zen app for stress and anxiety

New York—Wise Therapeutics launches “Personal Zen” app for stress and anxiety Today, New York based Wise Therapeutic has announced the launch of its first product, Personal Zen, an app for stress and anxiety. If you’re anywhere near as excited about new mental-health technology as I am, you’ll definitely be intrigued by Wise Therapeutics’ Personal Zen, […]

Daily Yoga VS Down Dog: Best Yoga Apps 2020

daily yoga vs down dog yoga apps

When it comes to a showdown between 2020s best yoga apps, who wins? How about Daily Yoga VS Down Dog? If you could only download and install one of these applications to your iPhone or Android, which one would you choose? This comparison will help you decide. What’s the Difference Between Daily Yoga And Down […]

Confessions Of A Zen Narcissist Shares Raw Insight Into NPD

woman looking at a reflection of herself in a mirror

California U.S—In his book Confessions of a Zen Narcissist, author Larry White shares raw insight on the life of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Freelance writer, power, and self-published author Larry White knows the challenges of living with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as he identifies in his book Confessions of a Zen Narcissist.  It is a […]

Meditation Starter Kit Recommended By Our Expert

meditation starter kit with chair,, mala and book

A good meditation starter kit, with all the items you need to start meditating, will help to ensure that you can practice meditation successfully. The good news is that you really don’t need that much equipment in order to start meditating [READ: How To Start Meditating At Home]. There are lots of new meditation tools. […]

Why Everyone’s Loving Asutra Yoga Mat Detox Cleaner In 2020

With the new focus on hygiene in yoga, everyone has been loving the Asutra yoga mat detox cleaner, which helps you to practice good hygiene in yoga classes. Even though we might not be doing yoga in actual yoga classes these days, it is still important to maintain good hygiene in your yoga practice. On […]

This History Or Yoga Book Opened My Eyes

history of yoga book

Kentucky, U.S.—Alistair Shearer releases book about the history of yoga: “The Story of Yoga: From Ancient India to the Modern West”. [Available on Amazon] Today I stumbled across a new yoga book from a Kentucky-based author, Alistair Shearer, titled “The Story of Yoga: From Ancient India to the Modern West”. It’s a fascinating read that […]

This Book Teaches Us So Much About Conscious Cooking

cover of Eagle’s "First, Catch: Study of a Spring Meal

I recently had the pleasure of coming across a new conscious-cooking book from Thom Eagle, titled “Eagle’s “First, Catch: Study of a Spring Meal”. It’s a truly enlightening book that does so much more than the typical cookbook. In fact I mayeven end up adding to my list of the best mindful cookbooks. A truly […]

Cosmic Kids Yoga App Review

cosmic kids yoga app

The Cosmic Kids Yoga app makes it fun for kids to starting practicing yoga at home. At the time of the global pandemic we are facing higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever. And this includes for kids. Certainly kids might not understand completely what is happening around the world, but they will definitely […]

MindFi App Review – Mindfulness With Eyes Open, Phone On

mindfi app review

–Mindfi app review Mindi is the latest mindfulness app. It promises to help make it easier to meditate by practicing mindfulness with our eyes open. It offers breathwork, different meditations based on mood, and courses. But is it worth installing? We all know how bad stress is today. It was bad enough when we were […]

How To Teach Yoga Online In 2020 [Tutorial]

online yoga courses

In this guide I will show you how to teach yoga online using Zoom, Youtube Live, Facebook Live and other platforms. Online yoga classes are currently burgeoning right now because of the virus. Many studios are trying to find ways to continue to make money, and the internet seems to be the way to go.   […]

4 Best Buddhism Online Courses Are Free Right Now

online courses in buddhism

Good news! Four of the very best Buddhism online courses are free right now, including Coursea. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced colleges and universities to move their regular in-person lectures and courses in Buddhism online and make them free to the public. This makes it the perfect time for anyone interested in learning the religion […]

Declutter The Mind App Review

declutter the mind app

Declutter The Mind is a new meditation app deigned to help you clear your mind and learn mindfulness. I was given the opportunity of trying out the free version, and I was pleased with what I found, with a few exceptions. What Is Declutter The Mind? Declutter The Mind is a mindfulness app for Android […]