Are These The Best Yoga Pants For Tall Women In 2020?

  We may have just found the best yoga pants for tall women in 2020. The pants feature a unique design that makes them look beautiful and feel comfortable for women of all different heights. It can be a challenge for tall women to find yoga pants that are perfect for them. However, Safot’s flare […]

New Yoga Book Promises To Redefine How We Do Yoga

new yoga book

A new yoga book called The New Yoga: From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity [AMAZON] is promising to ask some hard-hitting questions about how we view yoga in the twenty first century. Rob Walker, a certified yoga teacher and member of the US Yoga Alliance, is a fourth level certified Iyengar Yoga practitioner […]

Why Everyone’s Loving Manduka Extra Thick Yoga Mat

manduka yoga mat

There’s a new yoga mat on Amazon that everyone is absolutely loving. It’s called the Manduka Extra Thick Yoga Mat. It’s sweat resistant, portable, non-slip and eco-friendly But does it deserve the 4.5 star reviews it has from 2800 Amazon customers? Well… yes, probable. >> The Manduka yoga mat is available on Amazon [check for […]

Meditation & Mindfulness Toys Are All The Rage In 2020

mindfulness toys for kids

There is a growing trend in meditation and mindfulness toys aimed at kids. But do these so called “mindfulness toys” really help your kids to be more mindful? Or are they just a commercial cash-in? Toys have advanced a lot in the past decade. When I was a young lad, it was all about the […]

Travel Review: Lisnavagh House, Ireland, Yoga, Meditation Retreats

Lisnavagh House, Ireland, Yoga, Meditation Retreats

The stunning rural countryside of Ireland is the perfect spot for a yoga retreat or meditation retreat. And the beautiful Lisnavagh House in Country Carlow offers precisely that. Sitting here in the middle of the city, where all the eye can see are apartments and office buildings, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind getting away […]

TRAVEL REVIEW:  Niraamaya Wellness Retreat In Kerala, India

Niraamaya Wellness Retreat In Kerala, India

Kerala offers a unique travel experience for anyone wanting to go on a wellness retreat. This is the serene India, a tranquil oasis full of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda lessons and retreats. It’s the perfect location for anyone wanting to experience a restorative retreat in India. One place you might like to consider visiting on […]

5 Best Mindful Cookbooks with Buddhist Recipes (Yummy!)

mindful cookbooks for buddhist cooking

As a meditation teacher and amateur chef, there is nothing I love more than a good mindful cookbook or Buddhist cookbook so I can take my meditation practice to the kitchen. Mindful cooking combines the two things I love most. Preparing traditional Buddhist food in a mindful way is a treat for both the mind […]

Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel — Best Yoga Wheel 2020?

purity wave yoga wheel

One of the best yoga products you can own is a yoga wheel, and the Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel is one of the very best. Yoga wheels are a truly beneficial product. As soon as you start using a wheel during your practice you can feel what a difference they make. They help to […]

Icyzone Yoga Top – Best Yoga Top Of 2020?

icyzone yoga top

If you’re looking for the best yoga top of 2020, I think I may have just found it: the Icyzone Yoga Top. >>GET IT ON AMAZON This yoga top is one of the best on Amazon. It perfectly blends style with comfort and price. At only $26 it is basically a steal. One of my […]

5 Best Places To Buy Meditation Supplies And Yoga Supplies

where to buy meditation supplies

As a meditation teacher, lots of people ask me where to buy meditation supplies. The good news is that there are lots of options. Whether you are looking to buy meditation supplies online or to near you, you are spoiled for choice. In this post, I will share with you the best places to buy […]

8 Best VR Meditation Apps Chosen By A Meditation Teacher [2020]

vr meditation apps

It was only a matter of time before we started to get VR meditation apps. Virtual reality brings innovation to meditative techniques and can be used to complement your current practice. As a meditation teacher, it is always exciting to see new meditation products entering the market. Of course, there are tons of great meditation […]

Best Meditation Blogs That You Need To Read In 2020

best meditation blogs

What are the best meditation blogs of 2020? In 2020there are so many excellent meditation blogs you can follow. They range from serious meditation blogs to more fun and quirky ones. Of course, if you want to follow a meditation blog, you can start by signing up for our very own newsletter. We have tons […]

6 Best Yoga Decals For Yoga Room Decor At Home

yoga decal with yoga woman posing

When it comes to nailing your yoga room decor, nothing is better than a good yoga decal. Nothing makes me happier than walking into a home and seeing artworks in a yoga room. Décor options for togis are plenty these days thanks to the fact that yoga is now so very popular. If you have […]

6 Best Meditation Benches For Bad Knees & Backs

best medittion benches

In this guide we’ll look at the best meditation benches for bad knees and bad backs. Meditation benches are one of the most important furniture items you can buy for your Zen room. In this guide I will share the best meditation benches for 2020. Good seats are vital because they improve your posture. When […]

Actually, THIS Is How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation

how to use prayer beads for meditation

In my Ultimate Guide To Malas I introduced malas and why they are my favorite piece of spiritual jeweler. Now let’s discuss how to use prayer beads for meditation in the right way. Yes, malas look just gorge in their boho chic style, and they’re an awesome fashion accessory, but when you’re using malas to […]

7 Best Spiritual Apps We Love In 2020

best spiritual apps 2019

What are the best spiritual apps of 2020? If you’ve read my list of the best meditation apps, and VR meditation apps, you already know there are tons of amazing spiritual apps on the market today. Whether you’re a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Christian or other, there are plenty of applications on iOS and Android to […]

Best Buddha Water Fountain For Home Or Garden

buddha water fountain

Nothing makes me feel more peaceful than sitting by my Buddha water fountain and meditating. Water is the purest thing on Earth. Whether it be the beautiful oceans around the world or the stream at the bottom of my garden back home, I simply love water. That’s why I always recommend people get a beautiful […]

12 Different Types Of Retreats You Can Experience

different types of wellness retreats

Have you noticed how many different types of meditation retreats there are these days? A shortlist includes: Meditation retreats Yoga retreats Spa retreats Adventure retreats And digital detox retreats I personally love wellness retreats. They offer so much more than your typical package holiday. I believe that a good holiday should restore your soul, give […]

Best Yoga Retreats For Beginners 2020 – How I Choose Mine

best yoga retreats for beginners how to choose

What are the best yoga retreats for beginners in 2019? Well, that answer totally depends on you. You see, yoga retreats are a very personal thing. We all book yoga retreats for our own individual reasons. For some it is the sheer passion of the practice. For others it is an opportunity to get away […]

Best Meditation Retreats 2020: Expert On What You Need To Know

best meditation retreat

As a meditation teacher, a lot of people ask me what the best meditation retreat in the world is. In 2020, wellness vacations are a hot topic. And mindful resorts are one of the most popular types of wellness retreats. You can find them in America, in Canada, in Europe, and of course, in the […]