Best Meditation Plants For Yoga Studios And Zen Rooms

yoga meditation plants

What are the best plants for meditation rooms and yoga studios at home? Whether you are creating a home meditation room or your own yoga studio, one thing to consider is flora. There are many excellent plants for meditation and yoga spaces. And they can work wonders for your studio. As a meditation teacher and […]

How To Zen Your Home To Make It Relaxing To Be In

how to zen your home

Once you know how to Zen your home, it will be so much easier to relax in your house or apartment. In this guide we’ll look at how to make a Zen home. Of course the main benefit of this is sheer relaxation. Relaxing is something a lot of us struggle with. I personally find it […]

Best Tibetan Singing Bowls For Sale Today — How To Choose

best tibetan singing bowls for sale online

Best Tibetan Singing Bowls For Sale Online Let me show you the Tibetan Singing Bowls for sale online that I recommend. As a meditation teacher, I have bought lots of bowls online, so I know what’s good and what isn’t. I’ve divided these by price point so you can easily choose the best  one for […]

6 Best Mala Bead Necklaces And Bracelets For Sale In 2019

best mala prayer beads

Today we are going to be looking at the best mala beads necklaces and bracelets for sale online. And I will help you to choose which one to buy. In my big guide to Buddhist prayer bead malas I revealed everything there is to know about different types of malas and their meanings. If you […]

Meditation Altars & Shrines: Advice You Need To Know

meditation altars & shrines

One of the best places to sit and focus your mind is at a meditation altar. These beautiful little furniture items give you the perfect place to set up your meditation shrine. You can decorate it as you please, and incorporate it into the design of your zen meditation room. Of course, this is fairly […]

8 Best Items Of Eco Friendly Yoga Gear [List]

recyclable yoga gear

If you need proof that yogis are the most environmentally friendly people on Earth, just look at the amount of eco-friendly yoga gear on the market today. There are: Eco-friendly yoga pants Eco friendly yoga mats Eco friendly bags Eco friendly yoga blocks Recycled yoga chairs And o’ so much more. Let’s take a look […]

New Book Reveals How To Use Mindfulness For Test Taking

In the new book Beyond the Content: Mindfulness as a Test Prep Advantage, author Logan Thompson revels how to use mindfulness for test taking. He argues that being mindful is one of the most important parts of succeeding in tests. Mindfulness is simply the state of being consciously aware and living in the moment. You […]

How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation Properly [TUTORIAL]

If you are new to meditation you might wonder how to use prayer beads for meditation the right way. One of the most beautiful and most popular items worn for meditation and yoga are mala necklaces and bracelets, otherwise called prayer beads. These prayer beads are far more than just decorative. They are one of […]

8 Best Mindfulness Books Picked By Our Expert

best mindfulness books

What are the best mindfulness books you have ever read? As a meditation teacher and author, I have read so many mindfulness books I’ve lost count. In 2020, mindfulness books are all the rage. There are books for all aspects of mindfulness, including books on mindfulness techniques, application, the mindful lifestyle, the science, and so […]

15 Best Mindfulness Books & Meditation Books For 2020

best meditation books 2019

When I set out to write the best meditation and mindfulness book of 2020, I promised myself that I would read through every big book on the subject. That way, I knew exactly what I would need to put into my own book in order to write the best meditation book ever.   As a mindfulness […]

7 Best Meditation Devices You Will Absolutely Love In 2020

Meditation TECH

What are the best meditation devices for 2020? There are lots of excellent new devices for meditators, including: Meditation apps like Calm / Headspare Meditation head-bands (see below) Therapy systems Meditation pods Wearable tech with meditations Home décor devices like meditation lamps  Meditative virtual reality environments As a meditation teacher, many people ask me about […]

How To Choose Your Best Crystals For Meditation In 2019

best crystals for meditation

What are the best crystals for meditation? In this guide I will show you how to choose a meditation crystal so you can get more out of your practice.  Just as different types of meditation are better for certain people, the best crystal for meditation is entirely dependent on who you are as a human-being. […]

9 Best Zen Books Beginners Will Love In 2021

best zen books

 In this guide, I’ll be sharing with you all the best Zen books for beginners to read in 2021. Buddhism has become highly popular in the past 50 years. Today, there are hundreds of books about Buddhism and the philosophies therein.  Picking the best Zen book is not an easy feat. As a meditation teacher […]

Are These The Best Yoga Blogs In The World?

top yoga blogs

We are proud to present TheDailyMeditation award for the world’s top yoga blogs. Has your site found its place in our list of yoga blogs? If so be sure to let your readers know the good news! (article shortlink:  )  Without further ado; the top 100 yoga blogs in the world. Checkout our list of top […]

Meditation Positions For Bad Back & Knee Pain

knee back pain when sitting meditating

There are serious health risks of improper meditation positions for bad backs and bad knees. Sitting with bad posture puts a strain on your body that can cause injured knees and backs. The good news is this: There are good meditation positions for back pain. And there are good meditation positions for knee pain. It […]

21 Best Meditation Tools, Devices You’ll Love In 2020

meditation tools

What are the best meditation tools / equipment / device you have ever used? There is excellent equipment available to help us meditate, from Zen chairs to Buddhist malas, to modern aids like Muse Headband. As a mindfulness instructor, I’ve used all sorts of meditation equipment over the years.  And in this list, I will […]

16 Meditation Chairs We Love In 2020

best meditation chairs

In my list of the best meditation chairs, I’ve included all the best meditation seats for you based on your individual needs. Meditation chairs are one of the most important types of furniture to buy [READ: Best Yoga Furniture]. Meditation chairs are so important because they help you be in the right position for meditation. […]

Singing Bowls For Beginners: Buying, Choosing, & Using

tibetan singing bowl

In this guide to Tibetan singing bowls, beginners will learn how to choose, how to buy, how to use a singing bowl for meditation, and the best singing bowls for sale online. We’ll look at Buddhist sets, Chakra sets, and antique sets, and the differences between them. And my buying guide will help you to […]

Calm VS Headspace VS Everything–Best Meditation Apps 2020

best meditation apps

What are the best meditation apps of 2020? Who wins in a fight of Calm VS Headspace? How about Simple Habit VS Buddhify? Or Insight Timer VS 10% Happier? What is the best free meditation app of 2020? As a meditation teacher, I’m naturally pretty darned interested in different mindfulness applications. Reviews for Headspace, Calm […]

Zen meditation Room: Ideas For Your Zen Space

meditation room

In this guide, I am going to share my best ideas for Zen meditation rooms at home. I’ll show you how to design a meditation room you can relax in so your home will be more Zen.  If you’re a proud homeowner who loves meditating, you are going to get so much out of this […]