Meditations Room: Make A Luxury Home Zen Space [How To]

meditation room

In this guide, I am going to share my best ideas for home meditation room decor. I’ll show you how to design a meditation room you can relax in so your home will be more Zen.  If you’re a proud homeowner who loves meditating, you are going to get so much out of this guide. […]

100 Best Spiritual Blogs We Truly Love In 2020

best spiritual blogs

Today, I wanted to write a list of the best spiritual blogs in the world. I thought it would help you to find what you like (and also to find a place to write for. HINT: Write for our spiritual blog here) But it hit me that there are actually more than a million spiritual […]

5 Best Meditation Games You Need To Play In 2020

meditation video game

I’ve just finished playing through some of the best meditation games ever made. These board games and console / PC titles will help you to unwind. There are some great meditation games on all different systems (such as PS4 / XBox One, PC etc.). There is also THE MINDFULNESS GAME, which is a card game. […]

Best Yoga Chairs And Yoga Ball Chairs 2019

best yoga chair

To practice chair yoga safely, while protecting your body, you need one of the best yoga chairs or balls. These offer support while you exercise, which helps to keep you safe. Just like with meditation, where you need a good meditation chair to keep your posture right, you need a good yoga chair or yoga […]

Meditation & Yoga Furniture To Make Your Studio Complete

meditation furniture for yoga studio

How much meditation furniture and yoga furniture do you have in your yoga studio or meditation room? Do you have: A meditation chair? Shrine or alter? Mat? Room divider? How about a cosy little tea table and cushions for when you want a break Bench Yoga decals? If you only have a couple of pieces […]

Why Everone’s Using Chakra Singing Bowl Sets To Open Their 7 Chakras

chakra singing bowl set

Chakra singing bowl sets have existed for thousands of years, ever since around 2500BC. Today they’re everywhere, from your local Buddhist temple to your yoga studio—and maybe even at home if you have bought one using our singing bowl buying guide. You’ve probably listened to a chakra singing bowl during yoga when you meditate in […]

How The Sound Of Buddhist Bowls Heals Your Mind And Body

For thousands of years, Buddhist bowls (Tibetan singing bowls) have been used for healing. Did you know that just by meditating on a Buddhist bowls sound you can heal your mind and body? (Read: How to meditate on bowl sounds). Research even suggests that the Buddhist bowls’ sound may even cure cancer. Obviously you might […]

5 Best Chakra Books We Absolutely Love In 2020

Chakra Books

When it comes to the best books on chakras, well, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you’re new to chakra cleansing or you’ve been doing it for years, there are many excellent chakra books you’ll definitely want to check out. Thousands of THE DAILY MEDITATION’s readers have been digging my guide to chakra healing meditation. And […]

5 Best Indian Statues Of Hindu Gods For Home And Garden

spiritual statues

When it comes to Indian statues of Hindu gods, you are utterly spoiled for choice. Indian statues for the home range from: Buddha statues Statues of Hindu gods including Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu and others. Yoga statues Buddha heads Having a beautiful sculpture of one of the Hindu gods in your home or garden will remind […]

These Meditation Cushions Will Make You Better At Meditation

meditation cushion guide

In my list of the best meditation cushions to buy, you’ll find Zafus, Zabutons, pillows and mats to use for meditation and yoga  If you’re a serious meditator, you need a good meditation seat to help you to meditate in the correct sitting posture. The best meditation cushions offer back support that corrects your posture. […]

How To Choose A Buddha Statue For Meditation

best budda statues to buy

In this “Buying-Guide”, we will be looking at how to choose a Buddha statue for home or garden [including Buddha heads], their meaning, and how to use Buddha statues for meditation.   But first: Why get a Buddhist statue? Buddha statues and Buddha head statues are trendy items today. There are many benefits to having one. When you […]

Best Meditation Gongs For Sound Healing – Buyers Guide

meditation gong

There are so many reasons to buy a gong for meditation. Meditation gongs are beautiful instruments that look great in your home and actually help to heal your body and mind. That is why I personally consider them to be one of the most important meditation tools you should buy today. But a caveat: You […]

Best Spiritual Books 2020: What You Need To Read Now

best spiritual books 2018

What are the best spiritual books to read in 2019? Well, the good news is there are lots of new spiritual books to look forward to. If you’re like me you love nothing more than chilling in a park and turning the pages of a meaningful title. The best spiritual books are just so… divine! […]

4 Best Mudra Books Picked By Our Expert

best mudra books to buy

What are the best mudra books? When I was writing THE DAILY MEDITATION’s list of yoga mudras I read through all the best books on mudras. As you may know, these hand positions are symbolic gestures involving the body. They are powerful tools for spiritual development and health. I read through the classic mudra books like: […]

5 Best Mantra Books You Need To Read In 2019

best mantra books

I remember when I turned the page of my first mantra book. It was a magical time. A time of wonder. Dipping my mind into the sacred arts. Eons have passed (well, not literally). Now, my Beginners Guide To Mantras is the absolute most in-depth guide that there is online. Period. Seriously, read that link. […]

10 Relaxing VR Apps You Need To Play In 2020

relaxing vr apps in virtual reality

Trying to relax? VR apps can help. There are so many excellent VR apps for iOS and Android. And they can seriously help to stop stress and to improve your sleep. I recommend using these apps together with some good old fashioned relaxing meditations for total serenity! When you’re looking for that meditative chill, Virtual […]

How To Make A Japanese Zen Rock Garden

how to make a japanese rock garden for zen

In this tutorial, we will look at how to make a Japanese Rock Garden (Zen garden) at home. You’ll learn the benefits of rock garden landscaping, how to use them for meditation, and how to tend to your sand/gravel in a mindful way. If you love DIY and Zen, you will also definitely want to […]

Meditation Mala Beads: Expert On What You Need To Know

mala beads

In this guide, we will be looking at how to choose mala beads, as well as how to buy, use, cleanse and meditate with mala beads (which are also called “prayer beads”). Here’s what we’ll look at: How To Use mala beads How To Choose Mala Beads Benefits Why there are 108 beads on a […]

16 Alternative Weight Loss Techniques To Make You Fit

alternative weight loss

There are so many alternative ways to lose weight. And a lot of them are way better than your typical diet and gym routine.  If it feels impossible, I have some alternative weight loss techniques that will change your life.  As a meditation teacher it’s no surprise that I personally used meditation for weight loss. But […]

10 Best Mindfulness CDs / Mindfulness DVDs You Need In 2020

best mindfulness dvds cds

What is the best mindfulness CD? How about the best mindfulness DVD? It’s hard to choose. There are so many meditation products out it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s hot garbage. In this pocket-size guide I’m going to share the: Best books Best meditation CDs Best meditation DVDs Best spiritual books Here are […]