When You Wear These Malas You Truly Feel The Energy  

I just received the most beautiful mala in the post from the guys over at Japa Mala Beads. Here’s my review. One of the most beautiful and precious items used in meditation is a mala. A mala is a string of beads that are used to count mantras, breaths, or prostrations (gestures of reverence) — our guide […]

Best Spiritual Destinations In India For Your Spiritual Trip To India

a spiritual vacation in india at the festival of lights hollli

If you want to go on a spiritual journey, India is definitely the best choice. There are simply so many spiritual destinations in India, and there are excellent spiritual events in India too. I mean, for a spiritual vacation, India is definitely the place to go, right? Sure, the pyramids of Egypt are spectacular and […]

The Benefits of Having an Online Spiritual Adviser

online spiritual adviser

There are times when we feel helpless. We are trapped in the middle of nowhere and we don’t know which way to go. It is during these moments when having good friends or someone to talk with could be of great use. Sadly, not all of our friends will be there as soon as we […]

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Psychic


There are so many important spiritual products in the world. But one thing that is invaluable is a good online psychic. Choosing a psychic is like choosing your doctor. Not everyone is alike, because each psychic has their own unique skill and specialty. Of course, you would not go to an eye doctor when your […]

Meditation Pods For Sale At Last. Worth Buying One?


Meditation pods are finally for sale on Amazon. But is it actually worth buying a meditation pod?  These things are basically the future. They are probably the best meditation gadget you could own. They look like they’ve come right out of Start Wars. When you first see a meditation pod, you’ll probably think you’re on […]

How To Find A Medium You Can Trust


When it comes to knowing how to find a medium you can trust, there are four essential rules that you need to follow. These will help you find the best online mediums and medium who are local to you. There are so many fake mediums. It gets hard to know how to find a real psychic […]

10 Special Buddhist Gifts To Make Them Grateful

list of best gifts for meditation, yoga, buddhism

In this list, I’ll be sharing all the best meditation gifts for Buddhists and mindfulness lovers.  You’ll find all sorts of beautiful presents guaranteed to put a smile on their face. There’s everything from malas to meditation cushions and more.  Best Meditation Gifts For Buddhists & Mindfulness Lovers  Let’s take a look at the best […]

10 Best Self Help Books For Women To Read In 2018

self help books for women

There are hundreds of self help books for women, written by some of the most inspiring gurus in the world. Some are excellent. some are okay. Some are a complete waste of time. And some actually led to such crazy (and harmful) ideas as forcing yourself to think positively all the time. Women’s self help books […]

15 Best Self Help Books And Self Help Gurus Ever

self help gurus

Who is the best self-help guru ever? There have been so many self-help gurus and books through the years who have changed our lives with their self-improvement plans. But who is the best self help guru of all time?  Or is it one of these inspiring spiritual bloggers instead? Here’s my list of the best […]