How To Lose Weight Without Willpower

lose weight withou willpower

  If you want to know how to lose weight without willpower and with no sweat, as Sky Thatcher. She lose 105 lbs of body weight without willpower. And she couldn’t be happier. Here’s her story. 


Eighteen months ago the doctor said, “Sky, you need to lose weight if you’re to live a long life.” In other words, I’d die young if I didn’t sort out my severe weight problem.

Like I didn’t know that already.

At 31 I was 255lbs. I’m five foot eight. I’m supposed to be around 150lbs. Eeek.

When I left the doctor’s I was in a panic, sweating, feeling depressed and anxious. I needed chocolate.


And I ate chocolate, an O Henry bar. I remember that O Henry because it was the last bar of chocolate I ate, now sixteen months ago.

I was devouring that chocolate and peanut temptation when suddenly I stopped biting and instead swallowed the hard truth. Lose weight or die.

Lose weight or die. Not much of a choice. But how could I possibly lose 100lbs? Food was my way of life. I ate for comfort (chocolate). I ate to celebrate (Chinese). I ate for energy (candy). I ate for everything. It were as though for every emotion and every situation I had a corresponding fatty food. And I had no willpower whatsoever. How could I lose weight without willpower?

As though by divine intervention, while walking home I happened to pass the university where it was advertised that a seminar would soon be given on precommitment.

Precommitment is essentially the idea of keeping yourself away from all temptation. What drew me in was the promise that with precommitment I could lose weight without willpower.

Precommitment: keeping yourself away from temptation — AKA: How to lose weight without willpower

The seminar was an hour long—one inspiring, empowering hour. In that hour several individuals discussed how they’d used precommitment to change their lives. A chronic gambler had overcome his addiction. A formerly overweight woman had gone on to become a model. A smoker had finally puffed out his last cigarette and now enjoyed a healthy life. If they could do it, so could I. That was the promise.

I went home and immediately began my precommitment, began to remove all temptations and all associations to fatty food. I threw out all junk food. Refilled my fridge with healthy, life sustaining fruit and veggie goodness. I promised myself I would never walk past a fast food restaurant—I’d take an alternate route. I threw out all the leaflets and flyers the Chinese, Italian and other restaurants had deposited through my door. I went full-on. If Rambo did precommitment, it would be something like what I did: hardcore. That was my only choice: lose weight or die.

I’m still alive.

Scratch that. I am so much more than “still alive.” I am loving life. I’ve never been so happy or so healthy. I’ve shed 100lbs. It’s almost like I’ve been reborn in a beautiful, healthy body. And it was all thanks to precommitment.

I never used to believe you could lose weight without willpower. But now I know how. And I’ve shared this knowledge with friends and family, on social networks, on websites, everywhere. Because I know that if I can lose weight with precommitment, anyone can.


So, now you know how to lose weight without willpower. If you like Sky Thatcher’s story, leave a comment. 


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