Snail With Genitals In Wrong Place Finds Love At Last

snail love

The dating game isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re a snail who was born with genitals in the wrong place.  But Jeremy, the snail with malformed genitals, has found love at last.

So let’s stop the excuses. I mean seriously. If a snail who has genitals in the wrong place can find love, then surely you can too.

Now, you might be thinking, “Must be something special about that snail.” But no. Jeremy is your regular old garden snail. He looks just like any other snail. He doesn’t have a bigger shell or a fancy car. He’s a regular snail. The only thing that’s different about old Jeremy is that his  genitals are in the wrong place.

Jeremy was born with an ailment. His shell spirals in an anti-clockwise direction. That put pressure on his genitals. So when he developed his genitals moved to the wrong place. That makes it physically impossible for Jeremy to mate with snails whose shells spiral the right way.

Jeremy needed help if he was ever to find love. But he didn’t hit up Plenty Of Snails or any other dating site. Instead, his owner, Angus Davison from the University of Nottingham, launched an appeal to find a “lefty” mate for Jeremy.

The #snaillove campaign ran on social media, and two potential mates were found. One is in Suffolk and another was rescued by a rescue worker when he was scrubbing shells.


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