The winner’s Brain is one of the best books to ever have been written on the subject of how to improve brain function. 

The winner’s brain was published by Harvard University Press in 2010. Written by Jeff Brown (a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist) and Mark Fenske (a neuroscientist), The Winner’s Brain is certainly backed by enough brain power to shine through against its masses of competitors, and I’m pleased to say that in most cases it does. It certainly provides some excellent information on how to improve brain function, but it is let down by a few key faults in the work.

The book is centred around the “8 strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success” that it announces on its cover. These key strategies for how to improve your

How to improve brain function tip 1) Self Awareness : a classic amongst self-help books and here explained in an easy to understand yet intelligent and sophisticated manner. The book discusses the science of personality by tracing your views about yourself back to memories. It also discuss the public and personal personas (how most people fake their personalities when they’re out). “”For people who possess a highly evolved sense of self-awareness, these two selves are very close to the same thing. . . . when you narrow the gap between your public and real self, it is easier to read how others experience you. You come across as unafraid to share your real self and are more likely to be perceived as a confident, authentic person.”

How to improve brain function tip 2) Motivation : That most important factor for personal success, The Winner’s Brain’s approach to motivation is direct and practical. It advocates working on motivation by “making a checklist of those dull, daily tasks that have started to pile up and then think of a meaningful reason for getting them done: Paying your bills on time helps you keep a close eye on your finances; returning phone calls is an efficient way to network . . .”

How to improve brain function tip 3) Focus : this covers mindfulness techniques to bring you into the moment, a strategy well documented here on

How to improve brain function tip 4) Emotional Balance : Documenting the effects of positivity on your life.

How to improve brain function tip 5) Memory (Use these techniques to improve your memory)

How to improve brain function tip 6) Resilience : bouncing back into success : this is one of most unique and well written segments of the book and gives the very reassuring message that the ability to bounce back from a personal tragedy or other setback is something that can be learned.

How to improve brain function tip 7) Adaptability : reshaping your brain to achieve

How to improve brain function tip 8) Brain Care : maintaining, protecting and enhancing your winner’s brain

The book ends with a few points on exercise for the brain and diet considerations.

All in all this is a very professional title, backed with a great deal of science and written with clarity. There are two key areas in which the book in lacking : passion and practicality. On the first note, the book is clearly written as a factual and informative textbook. That may be fair enough for some, but the simple fact of the matter is that if you are using this book for personal development you may find it less than inspiring. It gives the facts and the figures, just not in a manner that leaves you raring to go.  You won’t feel a great durge of life from reading this book as you would, let’s say, from Deepak Chopra or Chris Gardner.

On the second point, practicality, the book offers too few exercises to get your teeth stuck into. It has facts n meditation and the occasional and very basic tools for memory, but non are truly new and non are written in such a manner as to inspire you to begin using them.

So where does that leave The Winner’s Brain? I’ts a good book. No question. It is packed full of facts, it is entertaining and informative, but it is not that fire in the belly, nor that personal trainer that’s going to whip you into shape. A great book for information, but it could have been more.

Pick up your copy here: The Winner’s Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success