Spiritual Facebook Page Penalised For Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation

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Spiritual Facebook pages have been exploding in popularity since the pandemic because everyone is need of inspirational and motivational quotes from people like Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

Among the inspiring memes, however, is harmful misinformation regarding COVID-19.

The coronavirus has changed the world, and businesses have reacted to it in different ways. While some have been actively trying to help people with the pandemic by sharing truthful information (like THE DAILY MEDITATION), others have been attempting to use the coronavirus to increase profits and to garner Facebook Likes by spreading misinformation.

Leading online news publishers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been fighting to remove and prevent COVID-19 misinformation. The latest page to be targeted for spreading misinformation is “Energy Therapy UK,” which was opened in 2009.

Created by yoga teachers Jaime and Jennifer Tanna, the Energy Therapy UK page grew to other 2 million followers by sharing inspirational quotes and tips on everything from tarot readings to chakra healing.

That was until a couple of weeks ago, when the page started to continually publish “news” regarding the coronavirus pandemic, including conspiracy theories and debunked hoaxes. It has subsequently been labelled on of the world’s biggest spreaders of COVID-19 misinformation.

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How Spiritual Facebook Pages Are Being Penalised And Why

Spiritual Facebook pages are currently regarding as a leading source of COVID-19 misinformation.

Facebook uses a team of fact-checkers to ensure that news published regarding the pandemic is factual. Numerous spiritual Facebook pages have been spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19 in an attempt to increase their following, including Energy Therapy UK. Many of Energy Therapy UK’s posts have been either completely removed or labelled “false”. Followers are now fighting back about censorship.

The Energy Therapy UK page primarily focuses on selling various spiritual healing techniques like chakra healing and remote energy healing, for which they charge up to £100 GBP per hour.

Misinformation regarding COVID-19 represents a serious public health threat and many agree that spiritual Facebook pages that spread misinformation to garner likes should indeed be removed.

Energy Therapy UK’s posts include a recent post that points to a link between 5G phone networks and the virus, a belief shared by many including Novak Djokovich’s wife who recently posted such thoughts to Insta and was not penalised.  Tanna also shares lengthy video monologues about various debunked theories surrounding coronavirus, including saying that the pandemic was “media hype and bullshit”, and a video shared over 30,000 times before being deleted.

Facebook’s official stance is that they remove content that could cause harm, a philosophy shared by us here at THE DAILY MEDITATION. Serious spiritual Facebook pages, such as the likes of WildMind, Mindful, and YogaJournal serve to act as providers of the truth and to help the community, not to spread falsified information for the sake of garnering a few likes. It is time that the spiritual community wakes-up to pages that spread misinformation and unlikes them and stops following them. We, as a community, deserve better.

It falls to Facebook to increase their efforts to penalise pages that share misinformation that could seriously harm someone.

There are many such pages. Take a quick look at your Facebook News Feed and count how many pages are giving you misinformation. It’s time we stopped following these pages.

Let’s take a stand against misinformation. When you use Facebook today, note which pages share misinformation, and unlike and unfollow them.

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