5 Best Indian Statues Of Hindu Gods For Home And Garden

5 Best Indian Statues Of Hindu Gods For Home And Garden

When it comes to Indian statues of Hindu gods, you are utterly spoiled for choice.

Indian statues for home range from:

  • Buddha statues
  • Statues of the many Hindu gods
  • Yoga statues
  • Hindu statues
  • Statues of various deities 
  • Buddha heads
  • And of course there are statues of most hindu gods including shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu and others.  

In this list I will be looking at the best Hindu statues for home and garden.  

Let’s take a look. 


The Best Indian Statues Of Hindu Gods For Home And Garden



1. 25 Inch Ganesh Statue For Home  ($$$$)


Get it on Amazon ganesh statue

This 25-inch spiritual statue of Ganesh is just beautiful. It is in y opinion the best Ganesh statue to buy online. At the time of writing this, it has a full 5 stars from 22 reviews, so you know the manufacturer is trustworthy and the quality is top-notch.

This is a bronze Ganesh statue hand-painted delicately to represent the Remover of Obstacles.

This statue of Ganesh is all about helping you to get through life’s problems.    

2. Hindu statue of Shiva In Padmasana Lotus Pose   ($$)

spiritual statue of shiva Get it on Amazon

This statue of Shiva as “Lord of the Dance” represents both Shiva the destroyer and Shiva the re-creator. The statue represents the end of the cycle of life and death and the dawning of a new cycle.

This spiritual statue represents the end of ignorance and the full acceptance of belief. It is a representation of the story in which Shiva converted 10,000 non-believers.  


3. Krishna Murti ($$$)

krisha murtiGet it on Amazon

This is a hand-crafted Krisha murti made me solid brass. What makes this one of the best Hindu statues to buy is the sheer amount of details that has gone in it. It looks truly beautiful. And to add to the authenticity, it is imported from India.

This Krisha murti shows Krishna playing his flute, which is an incredibly symbolic representation of Kirshna. You might like to read YogaMag’s explanation about Krishna’s flute.


4. Vishnu Statue for home (8 inch by PTC)

vishnu statue for home Get It On Amazon

This is a simple little vushnu statue for home or office. It is made of a vinyl style material. 

What I like about this statue of vishnu is that it has brilliant vibrant colours and wonderful attention to detail. For the price it is a very good Hindu statue that will look great in the office or at home. 

5. Large Hanuman Statue 

  hanuman statueGet It On Amazon

If you’re looking to buy the best Hanuman statue then this is it. At 25 inches this is a very large statue of Hanuman that will work as a focal point in your home. It is every attractive with excellent attention to detail. 



How to choose an Indian statue for your home or garden

When it comes to choosing the best Hindu statue to buy, consider these points.

  1. What should your spiritual statue represent?

Do you want your spiritual statue to represent a positive emotion or quality, such as hope or gratitude? If so, you want to feel that way when you look at the statue. It doesn’t’ matter if it’s called a “Happy Statue” if it actually makes you feel sad!

  1. What message should your spiritual statue have?

Spiritual statues often have specific messages written on them. If it is a Hindu statue the message may actually be a mantra.

It’s important that the message on your spiritual statue be meaningful to you. Do the words on the statue resonate with you? Do they make you feel good? Do they connect you to the divine?

  1. Make sure your spiritual statue works with your home décor

Thousands of people have read The Daily Meditation’s guide to creating a Zen room. In it I discuss everything from design to colour choices. You should consider the same points when buying a spiritual statue.

When you’re buying a spiritual statue you’re often thinking about meaning, spirituality, and, you know, deep things. It can be easy to overlook this fact: You spiritual statue has to look good in your home!

What room is it going in? What colours are in that room? Do you have an accent colour? If so, get a spiritual statue that’s in the same accent colour.

This is especially true if you are putting the statue in a meditation shrine or altar.

  1. Which God or Deity is the spiritual statue of?

Depending on your beliefs this will either be very easy or incredibly difficult. If this is a Christian statue then you are probably going to get a statue of Jesus Christ. If it is a Hindu statue you might find it harder to choose. After all, there are 33 million of them. Picking your god or deity should be one of the very first things you decide.

  1. What’s your budget for this spiritual statue?

Are you buying a cheap spiritual statue or an expensive one? Either way there are some things to bear in mind.

Firstly, if it’s a cheap spiritual statue, just make sure the manufacturer is trustworthy. Otherwise you’ll end up with a spiritual statue that falls to piece (and that’s just not good karma!)

If it’s an expensive spiritual statue, bear in mind that some unscrupulous manufacturers sell so called antique spiritual statues that are not actually antique at all—they’re just designed to look old. Knowing a fake from a genuine antique statue is not easy. But this guide on fake antiques makes for an interesting read.  


Aren’t these spiritual statues beautiful?

There is so much choice in spiritual statue these days. Whether you’re looking for a small spiritual statue for your office, a large spiritual statue for the lounge, or a big and heavy spiritual statue for the garden, there are just so many to choose from!

Which is your favorite spiritual statue? And what do you love about it?

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