10 Inspiring Spiritual Wisdoms We Thought You’d Share

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Here are 10 inspiring spiritual wisdoms we think you will share with us. These will help you go deeper in spiritual practice.

 1. Nothing Matters More Than Stopping Harm, To Animals, People Or The World

[bctt tweet=”Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul lays unawakened” username=”t_d_meditation”]

One of the main spiritual wisdoms that we all share is that nothing is more important in the world than stopping hurt. We spiritualists are inspired to stop animals, people, and the world itself from suffering.

Last week I was out for a walk (a Zen walk, more specifically) when I saw a man tugging far too hard on a dog’s lead. The dog’s face bulged and I swear I could feel the pain that dog was going through. I was incensed, and demanded that the guy stop mistreating his dog.

He told me it was none of my business.

The thing is, we spiritualists can’t help but feel the pain of others, whether they’re humans or animals. We have heightened levels of empathy. We see someone harming an animal and we almost don’t have a choice, we have to defend the animal.

I did. I straight up told the guy that I’d take his dog from him and give it a loving home if he didn’t start respecting it.

Spiritual wisdom is this: no matter the cost, we protect the lives of the innocent. I pray more people become like this.

2. Spiritual people find ways to fight for their passions

[bctt tweet=”Live with passion. Passion is the genesis of genius — Tony Robins” username=”t_d_meditation”]

It’s one of the sad facts of life that we can’t all do jobs we’re passionate about. I always feel extremely thankful that I’m able to live as a writer (an occupation I love). But many people aren’t so fortunate.

Truly spiritual people, however, will always find a way to work on their passion.

Whether they succeed in making their passion their career, or whether they keep their passion as a hobby, spiritual people will honour their passion and find a way to make it happen. Whether you’re a part-time novelist who works all day at a store to then goes home and spends the night writing, or whether you’re a stay-at home mum who spends all day looking after the family only to then spend hours pursuing your dream to become a top chef, you find a way. That’s what spiritualists do. They make it happen.

Spiritual wisdom says we live for a limited time, so we should spend that time on things we are passionate about.

3. Spiritual people believe in loving their bodies 

[bctt tweet=”To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise, we cannot keep the mind strong and clear — Buddha” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people are highly sympathetic of those who have health problems. But at the same time, spiritualists find it repugnant when people intentionally mistreat their own body.

We spiritualists have a heightened respect for our bodies. We know that the body is a temple, one we must respect. When we see others misusing their body, we feel as though they’re performing a sacrilegious act.

4. Spiritual people are determined to convert haters into lovers

[bctt tweet=”Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation ” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people cannot understand why there is so much hate in the world. To the spiritualist, hate is one of the worst forms of ignorance and evil. But truly spiritual people don’t seek to judge others. Instead they seek to help them.

Buddhist wisdom says that we must treat everyone with compassion, and we must rid ourselves of hate.

When the truly spiritual person comes across hatred, they make it their personal mission to convert the hate to love.

5. Spiritual people fight for justice and tolerance for all

[bctt tweet=”Inner compassion and outer tolerance will make a new, better world–Sri Chinmoy ” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Whether it’s LGBT, racial, or sexist, spiritual people believe in fighting for the rights of all.

The sacred word “Namaste” means “I see the sacred in you”.

Spiritual people see the sacred in all.  And not only do spiritual people see the sacred in others, they fight to defend that sacredness.

Spiritual people believe in fighting for human rights. You’ll find spiritualists in every protest march. We are inspired by the needs of others. Spiritual people believe in helping those in need and fighting for the good of all.

6. Spiritual people can’t understand the lack of gratitude in this day and age

[bctt tweet=”You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy — Buddha” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people are deeply grateful for their lives. They know that their lives are a sacred gift that has been given to them. That’s why they cannot understand why so many people seem to have no gratitude whatsoever.

I personally love to indulge by talking about all the good points of other people. That’s one of the main traits of positive people—they see the good in everyone.

I love talking to people about all the wonderful and positive things going on in their lives. And more than anything, I love that moment when someone wakes up to precisely how fortunate they are. It’s a special, spiritual moment.

7. Spiritual people find it saddening that so many people fear death

[bctt tweet=”If you realise all things change, there is nothing to hold onto. If you do not fear death, there is nothing you cannot achieve — Lao Tzu” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people do not fear death. That’s because spiritualists have a personal belief system, a belief system that extends beyond the extent of their lives. They know that death is not the end of it all.

When my father died last year I made it my personal mission to make sure that all our family and friends felt comforted. I was able to do that because I myself felt comforted.  I knew my father’s death was not the end, and that knowledge gave me strength. I shared that strength with the family to help get them through.

Interestingly, scientific research proves that spiritual people are better at coping with death.

Not only do we fear death less, our beliefs inspire us to stay positive when we lose loved ones.

8. Spiritual people cannot understand why people worship material possessions

[bctt tweet=”It is not that you should own nothing. Rather: Nothing should own you.” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people don’t care whether you’ve got a fast car, a mansion, or a billion dollars in the bank. Spiritual people never judge anyone on their possessions. And they definitely do not pride themselves on their own possessions.

To the spiritualist a car isn’t a lifestyle statement, it’s a car. Possessions don’t matter. In fact, possessions are barely even worth thinking about. True spiritualist have far more important things on their minds.

It’s time to let go.

9. Spiritual people will do anything to stop people from suffering

[bctt tweet=”Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from darkness. It teaches you to use that darkness to glow” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people care about other people perhaps even more than they care about themselves. That’s why spiritual believe in stopping the suffering of others.

When someone’s facing a rough time in their lives, they can always turn to a spiritualist. A spiritualist will receive them with open arms and do their all to make the other person happy.

I know for a fact that if anyone asked me what I’m most proud of in my life, I would say, “The fact that I was there for absolutely everyone who ever needed me”. And honestly, I think being there for other people is perhaps the greatest achievement of all.

10. Spiritual people believe in overcoming ego and vanity

[bctt tweet=”Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, then I’ll be free.’ Spirit says, ‘Find peace, then everything will fall into place’. –Marrianne WIlliamson” username=”t_d_meditation”]

Spiritual people are almost always humble people. They know that they are one small part of a grand universe. They never show off or put themselves on a pedestal.

What’s more, spiritual people like to challenge others to overcome their own egos. They don’t do that in a nasty way. They’re not trying to put anyone down. It’s just that spiritualists know that egos lead to suffering, and as I mentioned above, spiritualists will do anything to end suffering.  

True spiritualists are inspired to t make a genuine difference in the world. We spiritualists believe in our strength. That’s why we are catalysts of change. We are the ones who change the world for the better.

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